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Category: cats

03/12/08 10:11 - 30ºF - ID#43646

Helmi Flick's Cat Gallery

First I would like to point out that I hate cats and have nothing to do with anything cat accept for hate. I don't sell them, I don't take pictures of them. I was never claiming to have taken any pictures of them.

Back when I was in San Francisco I wrote (e:paul,32816) about hairless dogs and cats. I included an image I found on the site which I linked to. Unfortunately, that site did not have the link to the original photographer Helmi Flick that it does now. I had assumed the cat hobbit site had taken the photo and that is why I linked to them instead of Helmi Flick

Seeing how much I hate cats, I would have gladly just taken it down if asked nicely. However, Michael Meister, whoever the freak that is, wrote me this nasty message today threatening to sue me. If they were so serious about copyright they should have watermarked the image.

The photograph of the hairless dwarf cat is copyright Helmi Flick and you have not provided a copyright credit. I also suspect that you have not got her permission. Please clarify the situation. On the face of it this is a copyright violation. You can be sued for damages.

mjbmeister AT

Instead of taking the picture down, I modified it to make it a derivative work. What kind of damages are you suggesting?

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Category: work

03/12/08 08:03 - 30ºF - ID#43642

Yippie Do, Linux Box Two IS UP!

My dream come true, Linux server two of four is installed by my co-worker Tim and I got to customize and compile extensions as required this afternoon. Getting Oracle 11g to work with SElinux and then to compile the PDO extension for oracle 11g to talk with PHP via mod_apache was a little nerve wracking but it all worked out. I had planned it all out previously on a virtual machine in VMware so i knew it could work. - I was just having some SE linux configuration snafus. Tomorrow, I build a custom apache module for server/user validation and we are set to go!

I think this will be the beginning of something big and cost worthy at Roswell. Having my co-worker Tim around really help. Thanks Tim. It is an exciting time for Roswell.

Apparently, this room is a death camp for computers, poor guys ;(

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Category: mobile

03/12/08 12:09 - 29ºF - ID#43629

The iBoring Music device

Jesus, my music options have turned to shit now that I have an iphone. I used to constantly listen to internet radio all day long. There are thousands of stations out there with free music I have never heard. I love that. I like not having to have the responsibility of making playlists and organizing music or syncing or buying anything, or even thinking about space for storage.

It is a tragic change in my music listening habits - no shoutcast, no pandora and my be the nail in the coffin for the iphone for me until the 3g iphone comes out.

My music collection is so minimal because I have been doing this for years but now my current phone du jour cannot do streaming radio. I would even settle for rhapsody service although it isn't free. Unfortunately, even the apps people hacked for streaming radio are too slow and buffer all the time.

Its really something to think about if you are an streaming radio lover who is used to evdo/hspda speeds and unlimited accessibility in your mobile browser. Maybe I am the only one that applies to, but I don't think so.

I mean I can see why apple would gimp free streaming radio - it competes with sales for songs on itunes.

I truly like the form factor of the iphone but as I said before not having browser based file uploads really inhibits me from blogging with it too and not having cut/copy/paste irritates the hell out of me. Why, Why, Why?!
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Category: gadgets

03/11/08 10:13 - 29ºF - ID#43626

The Chumby - Internet Powered Dreambox

Every time I think there is nothing else that will cut into my iphone 2/android phone account they come up with some other crazy internet enabled, linux powered, ssh-able, super device that I can't live without. (e:shawn) just IMed me about this.

in comes the chumby


Problem is that it doesn't do much different than my Nokia n810 other than be less portable ;( but it is super cute and would look great on my desk at work.
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Category: jewlery

03/09/08 10:56 - 20ºF - ID#43599

Kiss The Pinky

My brother (e:mike) just brought over this ring I got as a child with my initials on it from some relatives in Italy for my first communion. It now fits perfectly as a pinky ring.

Its fun to have old things back in my life in a new light. Plus it helps me remember my initials. I hope I don't get mugged for my bling. Chances are the white headphones are more of a mugger magnet than the ring.


I am starting a new category for this. The Sicilian in me hope it continues to be popular.
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Category: games

03/09/08 09:18 - 20ºF - ID#43597

Want to buy terry's xbox 360 elite?

Does anyone want to buy (e:terry)'s xbox 360 elite with the following accessories and games before I sell it on ebay. We are looking to sell it for $489.00. It is also a media center and plays DVDs.

120GB hard drive
web camera
2 headsets
2 controllers 1 wired, one wireless

Via Pinata
Beautiful Katamari
Enchanted Arms
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Star Trek Legacy
Ninety Nine Nights
Star Wars KOTR2 (xbox)

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Category: weather

03/09/08 07:07 - 23ºF - ID#43594

Snow Is Insane

There is so much snow. Cars kept gettign stuck last night trying to park or get out of Linwood. WE video taped it because it was so funny but decided not o post it because it was mean. This is what happens when you don't have cable. (e:terry) went out to help some guy.

The iphone's touch screen really required human touch so you can't use it with gloves on which sucks in this weather. I got really good at controlling it with my nose - one new reason why have a big nose is good.



My beard is getting ridiculous. I wonder how much longer I am going to put up with it. It fits this wintry weather well.

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Category: mobile

03/08/08 09:11 - 25ºF - ID#43589

Want a free nokia 7710 smart phone

The old but sexy nokia 7710 phone can be yours. I am ready to part with it for free. I paid $479 for it back in 2005 when it was cutting edge and I ordered in from Finland. It never came out in the US. The hitch is you cannot sell it. I am could just sell it myself but I would rather have someone use it. When you are done with it someday I could put it in my cell phone museum, even if it is broken and in parts.

Here you can watch demos of all the cool features


It runs series 90 symbian, has java, opera browser, styles, email client, darwing program that is really good for writing handwritten color email letters, 640 x 320px touch screen, media card expansion slot already filled, Office applications, FM radio built in, voice memo mode.

It is edge only. NO 3g in this one as it did not exist yet. Also has bluetooth but no wifi.


Two hitches
1. As with any mobile phone, you would have to get an mobile internet sim card from tmobile or cingular as it is GSM (no verizon or sprint which is CDMA). If you already have an account with them you could just add mobile internet to your plan. If you don't have one you can pay moth to month because it is an unlocked phone and does not require a contract.

2. The camera takes shitty pictures as it has some error in the CMOS chip (e:paul,32341)


Its a little bigger than the iphone

If no one wants it I am going to just put it in a box in the attic for the rest of its life.
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Category: mobile

03/08/08 07:55 - 25ºF - ID#43587

Instant Messenger on the iPhone

I installed the jailbreak software which allows you to install software other people have developed for the iphone despite apple trying to gimp that.

The first thing I installed was Apollo IM, an instant messenger client

It is really quite decent. It runs in the background like the ones I use on the AT&T tilt and the nokia n810 and accepts multiple accounts and types of accounts including google, yahoo, aim and msn. It is not nearly as full featured as the client on either the tilt or the nokia but it does work and pretty good.

Its missing buddy icons, file transfer, direct connect, etc.

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Category: mobile

03/08/08 04:51 - 25ºF - ID#43584

The camera interface on the iphone

I have to give it props. Not in terms of photo quality - which are pretty good but not as good as other phones. But in terms of ease of use when taking the pic, the iphone has it right with the camera's point and shoot interface. It woudl be nice to have a hardwware camera button. I don't think it would have cluttered it up to have one more hard button on the side.

However, if you are already on the home screen, it is so easy to take pics that snap really fast. The really mastered the interface for taking a pics. Too bad they fucked up all the stuff you would do with the picture after you took it.

In no particular order:

1. No file uploads in the browser.
2. No bluetooth sending pics or surfing for them from other devices.
3. No wireless sync
4. No sending multiple images in an email and not ability to change the name of the image sent.
5. No video capture.
6. No Settings for white balance, etc
7. No led flash which easily doubles as a flash light on other phones. The tilt lacks that too ;(

It does not do a very good job with even slight darkness. This pic was taken at 2PM.

Check out how much snow

Looks a lot nicer after I turned up the exposure in iphoto, why not just allow those settings on the iphone itself.


More snow

(e:matthew) buying some flowers at Wegman's - this one I did not manipulate. We rushed to Wgmans's today because we were out of everything and the news made it seem like the stuff was flying off the shelves and nothing was left. One woman interviewed said that she left tops for Wegman's because tops had nothing left. I think it was a media frenzy just to make people shop. I wonder if Wegman's paid the news to say that.


More snow - this one I did

It is amazing how slow edge is. I had forgotten what dialup was like till I was out of wifi zone with the iphone.
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...