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Category: estrip

12/19/08 11:07 - 24ºF - ID#47110

Estrip Holiday Dinner Party

The dinner party (e:matthew,47064) was a great success, especially considering our last minute planning. I ate enough pizza and drank enough wine for a week. I wish I had taken pictures but I couldn't find my phone. How lame is that and where (e:metalpeter) when you need him. I think it might be the first large event ever where no one took a picture. I will take a million at thew New Years Eve party to make up for it.

(e:matthew,47102)'s pretty christmas tree, I am sure he will post pics of it decorated
Seeing (e:carolinian)'s cute baby - too bad fern wasn't there to play
seeing (e:james)' muscular physique, god I am jealous
Watching (e:enknot) play video games
talking shop with (e:jason)
watching (e:james) and james my co-worker interact
listening to co-worker james talk about his sociology research
gossiping with robert and the other james
meeting (e:theli)
drinking a bunch bowl full of egg nog and whisky
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12/18/08 09:18 - ID#47105 pmobl

Lobster, filet mignon pizza

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12/17/08 01:55 - ID#47091 pmobl

Santa on a white horse on Allen

(e:mrdeadlier) and I saw Santa riding a white horse down Allen on our
way to panaros. I just wish they had dressed the horse up as a unicorn.
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Category: body

12/17/08 09:18 - ID#47086

Two steaks per day

(e:theecarey) left some 70s playgirl magazines at the 24 when she moved out in 2007. They barely have any nudity and talk a lot about fashion.

The best part is that the models have bodies that look realistic and attainable. Also, none of them are shaved to look younger.

Anyhow, none of that is the point of this blog. The point is that in the November 1975 issue of playgirl, the description of the cover model, Jim Glasgow, it says:

He knows a lot about self-discipline. For the past five years he
has eaten two steaks a day...

I know they meant it like he was dedicated to keeping up his protein
intake but two steaks a day sound more like someone with no self discipline. I wonder if he even survived the 70s.


I do, however, love his mustache, I want mine back now.

To see the not work friendly pics of him posing of him check out:

Also totally work unfriednly, compare this to man of the year 1995. Look how body image has changed
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Category: buffalo

12/16/08 11:32 - 23ºF - ID#47085

Getting beaten by a Gang in Buffalo

More reasons that I am thinking I need to buy a gun or tazer. Does anyone else think these sound very related and scary? If I see any gang of 10 men I am running. The first victim was only 15. It seems so even freakier that the guy form the second story wouldn't even file a complaint.

Teen beaten, robbed while waiting at downtown bus stop
A 15-year-old boy told Buffalo police he was approached by a group of 10 males and attacked while standing at a downtown bus stop Monday evening.

The incident happened at about 6:30 p.m. at Washington and South Division streets, according to a Buffalo police report.

The victim told police one of the males in the group asked him if he had any money, then punched and kicked him in the head and face causing swelling and bleeding from his lip and nose.

The attackers took his wallet, which contained $3 in cash and various papers, according to the report.

The boy was transported to Women and Children's Hospital by Rural/Metro Medical Services.

South Buffalo man jumped, beaten by gang
A South Buffalo man suffered a possible broken elbow and was knocked unconscious when he was jumped by seven to 10 people Sunday night.

The victim, who also suffered cuts to his head and hand, was jumped just after 9:30 p.m. at Exchange and Selkirk streets, according to a Buffalo police report.

He refused medical treatment at the scene, and told police he could not identify any of the attackers and would not file a complaint.

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12/16/08 12:32 - ID#47081 pmobl

James playing with his iPhone

At our work holiday party.
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12/16/08 12:43 - ID#47075 pmobl

Rotating windows

The KDE desktop for fedora 10 is pretty sweet. You can arbitrarily
rotate windows and all desktop widgets. I think it's the first time
I've seen that.
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Category: roswell

12/15/08 11:50 - ID#47074

Roswell park tire dump

Remember when I wrote (e:paul,45191) about the nasty shreaded tire mulch at 901 Washington a while back. One of my complaints was that the rubber shreds would wash into the surrounding area and sewer. Well, that is exactly what is happening. They really should have built a better containment wall for that, or better yet not have it.

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12/15/08 10:22 - ID#47065 pmobl

Wegman's courtesy Umbrellas

Wegman's now gives out courtesy umbrellas duribg rain storms that you
just leave in your cart when done. I wonder how long that will last.
It's amaIng to see anything still working on a trust based system.
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Category: government

12/13/08 12:24 - 23ºF - ID#47052

Throwing your money "at the windows"

This is just a continuation of (e:paul,47049) as I am still so angry about this issue.

(e:james), you are right, we need to get some politicians behind this. Even just starting with the city of buffalo, there must be so much in possible savings. The problem is getting information about what they currently are using. We need a tech person on the inside who cares. I think tax payers are not outraged because they do not understand the issue, all it would take is some awareness.

The City of Buffalo represents a perfect candidate for free and open source change because:

1. It is so poor and our taxes are so high.
2. It is a pure government entitity unlike Roswell where some of the money comes from grants.
3. Its not that big compared to New York State.
4. We have access to policticans who could make it an issue.

Building Future Workers
A interesting way to promote this would be to pick an OS for the city customize the build to its needs. Then release the live CDs on the cities website so that citizens could download the OS for their own computers. It would help people who can't afford to buy windows products and it would also effectively train new city workers in using the software. If you use open office, firefox, etc at home then you won't have a problem using it at work. With all the money that would be saved, you could afford to have more programers customizing Free and Open Source software for the government needs, so they could get what they really want and need.

The Nay-sayser
The worst part of transitioning anything are the government employees who say I am only trained in microsoft tech. Well, you know what, getting a government job should not be the only pre-requisite to keeping a state job - as it seems to be. Especially, in technology. Technology changes and people need to adapt to new technology and more importantly - new budgets. Their lack of willing to learn and train in cost savings alternitves should equate losing their jobs to people who are committed to cost saving technologies.

Its not that hard to learn new technology. If you are a computer server tech, you could definately learn linux - if not capable of that you are in the wrong field.

If you are an administrative assistant, you can learn to type reports on open office software. It kills me to think how much money is thrown out the window or as I said in the last post "thrown at the windows"
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