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Category: tenants

01/14/07 09:29 - ID#37688

My Tenants are making me crazy

I don't understand why my tenants just don't get the rental thing. For years they have been late, full of excuses and big complainers. I think none of them have rented before this or something. I mean who just doesn't pay their rent. I rented out an apartment at $550 and let the woman rent out the other two rooms to other students. It is a three bedroom after all. Then when they move out or don't pay she feels like she doesn't have to. This makes me insane because I am paying a mortgage on the place. Does she really think that I am going to rent out a 3 bedroom second floor apartment, 3 houses from d'Youville for $183 a month. I just want them to move out so I can start all over again with people that have a general understanding of the rental process and the means to pay on time.

Months ago we requested that they mail the checks because they were always late and (e:terry) and I were sick of stopping by 15 times a month trying to pick up the rent. They always have some excuse. Then the woman tells me she can't mail the rent because it is too hard and too expensive. After a whole bunch of drama I told her ok, she could leave it at the house for me but it better be there on time. Well now this month it is January 14th and I still have no rent from anyone in that apartment.

Maybe if you cannot afford a stamp you should not be in graduate school at d'youville and expect to live in an apartment three houses away from school. There is the whole rest of the much cheaper west side. Or maybe if you can't afford America you shouldn't go to school here. I mean I never tried to go to school in Switzerland. I knew it was to expensive for me.

My Letter Today
Dear Tenant,
I have still not received any rent from your apartment for January 07. It is totally unaccepable to not have paid rent this far into the month (Jan 14th). If you are out of town this long, you need to pay in advance.

The fact that we have to keep driving to your house and checking the mailbox is extremely irritating. This is why I asked that you send me the rent in the mail. You insisted you would have it in the box on time and you haven't. I expect you to send me the rent in the mail.

My address is ...

If I do not receive the rent in Full ($550) by Friday via US postal service, consider this a thirty day eviction notice.
Paul Visco

Their Response


Sorry that this has been happed. I have been told from the bank that december rent still in my account. I gave the December check to Henrry. In order to pay the current month I have to show my bank in Canada that the money for rent of the previous months has been taken. On Janaury 5th it was not withdrawn.

Tuesday I am going to be there, please remember that I only responsable for my portion of the rent (183).

thanks Tenant

My Response
I explained this to you before. We are not renting the apartment out as rooms. The rent for the apartment is $550. If you have 3 roommates it is $183 each, with 2 roomates it is $275 each , and with one person it is $550.

If the full rent of $550 for the apartment cannot be paid between the tenants in the apartment then you are going to have to move out. Consider this your 30 day notice. I cannot afford to rent a furnished 3 bedroom apartment for $183. I pay more than that for the mortgage.

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Category: tenants

06/06/06 07:14 - ID#32651

Go To Hell

My stupid tenants leave their windows open all the time. I see it whenever I go by. Yesterday, they has their stuff stolen. Looks like someone came in through the door or a window with no evidence of breaking and entering. I feel bad for the girl who lost her laptop and the guy who lost his digital camera but who leaves the window or door open on a first floor apartment in the city.

Then to make matter worse the bank guy has to come evaluate the building for a home equity loan and the stupid tenant who I called and told he would be coming would not let him in. Even though I was on the phone explaining it. It is the guys fault for coming early, but there was no need for her to freak out. She pretended that she didn't know it was going to happen even though I clearly explained it to her yesterday. I was so angry I think I yelled at her and then hang up the phone. I hate it when people lie to me directly.

So here is the best part, we go ovet ot the house today after the fiasco with the bank inspector and the same girl who asked me to change the locks left the first floor window on the porch open again.


The only thing separating her from another robery was a thin window screen. Nobody even had to climb up, they could just go on the porch and go in. Who is so stupid to leave the window open the day after you get robbed? Maybe she had nothing left. Anways, I am so tired of supporting her charity case. My father even paid her rent when she couldn't afford to pay for a roomate that left. (e:paul,3934) He is a sucker for this jerk.

The only reason I keep this tenant around is because my father feels bad for her, but that is finally ending. Her rent is dirt cheap and she constantly has problems.

These are the same idiot who could not figure out how to put up the plastic I kindly bought them for their windows. It doesn't even require reading. The instructions are shown as pictographs for pete's sake.

The other day her and her roommate could not get the window open so I had to go over to open it. Turns out int he winter they had caulked and painted it shut. One gir caulked the other girl painted over it, so neither would claim responsibility to the entire problem.

I am debating if I should just kick them all out by not renewing their lease in August. She asked me the other day if I could find roomates for her because she didn't feel it was her responsibilty. I am tired of feeling sorry that she is a poor foreigner. Why the fuck did she chose to come to school in America. A private school nonetheless.

I didn't even go to private school and I am a citizen with instate costs.

Remembering 666



I found this old fish in the freezer at my house, yuck:


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