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Category: halloween

10/24/09 06:36 - 49ºF - ID#50096

Trip to the giant pumkin farm

We took a trip out to the Giant pumkin farm today. In the pictures
they almost look like tomatoes but they are freaking huge. The thing
we didn't consider was dragging it back out o the car with no
wheelbarrel. Some of the big ones were so ugly.

I looked online and it turns out all pumkins are edible. For some
reason I thought the giants were poisonous.

If anyone else wants to go it's here
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Category: food

10/24/09 01:24 - 56ºF - ID#50093

But are there preservatives?

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Category: fall

10/23/09 11:09 - 56ºF - ID#50089

Pictures of fall

The fall leaves are so beautiful this year. Forrest lawn looked
amazing ad we sped past. Here are just some ordinary pictures.
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Category: stuff

10/23/09 05:37 - 47ºF - ID#50086

Book Man

(e:terry) and I went to an estate sale on Irving today. They had a lot
of amazing stuff but everything was in the $300-$3000 range and I'm
not in a place for that right now.

An interesting aspect of the sale was this bookshelf full of books
that all had "man" in the title. It would be so weird to have people
going through all your stuff.
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Category: food

10/23/09 12:44 - 43ºF - ID#50081

New Fuji buffet

I'd give it a 2 out of 10. It was far away and not very tasty. I
prefer zhangs and I don't like that either. The torn paper in the
window looks like "food animals" tried to claw their way out before
getting terryakied.
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Category: niagara

10/20/09 10:16 - 53ºF - ID#50065

Niagara Falls America at Night

Wow not having a passport sucks. The view from America is basically
getting blinded by the lights from Canada where all the magic is.
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Category: linwood

10/20/09 07:59 - 54ºF - ID#50064

The shopping cart

There is this pricerite shopping cart on my corner. The things that's
so crazy about it is that there a distance lock on it. So someone got
it pretty damn far with the wheels not turning before giving up on
it. I wonder why they don't include a phone number for reporting it
on the cart itself.
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Category: web

10/18/09 10:04 - 40ºF - ID#50050

The cuttlefish I always wanted

If anyone can ever make this for me, I will love them forever. It an extra special challenge because the pattern is sold out


The etsy site seems pretty awesome. I never saw it before but it seems like a great way to sell handmade items if you make any of those.

The pattern author has a blog and they also have a tutorial on making 3d crochet shapes
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10/18/09 07:58 - 42ºF - ID#50048


I was visiting to see what people are looking for these days - purely for fun. Its also kind of interesting to see people's expectations and source code that gets attached. Some of it is so full of bugs and dangerous security issues. The best is all the marketing people that know they want something but are not sure of the technologies or their relationships to one another. Like, "I need a mysql/css website for user interaction." Yes, both of those technologies are used in web development but I have never heard them described together as the two main technology requests. I think web development just assumes CSS nowadays.

We need a 35 page website for a client.

Does anyone describe websites in pages anymore. That sounds so 1997.

Another one is to create a unique taxpayer identification number system for a whole country. THat has to be a scam.

The objective of this project is to carry out a successful roll-out and implementation of the Unique National Taxpayer Identification Number (U-TIN) for the country and the development of a related data base linked to all relevant stakeholders in order to bring the country's tax administration and practice in line with global best practices.

It is expected, that the U-TIN, when implemented would ensure proper identification and registration of all tax-payers and create an efficient and effective tax system for the entire country. Description: Files:

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10/18/09 06:44 - 48ºF - ID#50046

8.5 Americans in Interracial Marriage

I think CNN got the numbers wrong:

The number of interracial marriages have skyrocketed, nearly quadrupling between 1970 and 2005, the most recent year for which there is census data. As of 2005, nearly 8.5 Americans are living in interracial marriages

I feel bad for that 0.5 person that didn't even count as a whole person.
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  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house
  • joe 09/12 01:54 well maybe the fall and setting up my computer again will get me to post regularly
  • sina 07/17 12:18 free upgrade to windows 10 till 29 Jul
  • joe 05/06 10:31 hey e:sina
  • sina 04/19 05:59 hi all

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