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Category: linwood

09/19/06 02:30 - 66ºF - ID#32760

24 Linwood Saga Continues

I would never hire a Harris Beach attorney again. They have barely kept in contact with me through the outrageously extended process and provide only the scantest details of what is going on. Here is the latest enchange with my attorney's office. I would say it is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company - even Sprint.

From: "Jacqueline Heinrich"
Sent: 9/18/06 2:44 PM
Subject: 24 Linwood

Well Paul, the seller's attorney or the church (not sure which one) has hired an attorney in South Caroline to prepare the petition for the Court's signature. As soon as this is signed, we can close.

Sent: Monday, September 18, 2006 10:57 PM
To: Jacqueline Heinrich
Subject: RE: 24 Linwood

Hey Jackie,
Why an out of state attorney. Should I worry about the deal going
through, or are they just really slow? I keep doing work on the house because winter is approaching and it has to be done, but I don't want them to just change their mind or something and screw me out of the house and all the fixing/upkeep I have done.

Is it appropriate for me to call his attorney directly to get more details? Paul

RE: 24 Linwood
From: Jacqueline Heinrich"
Date: Tue, September 19, 2006 1:12 pm

No Paul, his attorney cannot talk to you - it's unethical so please
don't put her in that position.

I just received an email from that attorney preparing the petition for the court and it is almost ready for presentation. By the looks of
things, it should be just a few short weeks. Hang in there Paul, we are a whole lot closer than we were before. The attorney that is handling this seems to be very much on top of things.

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Category: housing

09/16/06 10:58 - 63ºF - ID#32759

Twisted Is Coming for the House Warming

So I guess I should tell everyone about it. On september 30th at around 3PM is our official housewarming party. It starts early but then should go into the night.

Feel free to bring anyone you want. It's at 24 Linwood. I will probably post about it again, but I wanted to get it out there so that you can start planning for it. The only details I have are the most important ones. First the address and secondly that (e:hodown) and (e:twisted) will be present. It should be a magical evening.
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Category: food

09/16/06 08:30 - 67ºF - ID#32758 pmobl

Yummy is sushi, couscous is disgusting

I am almost sad to mix these three food related topics because they don't deserve to be int he same journal but I am too lazy to make three posts.

delicious sushi
Last night (e:theecarey), (e:terry) and I went to have sushi at the new sushi place on Elmwood across from spot. I feel bad that I don't know the name but the food was excellent, the price was delicious and the service was great. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a pic until after we ate most of the plate.



This is fucking delicious, I love fish eggs, now I have a favorite food after octopus and squid.

canning food
(e:terry) is doing a good job taking over for Nonna (e:matthew,384) when it comes to canning. He even canned some pears which look and smell so yummy. I wish we had collected more. Out of the about 2000 pears that grew in our backyard we ate or canned about 50 and the rest went bad. Next year we will plan better and do bushels of jams and cans.




And then the gross part, that is so fucking sick I will never eat that nasty couscous again

I decided to go through some food boxes after I found some bugs in some couscous. I thought it was a freak incident until I found that every package of couscous in my house had bugs and the worst part is three of the were sealed. The only flavor with no bugs was the garlic one. Aparently, coucous worms hate garlic. I seiroulsy will never eat it again. I can't imagine how many times I ate the nasty bugs. I decided to keep the one bag of so many bugs as a sort of ant farm on my mantel. It is completely sealed and yet is a thriving colony. All of the bxoes came from the coop, coincidence?

If you have your own boxes of couscous, check it out. I am so curios if this is an isolted incidence or not. I think that it is not as the bag was sealed.


On another note, I losta ll the digital pictures I took this year. Thank god most of the are posted to my journal. On the hand why did I limit the resoltuion to save space. I should at least make them huge for my own pics. More on that coming soon.

And yet another note, why remember you webmans card when you can put it on the net and scan it from your phone screen everytime. I think it will work. Feel free to use mine.


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Category: linwood

09/14/06 09:20 - 62ºF - ID#32757

Basement and Graduation

First of all, I love vacuums. They make me so happy it is sick. I went and bought a bunch of HEPA filters for them yesterday.


Our basement is almsot completely done, this is a tiny protion of it that used to be the forer owners marajuana grow room. I know tghis because the floor was littlered with pot leaves, rotting vegtable matter, and dirt. Of course, I verified what pot leave look like on wikipedia as I had never seen pot before. The were enough leaves scattered around to fill up a box of asbetsos laden leaves, which got me thinking that people probably bought this stuff as it seemed like a quantity growing area and that I wonder if people actually ended up smoking asbestos when they bought the schwag.


The little room was so moldy and smelled exceptionally terrible that it was affecting the house. I mean you could fucking taste it. We had shut the room off which made it even worse. Our handyman Pat said he would take the room apart and remove the entire room for $50. I think he got screwed on that deal because it was mega disgusting and a lot of work. We had him doing a lot of other work so its really part of the whole basement deal which was around $2000 for removing the old pipes, cleaning the basement and putting in new pipes. So anyways, it turns out that dirt behind the wall, had a freahly dead turtle in it and millions of maggots. In fact there are actually garbage bags full of maggots and they were clinging to all the woodwork.



Our basment is now totlaly hepa vacuumed and cleaned from wall to wall. It looks like a whole otherworld. You can't imagine what crap condition it was in.

Got this email a week ago but just noticed it yesterday after they calle dme on the phone.

Dear Mr. Visco,

We have received the electronic submission of your dissertation, and are in the process of reviewing it for formatting, etc., before we deliver it to UMI for cataloging. (This is routine - The Graduate School is required to review each submission for appropriate format, and then we will submit all the dissertations in a batch to UMI at one time after the 9/1/06 degree conferral).

In the process of reviewing your document, I note that there are a couple of problems requiring your attention and revision:

1). on the title page - you have "thesis/dissertation" -- you are supposed to choose one or the other; in your case, I believe "thesis" is correct.
2). On the Table of Contents, as well as on the corresponding page itself (page 4), you have misspelled the word "Abstract"...

Please go back to the submission site, click on "revise dissertation/thesis", make the revisions and resubmit your manuscript as soon as possible, since we cannot clear you for your degree until your thesis is formatted acceptably.
Thank you,

Jennifer J. Chazen
Assistant Director, Office of Student Services

I just resubmitted it. I can't believe that I nor anyone else reading the thesis had not caught these two typos during the whole process. I seriously cannot wait for it to be over. Is it possible that they are going to charge me again.

Manuscript ID buffalo:2051 Received

Thank you. Your submission has been received. You will receive an email from The Graduate School once the administrator has verified the internal checklist to clear the submission for delivery to UMI/ProQuest.

At work I turned my monitor sideways. Well, it swivels. It make programming so great and the sideways resolution is still 1024.

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Category: work

09/14/06 12:06 - ID#32756

My coworkers

Here is a picture of all of the web team at Roswell and the Polish intern. on the right. I wonder how different we will look in ten years or 30.


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Category: linwood

09/13/06 02:50 - 69ºF - ID#32755

The purchase of 24 Linwood

Yes, this is still going on.

Hi Paul:

Jackie asked me to return your call. I have e-mailed Florence
Thompson for updates and she stated that she would send some documents
to our office for our title attorney to approve. As of today we still
do not have those documents. I will e-mail her again and ask for them.
That is all I know for now.


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Category: linwood

09/12/06 10:26 - 58ºF - ID#32754

The test results arrive from the lab

I fell asleep around 8:30 last night, right after work, because I was so sick of thinking about the asbestos. The issue was freaking overwhelming me. I was overwhelmed because it was all gone already but there were other parts of the house that I thought may have contained asbestos material that would have been much more difficult to remove. I have been waiting for the test results the last 5 days.

I actually ended up having this elaborate dream for hours, I even woke up between segments where I was programming this amazing object oriented master thesis about asbestos removal. I got so far when I finally isolated the asbestos object in the controller and returned it to the script, then I realized that even though I had mastered removing the asbestso in the simulation, I was not able to remove it in the real world. The whole thing was very star trekish.

Soon after I had another elaborate dream about some other personal issues including missing my mothers birthday, having to tell people about the death of many mexicans who were collecting honey, and getting in a fight with matt because he took off of work to go to my mother's birthday and then I never showed up and the whoel time everyone was drinking or something, all of which never happend but just added to my stressful dream. I think out of the 12 hour nap, I had non stop elaborate dreams for 10 of the hours and woke up almost more tired than before I started.

The good news is that it turns out that the other stuff we were concerned about being asbestos was not. That includes the attic floor insulation material which would have been insane to deal with and the stupid pebbles on the main hall of floor two. Now we can scape those fuckers of and just start from scratch.


Ya for living an asbestos free existence.
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Category: work

09/11/06 06:03 - 67ºF - ID#32753

Bad Computer Moment

I had the most unfortunate major computer setback today. It pretty much erased my progress for a whole day. I was using my normally fanastic IDE called Zend Studio when I renamed a folder that had a flash movie in it which was still open in flash. It decided not to rename my folder the way i wanted because the file was locked. No big problem, but instead of doing nothing it just deleted the entire directory I was working in. Normally, I save everyday thanks to a personal version of gathe rthat I run, but still that involves losing a hwole days work. I find that tragic. At least it was much easier the second time around but now it pushes back my production a bit, argh.

I doubt I am much slower than anyone else here anyways.

On another note, the house is being rid of its minor toxic underdressing as we speak. I hope I come home to a toxic free wonderland and not the site of a hazmat team and the EPA with a big bubble over the mansion, lol.

I wonder what it is like in NYC today.
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Category: linwood

09/11/06 12:47 - 51ºF - ID#32752

Lots of work, I neer rest anymore

Well not the school kind, but homework nonetheless. I didn't go to sleep until 5am yesterday because I was busy painting. Then I woke up and started doing the second coat followed by removing the enormous amount of trash in the basement into the backyard so the asbestos removal guy can work easier. I figure if everything is out of the basement than there is nothing to contaminate.

I simply wrapped the washer and drier in plastic drop clothes. I started to clean up the previous owners nasty marijuana grow room. It was molding so badly because they took all the plants out, obviously, but left lots of soil and rotting leaves all over the place. We didn't ever look in the room until after we moved in. Bad idea, always investigate everything.

I bought a new vacuum. Yes, that is vacuum number 9. I have a problem but I guess it is better than a drug addiction, although I can't say it is cheaper. I have every kind of vacuum. This one is meant only for the basement renewal project. I decided I am going to try and pay the asbestos guy extra oney to vacuum the whole basement.


The same guy who is going to be doing it, is our usual furnace repair man. The other day the furnace at the tenants house went out and we called him to fix it. Turned out that a bird flew in there and kind of fried into over time.


The painted office looks so much better. I wish that I took the pictures during the day so you could see it better.






I love Ivana Trump - here she is on her yacht called nothing other than Ivana.


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Category: work

09/09/06 09:18 - 60ºF - ID#32751

Buffalo salaries suck?

The Kansas minimum wage is the lowest in the nation-- $2.65 an hour. A Kansan who works 40 hours a week at this level makes the unbelievably low salary of about $5,000 a year.
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