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Category: holidays

12/23/07 04:28 - 43ºF - ID#42624

Christmas in Japan

I was reading this site about some Christmas urban legend which later told of some real holiday trivia from Japanese adoption of western holidays. The Buffalo News is even featured as a source on this article in snopes.

As you'd expect in a country where less than 1% of the population is Christian (the rest is primarily Shinto or Buddhist), Christmas is a purely secular occasion, with shops and businesses remaining open for the day ... The elimination of the religious aspects of Christmas and its hyper-commercialization have led to some unique (and, to us, bizarre) ways of celebrating it ... What we do find unusual is a custom of young couples exchanging presents of expensive jewelry, heading out to high-priced hotels, and being directed by scantily-clad female elves to rooms complete with Christmas trees, where the lovebirds spend their Christmas Eve in romantic bliss. The co-optation of familiar Christmas figures - both secular and religious - in the service of mass merchandising has produced some rather curious blendings: Colonel Sanders dressed in a Santa suit (as KFC tried strenuously to promote fried chicken as the "traditional" Christmas meal) ... Santa in a graveyard accompanied by the Virgin Mary on broomstick, elves plastered on sake, and a Christmas revue featuring "stripping nuns and three lecherous Wise Men."

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Category: health

12/23/07 11:19 - 50ºF - ID#42621

Bye Bye Tooth Peice

I slept though it pretty much the whole thing. I just thought if I kept on sleeping I wouldnt have to deal with he stomach drama, which kind of, a tiny bit, improved.

Bye bye, little tooth part
Then this morning I woke up after a 20 hour nap because my back was starting to hurt from sleeping and was brushing my teeth when a part of my tooth fell out on a sunday. Now there is a hole in the tooth and new
little pieces keep falling out.


I just hope it can hold off until tomorrow before it really falls apart because no dentist seems to be open today. You can see from the picture that not much of the tooth is real. Most of it is the white filling. I had all my amalgam metal fillings taken out and replaced with the white ones in 1997 in Canada. They said it had a 5-10 year life span so I guess I am about to have a dental emergency considering I had 12 fillings replaced at that time. Maybe I should have just kept the freakin metal ones but I couldn't get over the idea of mercury getting into my body.


It's all my fault for the amount of candy I ate as a child. Like I used to (pre-stomach thing) eat a lot of candy as an adult - but it was way worse as a child.
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Category: buffalo

12/19/07 10:26 - 34ºF - ID#42591

WNY hazardous waste

Where should the chemicals go?
What does everyone else do with all their chemicals? When we bought the house we inherited tons of chemicals, half empty, rusted crap, etc. I tried to put them all together in two places of the garage and basement but really it seems dangerous. Especially the one in the garage, I took them all and put them in two plastic totes.

I kept meaning to deal with it. Once we actually brought them with us to the dump but they didn't take them there. So I searched and found this erie county government site that isn't very up to date. Apparently, the next scheduled drop off day is Sept 8th, 2007. I am going to call tomorrow and find out about the next one.

Radon Gas
While I was on the site I found info about radon . I am uploading their education video to youtube so that it is a badnwidth friendly more acessible version instead of the 85Mb mpeg on the erie county site. I will post it here when it is done.

Did you know that radon is common in NYS and in Western New York.


It is an odorless, colorless gas that comes out of the soil and into your house. Luckily, in the city it looks like it isn't much of a problem but way out in some suburbs and rural areas it looks dangerous. Especially, marilla - I mean I wouldn't even want to live in East Aurora.
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Category: health

12/19/07 02:36 - 37ºF - ID#42583

This getting ridiculous

So I call the doctors office again and get to talk to the secretary again. She tells me they are going to put me on Asacol 3 pills/3 times a day. So I call back and ask if I could also take a gluten or lactose intolerance test and she says, "Oh we don't do that here" So I ask her where and she doesn't know. So I call my "primary care" physician and he says there is no way they could have cme up with IBS from a CAT scan. SO SOMEONE IS FUCKING LYING - WHO IS IT?

He suggests I go to see the GI doctor. Which is exactly who I was looking for when I called the first doctor (a colon /rectal specialist) and asked him for a referal. He told me to just come to him and thats how I ended up in CT scan land. Now I have an appointment set for Feb 5th. By then I should be dead or crazy.

I guess I will just take the medicine and see if it helps. (e:terry) says it doesn't seem dangerous.

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Category: health

12/19/07 12:19 - 35ºF - ID#42581

What the hell kind of answer is this

Well good news is they didn't say it was cancer but it is IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. What the fuck does that really mean. We don't know what is causing it but you bowel is irritated. No fucking surprise considering I have been complaining about that for about a month straight.

My favorite part of the wiki article

Anecdotal accounts exist of poor patient outcomes due to treatable causes of diarrhea being mis-diagnosed as IBS. Common examples include infectious diseases, celiac disease,[5] and lactose intolerance.[6]

None of which I have been tested for. Still no stool sample, no bloodwork, no lactose intolelrance test, no test for celliac.

I guess I will go on one of those crazy nothing but rice and vegetable diets and adds stuff back into my diet to see if it help. Right now basically everything I eat goes right through me after getting a little bit bloody somewhere. Ya, gross I know. There is no consistency to anything I eat and everything makes my stomach ache.

I seriously am going to go crazy. And the lack of sufficient bathroom facilities at my work make it way worse.

I am thinking it is time to switch to a natural doctor for a bit and see how that goes. At this point I am willing to try anything to make it stop.

The molson ice hot water 40oz
Last night I made a hot water bottle for my stomach out of a molson 40oz beer bottle. It really helped. Maybe I should market them with little beer cozies?

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Category: healthcare

12/18/07 01:37 - 31ºF - ID#42570 pmobl

Barium Cocktail

I can believe I am drinking Barium Sulfite - and out of a styrofoam cup. It is some weird fruity and spicy flavor. I had to drink two jars of it.




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Category: health

12/18/07 11:04 - 25ºF - ID#42566

The CT scan

So at 3PM I get the CT scan at Buffalo general. I have to go there at 1PM though. I am so excited on one hand about finding anything out and so scared on the other hand about finding anything out and so scared on yet another hand about the radiation.
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Category: health

12/18/07 09:51 - 24ºF - ID#42565

I am so angry/sick

So my abdominal area just keeps getting worse and I am really sick to my stomach. It is not normal to have to go to the bathroom like 5 times during the night.

I got up at 8:45 to schedule the abdominal CT, as at this point I would do anything to find out what is wrong. They told me they had two locations. Buffalo General and one in Wiliamville. I told her Buffalo general was better and she said she would call me back when she schedules. At 9:20 I still had n word so I called the doctors office back and said I would gladly drive to Williamsville if it was faster,easier I could get in sooner because my stomach is killing. She said she would call me back. Here we are one hour later, still no freakin' word.

I seriously, cannot believe how this is going for. In the mean time i don't know if I should try and eat anything or not because what if you need to have an empty stomach for it and it is today and then I have to reschedule. I wish it would render me unconscious at this point.

And then there is some unreasonable deadline at work that I am working against which normally is fun for me, but this time it is making me crazy because I am sick.

Now what I really want is a test for celiac disease just to rule that out in case and what about the blood and stool tests. Why none of them yet? Looks like for me they are going to skip to step 5.

Diagnostic Tests for Crohn's disease

Test for Crohn's disease

* Physical examination
* Complete blood count - for anemia and white blood cell counts
* Stool sample analysis
* Upper GI series - barium X-rays
* Lower GI series - barium X-rays
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Category: shopping

12/17/07 11:11 - 24ºF - ID#42562

Hot Water Bottle

As (e:tinypliny) suggested I ordered a hot water bottle for my stomach aches. Sounds like a great idea as warm really makes it feel better. I searched around this time to find one that supposedly does not smell. You all know how I feel about things that smell like rubber or plastic.

If anyone else is looking for one, I order it from
They were in good housekeeping and accept paypal.

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Category: photos

12/17/07 10:28 - 24ºF - ID#42561

Media from other stuff, like snow

So besides my debilitating intestinal issues I managed to take some pics.

Yesterday, I thought eating lamb and potatoes with banana would make my stomach feel better. It was delicious but I was sick as ever. The way I made it. Soak lamb legs in wine, rosemary and garlic with oil, salt and pepper for about 3 hours. I am obsessed with bone marrow. I know you veggies are thinking that is the most disgusting thing ever.

Then bake in the oven at 350 for a couple hours.


Not so sure what is up with the amount of garbage the church produces. This is seriously a typical weeks garbage for them.

There was so much snow this morning. You can see just how much on this table in the backyard.

Luckily, the church plows our driveway but we still had to shovel the car ou

This citrus fruit looks so damn yummy. I wish that I could eat it.

The windshield was so icy. It took forever to chip it all off the car.

Here is (e:terry) trying to chip it. I ended up finishing it once the car heated up.

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