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Category: hardware

03/19/11 06:42 - ID#53872

Windows 7 EEE tablet

I don't normally promote anything windows but I think this might be exactly what (e:tinypliny) is looking for

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Category: birthdays

03/18/11 03:49 - ID#53865

Happy Birthday Matty

Dearest (e:matthew),
May your year be filled with silver trays of oysters and no pollutants. At least we started it out right.

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Category: bugs

03/17/11 03:21 - ID#53857 pmobl

Ladybugs meet lightbulb

Apparently ladybugs big and small love warm halogen light bulbs enough to fry to them.


Note: This bulb was outside.

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Category: history

03/17/11 12:18 - ID#53856 pmobl

The Magic of St. Patrick

I saw this poster at city hall the other day. How did the Irish of blackrock think they were going to "take over Canada" and hold it ransom?

They were desrcibed as an irregular army of Irish American invaders

If wish I was there to see it. If there are not reactments of this, we should start one.


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Category: topics

03/16/11 10:09 - ID#53852

What does happiness mean to me

As suggested by (e:heidi) - What does happiness mean to me?

This one is so complicated but I think at its most basic level it is being healthy. I can deal with just about anything when my body feels good. That being said, staying healthy seems inseparably intertwined with eating well. That seems to involves money - which means maybe happiness is having money. I always feel happier the more money I have. Man, that seems so shallow but I think it might be true.

On the flip side, I could see being happy on a farm in warm place near the ocean where my life consisted of gathering food and eating it. It might not require as much money that way.

So seeing as I am talking about food, my bowl of yuminess tonight involved a new dessert I make. Its sliced organic bananas covered in organic peanut butter and organic coconut oil.

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Category: architecture

03/16/11 03:30 - ID#53849 pmobl

Lime Green New Phoenix Theater

I first notice this lime green building on Johnson Park from the top of City Hall. It really stands out in the overhead view if the west side. When we got down the stairs we walked over to check it out. Its located at 95 Johnson Park in Buffalo, NY.

I like the bright green a lot. besidrs bright orange it is my favorite color. That being said I am not as big a fan of the accent green, especially on the door.


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Category: architecture

03/16/11 03:24 - ID#53848 pmobl

Pink houses in Buffalo, NY

There are a lot of them. Here are a few I saw the other day walking back from City Hall.





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Category: architecture

03/16/11 01:54 - ID#53845 pmobl

The blue house at 55 Cottage street

The blue house near (e:Heidi)'s is awesome. Its about the size of my house. Maybe even a little bigger.


While it is large itself, it will always be so overshadowed by the massive house next to it.

The large house next door is the Coatsworth House. It is one of the largest homes in the city. The owner, Thomas Coatsworth, had it built for his bride electra 1869 according to (e:matthew) says there were other large homes of this style that used to be on Delaware but were knocked down to make way for the knox mansion, red cross, etc and later for modern buildings. Too bad because this style is pretty awesome.

According to that article it also says, Thomas Coatsworth built that blue house for his daughter in 1899.

It also says he had a giant retreat on grand island. Wonder what that looks like today.

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Category: japan

03/15/11 08:50 - ID#53836

This afternoon I was thinking about Japan

And I started to wonder what would have happened if instead of big nuclear plants they had small nuclear power facilities all over. I typed "home nuclear power" into google and guess what, there is such a thing

Apparently, toshiba was working on such a device in 2007 and they planned to distribute them in Japan and Europe. In that article it costs 5 cents per kilowatt.

In this later article they say it will costs 10 cents per kilowatt and are made by an American Firm called hyperion

Apparently, they bury them underground, have no weapons grade material, and are encased in concrete. If it wasn't for large natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunami, it would sound like a good idea. But imagine if there were tons of little nuclear messes all over the place.

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Category: work

03/15/11 11:59 - ID#53831

What would I have done for a living in an alternate universe?

I saw (e:Tinypliny) added a new topic to the topic suggester. I would have been a botanist if everything went as planned.

I went to college for Botany originally. In high school biology was my focus. I was so into it, I wanted to be a scientist going all the way back to my first microscope kit. I got a 5 on my AP bio exam. I did my internship at the Botanical Gardens and then the Botany department at UB. They were doing this interesting study trying to figure out what chemicals in smoke get some native dessert cotton plan to bloom. Apparently, it only bloomed after fire.

If I had really had my way I would have gone to Davis in CA for viticulture. Unfortunately, I was not able to afford it. Around the same time my uncle had a heart attack and we went down to SC. While there I applied to Winthrop and get a full scholarship.

So Winthrop didn't have a botany program so I ended up in general Biology which included zoology and dissection. This was a big issue for me as I was vegan at the time. I ended up finding a teacher who was botanist/anthropologist and got involved in her project of collecting editable plants from former slave housing areas on plantations. The idea was that their rations list only included corn mash and bacon which is not enough to survive so they wanted to determine what else they were eating. We found lots of editable plants near their former dwellings and I sketched them out and pressed them. I really enjoyed that.

At the same time I continued taking German. The German teacher I had was an exchange teacher from Flensburg, Germany. She told me the school there had a botany program and was looking for exchange students. So I applied and got in. I ever got a stipend to live there. It was perhaps the greatest year of my life. While there, I studied Naturheilkuende (Natural Healing) which was all about humans using herbs for food and medicine. I love it but I really liked speaking german too. The classes with the teacher there were the most interesting I have ever taken.

Unfortunately, when I got back to SC, they had canceled their German program. My friend Amy who studied with me at Winthrop went to school at Northern Arizona University. So I took some time off working lame temp jobs in Buffalo (that was the worst time of my life.) Then I headed of to AZ for school where I also met (e:terry). I met up with a german professor who was very interested in computers and language acquisition software, got a job in his lab and started computer programming. I mean I had been programming my whole life but never for any sort of purpose and we all know where that lead. At this point I had so many German credits. Most of my botany credits would not count toward an american biology degree but they did end up counting as german classes.

I decided it was time to end college and went for a degree in German. I applied for the NAU exchange program and once again I was over in Germany, this time with (e:terry) in Jena, Thuergingen for a year - another great time.

I went back to taking more Botany classes and a few local history/language classes. At that point I was probably not so good at botany in english but I was pretty good at it in German, lol. The one thing I regret is that the Botany professor I interned for at UB, where the whole interest started, was in Jena at one point - but I never met up with him. I wonder if that could have changed my direction.

After that I had no real way to apply german+botany to anything so I went all computers and went grad school for Media Studies which lead the the next 10 years of non-stop programming and my fairly boring life now that involves little to no nature. In the end my school loans for grad school were so expensive, I almost wish I had just taken out the crazy loans for undergraduate in viticulture at Davis.

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