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Category: web

04/18/10 07:30 - 44ºF - ID#51417

Possible Threat Of Weather Apps

This is too funny. I love when local media has articles about stuff they do not exactly understand.

This one article on wivb was about the danger of installing 3rd party apps on cell phones and how they can have viruses or be full of exploits. That is true and there is real danger there but what's weird is this passage.

Another possible threat is simple weather apps. GPS technology conceivably could take control of a smartphone, by reading text messages and address books.

Loosely translated into english: I don't understand cell technology but I heard some of it is scary so I will name some random part of the system I know the acronym for as dangerous and make up some bull shit reason.

The real thing they should say is this. Like desktop apps you shouldn't install apps from sources you do not trust.

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Category: mobile

04/18/10 10:47 - 41ºF - ID#51416 pmobl

Apple's shitty web

I am so sick of not being able to see flash media on my iPhone. This
is excactly why I did not buy the iPad. I mean who can live without
the strawberry shortcake site? Specifically,

No seriously, it sucks. I get the whole, they want to control everything and have optimal battery life but flash could be offered as an option you can turn off. It could even be off by default, or not installed by default. Clearly the phone could power it like android or maemo. And clearly, adobe is interested in that happening.

I realize HTML 5 is better in the long run but so us HTML 6, 7, 8. Unfortunately sites are still designed for media delivered by flash and major changes are expensive to make. Not to mention that IE does not support HTML 5 and they are still a huge percentage of the browser market.

I'm case you are wondering what the web full of hole looks like, this is what it looks like.

Notice its not like removing flash removes adds. They just do those with javascript and HTML5.
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04/18/10 10:39 - 41ºF - ID#51415 pmobl

Wegman's $6.99/lb mix

Every once and a while we go to wegman's starving and eat there first,
before grocery shopping. I like how everything is the same price per
pound so you can mix and match amongst about 100 different items.
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04/16/10 11:33 - 51ºF - ID#51407 pmobl

My 2010 glasses

Well it's 2010 and I got my space age glasses. Now I just need a
flying car to match.

The other pair I ordered was so messed up they gave me tunnel vision.
I could not even read like foot high letters outside a 20 degree
radius. Needless to say I did not purchase them although the guy
tried to convince me to bring them home and test them out. That's
what happend two years ago with my last pair from another store that
still are in their box.

I hate glasses. I am pretty sure I want the surgery. My prescription
is so stable that I have the same glasses I wore in 1997. I figure if
I go blind, it was meant to be and I will switch my life up.
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04/16/10 09:25 - 52ºF - ID#51406 pmobl

24 Linwood trim painting

Finally got some orange trim paint on the side of the house. All that
is left is the top now.
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04/16/10 09:23 - 52ºF - ID#51405 pmobl

Web app launch complete

The fun part was the teeshirts we made out of the icons.
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04/14/10 10:21 - 53ºF - ID#51401 pmobl

Sewing curtains

(e:Matthew) and I teamed up and hemmed one curtains with the sewing
machine. It was weird trying to remember back to home economics in
middle school. I guess that skateboard pillow project paid off after
all. The sewing machine looks haunted in this photo.
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04/14/10 10:18 - 53ºF - ID#51400 pmobl

Painting 24 Linwood

(e:Matthew) snapped a pic of me painting with his iPhone. I really want
to finish this up but work has been non stop so I can never take any
time off despite having like 3,000,000 hours to burn at this point.
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04/14/10 07:32 - 61ºF - ID#51399 pmobl

My PBS pledge gift

I can't wait to watch the video, it has a whole part about raising
backyard chickens.
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Category: mobile

04/13/10 09:26 - 49ºF - ID#51393

Opera mini, apple iPhone upload disabled

Argh,the damn file upload in the browser is disabled, just like safari. Its totally ridiculous as every way less fancy phone i ever had with opera mini allowed you to click browse in a file upload box and send a picture.

What is going on with the mobile internet that file upload has been omitted?

It is half of how the web works. Download and upload. I blame greed because that way you need to download apps to upload. Otherwise people would just make web sites and there is no money for crapple in that.

This is exactly why I think its such total bullshit when Steve Jobs talks about the open web and slams flash. Is having to make an iphone app and then push it through the apple approval process any less proprietary.
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