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Category: buffalo

03/29/11 09:57 - ID#53942

Forced to Watch at the Holding Center

Everyone knows how much I hate advertising but this is really taking it over the top. I guess these people are prisoners for a reason but it seems like the beginning of something bad.

Starting next week, advertisements will begin to run at the Erie County Holding Center in Buffalo. Interspersed will be some "need-to-know" information, in case this is your first time in lock-up.

The screens will run relevant information, such as the rules and regulations of the holding centre, while also airing public-service announcements for “socially responsible issues and county services” such as addiction rehabilitation.

It will also air advertisements, most notably for defence attorneys and bail bondsmen. since the audience will likely be looking for some help in that field....

However, the ads will not be limited to just services targeted to those in jail, Diina said.

“Eventually, most of these people get out. So they do represent the future of the marketplace,” he said.

The crazy part is the payoff is so litte.

The advertising at Erie County Holding Center could bring in more than $10,000 a year. Half of the spots already have been sold.

I guess any profit made is good in Buffalo desperate financial situation but it seems like such an insignificant amount in the budget of Erie County. Like that could have saved that much not running generators 24/7 for like 5 months on my corner when they were doing road construction.

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Category: vacation

03/28/11 10:04 - ID#53937

The worst vacation ever - rant

So my final two vacation days to burn up. Just before I took them I got a huge project to deal with at work for thursday. I am beyond capacity at this point and it doesn't seem to get any better.

I worked on it a bunch this weekend and then last night:
a. The windows XP machine I needed for testing had some sort of disk failure.
b. I decided to compile gnome-shell from scratch to see the latest version - which ended up taking forever.
c. I got a freakin cold. I can't believe I am sick now.

So today I spent the whole day with full-on cold, mostly napping. I am convinced it has to do with my new tooth crown - which I hate as it tastes like metal. If I realized porcelain meant, porcelain fused to cheap metal like nickel - I would have just gotten a gold tooth. Now its kind of too late. To get it off would probably make me lose my whole tooth and a good chunk of change.
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Category: pets

03/27/11 06:21 - ID#53926

Monster Basra Vs Prickly Pear

He really goes nuts for prickly pears. I hate them because they have those prickly splinters all over the outside. I started burning then off over a gas flame but now I invariably burn myself in additional to still getting the splinters.

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Category: food

03/27/11 12:01 - ID#53923 pmobl

Salmon Olive Brocoletti

This combination of orange and green food tastes so good together. The citrus is uniq fruit and the salmon is smoked ducktrap brand.

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Category: beach

03/26/11 04:56 - ID#53914 pmobl

Times Beach Freezing Day

It was so cold at Times Beach today. The wind was frostly but at least the sun was out. Almost all of the ice gone or paper thin translucent there. We had fun smashing some remaining parts.







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Category: church of the ascension

03/26/11 04:29 - ID#53913

Church Of The Ascension Driveway Drama Cont.

I can't believe this is still going on. All I want is for them to not drive on my property or to block my in the driveway.

Today I get a letter from their lawyer asking us to forward the letter to our lawyer. He didn't even get Terry's name right.

I love how it mentions "their driveway." It seems simple to me. Here is the property map. Notice their "driveway" is only 3.5 feet. Not wide enough for a car. Since then they have slowly added more stones to their grass, and just parked on the grass until it became drivewayish, but the skirt remains the same size.


When the previous owner bought the house in 2001, the church had an agreement with the new owner of the house to allow the church unobstructed access to the driveway to "provide ingress and egress from linwood avenue to the grantors remaining property." This makes it clear that their part of the skirt was not large enough.


The kicker is that "the reservation of rights shall not be covenant that runs with the land and does not bind all successors, heirs or assigns of grantee."

Well thats me. I bought the house from the guy with 2001 agreement in 2006. At that point there was no agreement, nor do I permit them to use my land or driveway for access. It would have been a different story if the people were not so rude and obnoxious, and did not do things like drive on my lawn, block me in, scream at me telling me they went have been here longer than I have, etc.

Here are the docs in PDF format:
  1. Letter from Mark Peszko ::READ PDF::
  2. Property Map ::READ PDF::
  3. Defunct Agreement ::READ PDF::
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Category: food

03/26/11 12:13 - ID#53911 pmobl

Bubbies Litchi Icecream Dessert

(E:lilho) bought these delicious litchi mochi ice cream treats for (e:matthew) for his birthday but he didn't like them for some reason. So I tried one and to me, they are the tastiest dessert ever.

The outside is a sweet chewy mochi with litchi ice cream inside. We got them at premier on Delaware and there are a bunch of other flavors.


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Category: web

03/26/11 12:04 - ID#53908

From gold teeth to grillz

I was searching for the cost of getting gold teeth when I found grillz. They seem like a real cheap rip off on gold teeth. Are these really popular?

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Category: computers

03/25/11 03:11 - ID#53907

My quest for static IP at home

I want a static IP at my house with minimum 5mbps upload. Why is this so damn difficult in 2011? Right now I am "live chatting" with a Time Warner agent. I thought maybe it would be better than talking to them on the phone. Each time I called I got a different answer with prices in all sorts of ridiculous ranges to, "they don't offer it at my location."

Them: Please provide you name
Me: Paul
Them: Thank you for providing your name.
Me: I want a static IP with a minimum of 5mbps upload speed. How much is that?
Them: I understand you are an existing custome rof Time Warner Cable and would like to start a new account with static ip and Internet service at the same address. Is that correct.
Me: yes, that is what I said. It needs a minimum of 5mbps. How much does that cost.
Me: Is this a difficult question?
Them: Sure I will be glad to assist you.
30 seconds go by
Them: May I have your zip code
Me: 14209-2204
Them: Thank you for providing your zip code
Them: May I know the service you are using with Time Warner.
Me: Why does it matter I want a separate account.
Me: Right now I have roadrunner home internet, but I really want a new separate account
Them: Thank you for the confirmation
Them: I would like to inform you that you can not set up two accounts at the same address.
Me: What is the cost of a static IP? You are making this exceedingly difficult.
Them: I would like to inform you that you need to contact our local Time Warner Cable Office in order to have information on the static IP. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. Would you like the number?
Me: yes
Them: You can contact our local Time Warner Cable Office at 716-558-3000 or 866-668-6044
Them: If you have just another moment, I would to ask a question or two about you situation to see whether we can make your servie even more enjoyable for your family. Will that be alright?
Me: The local number does not work. It keeps dying as soon as I dial it.
Them: I am sorry about your experience.

So I call the 866 number. Turns out that is also the wrong number for what I need. They transfer me to business class.

Finally I get an answer:
35/5 $119/month with a three year contract

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Category: web

03/24/11 10:25 - ID#53904 Compromised With Malware

Today when visiting Buffalorising via google I got this google warning saying it is serving malware. It appears to come from the third party content on the page. Advertisements, banners, etc. This is precisely why I don't trust 3rd party code. Its just opening you up to everything from keystroke recorders to malware.


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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...