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Category: dancing

03/06/11 03:08- ID#53772 pmobl

Total Recall at Dingens

I dragged (e:terry) out dancing at Dingens Bar and Grill out in cheektovegas on the border of lovejoy last night.

I never expected to find myself out there but it was pretty damn fun. There were two rooms. One with hardcore and one with dnb.

There was a real wooden dancefloor as the one room was a banquet hall used for weddings and such but I spent a lot of time dancing on carpet which was difficult but I think it provided a better workout.

The highlight of my year was when this girl came up to me to say she and her boyfriend thought I was the best dancer. Its weird but I think I have gotten much better in the last couple years despite hardly ever going anymore. Something just changed after seeing Andy c at wemf 2008.

It does seem there is some sort of dance music resurgence occurring. In a way, I can't help but feel like my friend's parents who would have 60s themed parties in the 80s but it is fun regardless.

I mean, I never thought I would dance to shooting star again, but it happend.


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Category: church of the ascension

03/05/11 11:08- ID#53771 pmobl

dear plow riding fucktard

This is why you can't drive a full sized street plow a full block down a sidewalk. I have to question if the amount of damage it caused was worth the 3 or 4 times it was plowed.

They obviously don't care about the character of the neighborhood. Between that and their ever expanding illegal driveway it looks like total shit right now.





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Category: health

03/05/11 06:21- ID#53768 pmobl

Matthew's OK

Well, minus an appendix but he seems good and I ordered him TV so he can have a relaxing night of cable and delaudid.

He still can't drink liquids so they give him these sponges on a stick to wet his mouth.


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Category: health

03/05/11 11:02- ID#53767 pmobl

At the hospital with matthew

Matt was throwing up for like 30 hours when he finally decided to go to urgent care on main street at 1pm on friday. It took like 2 hours (not so urgent) to tell him to go to the ER for tests. At 1am on satutday he was getting a catscan. turned out to be his appendix and he is currently awaiting surgery.


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Category: mobl

03/04/11 11:20- ID#53765 pmobl


I love this voice mail from mama ho.


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Category: housing

03/04/11 03:27- ID#53763

Housing Prices Are Ridiculous

I can't believe this house is asking $459,000. I mean I get that people would want to live on Middlesex but seriously, that price for a small ranch with paneled basement that you could find one thousand times over in suburbs? It just seems like they would regret it later when the market crashes further.

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Category: house

03/04/11 03:07- ID#53762 pmobl

almost fire

I got shocked the other day turning this light on. A bunch of fire came out the side. So today I took it apart to see. Damn was it frayed. The datestamp on the light said made in the USA Nov 26, 1907.



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Category: food

03/04/11 12:18- ID#53761 pmobl

Baby coconut milk

I took (e:hodown)'s advice and got myself a baby coconut. The milk and the soft flesh is so yummy.

You basically scoop it out with a spoon. It has the most delicious nutty flavor.


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Category: stuff

03/03/11 08:53- ID#53760

The dream light in transit for a month

I ordered this lamp I wanted on Feb 27th. I didn't check the options on shipping. I must have gotten stuck with ground shipping. It left the facility in CA on Feb 28th. The estimated arrival time is March 21st. I am now wondering if it is being shipped by bike courier or pony . Leave it to the USPS to make it as slow as possible. Shipping was $6.99 and it is a tiny desk lamp.

Shipment Date:     February 28, 2011
Origination:     Bell Gardens CA, United States
Destination:     Buffalo, NY, United States
Estimated Arrival:     March 21, 2011

According to google maps , this is 1 day and 16 hours of driving away. Now I know that is non-stop and that the truck will probably take breaks but 3 weeks worth?
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Category: skiing

02/27/11 05:03- ID#53745 pmobl

Cross Country Skiing at Allegheny

Headed with (e:matthew), (e:terry) dave and (e:keithT) down to allergheny for some cross country skiing.

We all piled into dave's van to get there. It was nice as its been a while since we went anywhere in the van.

So cross country skiing is pretty sweet. I wish I had sturdier leather boots instead of the plasticy ones I rented.

(e:keithT) managed the entire trip in a white teeshirt which means shirtless adventures are just around the corner ;) I can't wait for summer to start.




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