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Category: hardware

10/29/06 10:00 - 42ºF - ID#32795

A new Camera

I bought this camcorder today. I am totally dissatisfied with the propriety nature of the video codec. It is like a DIVX movie but is some propriety samsung SEDG format. In order to use it I need to open the file with a hex edited, change instances of SEDG to DIVX and then run it through ffmpeg to turn it into flash video. Needless to say, it suffers along the way a bit which makes me question its usefulness. The camera itself rocks. It is so fast and responsive, it is tiny, has an external lense for head mounted recording and is an MP3 player, voice recorder, and and video cam. Too bad it's so proprietary. I really think that kind of crap needs to just end. I will probably return it.


It really ends up being no better than my cell phone.

::Download Flash Video::

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Category: gay

10/25/06 09:00 - 44ºF - ID#32794

Gay Marriage Legal In New Jersey

Gay couples can marry in New Jersey now. Why is it so impossible to have it happen in New York.

But it's possible that lawmakers will designate civil unions, not marriage, as the route to provide such rights. They have 180 days to respond.

I guess it will probably never benefit me anyways but I really think that anyone should have the right to marriage or civil union or whatever so that they have the same benfits as a married couple.

I mean in general, doesn't society want to encourage monogamy, even if it is gay. It seems better than lots of single gay people being promiscuous.
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Category: downtown

10/25/06 07:17 - 45ºF - ID#32793

Buffalo Sky Scraper

Wow, who would have thought that buffalo would get a 1.2 million square foot business tower right on Niagara Square and Elmwood. I like the fact that the guy who is planning this new development is also committed investing $80 million in redeveloping the Statler Towers.

According to the news, the idea is to attract big businesses who have office in Toronto or New York to the lower operating costs in Buffalo.


Acording to the Buffalo News.

At 600 feet tall, the $361 million, ultra-contemporary glass and steel office, hotel and condo tower would eclipse the HSBC Center in height by 33 feet and would rank among the tallest buildings between New York City and Chicago... At $361 million, the mixed-use tower surpasses the price tag of all other downtown buildings. By comparison, the HSBC Center, built in 1972, sold last year for $85 million and currently is back on the market at $121 million.

Are they saying that HSBC doesn't own it's own tower? I had no idea. Maybe we should buy it, lol?
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Category: pets

10/25/06 12:07 - 40ºF - ID#32792

Crazy Sugar Gliders

The sugar gliders have had sex for about an hour now. Matt and terry had to pull them apart because she looked like she was done and he didn't want to stop. They really got crazy into it and were shaking and stuff. He did this weird thing where he held onto her and licked and prodded her spinal cord with his nose. She seemed to be really enjoying it until he started biting and hitting her when she tried to move away. Now they are fighting a lot and screaming. I know it is hard to imagine but it sounds like gremlins. It is so different than the mice we used to have that would have sex for about 30 seconds and then be done.
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Category: estrip

10/23/06 09:32 - 39ºF - ID#32791 pmobl



Well this is really about stripping. First of all is launching an amateur strip site in early November which is annoying but kind of funny. It is annoying because we spent years building up our reputation and image and now some idiots are going to get the two sites confused. It is one of those situations where we will always have to say no, not the strip site. Eventually this site will just become part of and none of it will matter.

Hi All,
Just thought I would give you a heads up to some news...

A new large webcam strip site is about to launch in early November called .

I know for a fact they are currently recruiting models to perform on the site (the only requirement is to own a webcam, and be over 18). I also happen to know that they are paying out a whopping 50% comission to all new strippers, which is more than most sites.

Anyway, their email is if any of you are interested and want to make some easy money from home.



We are technically anyways. I had tried to buy the domain name for years but it was always so expensive. The last person that owned it offered it to me for 1000 GBP but I was poor at the time (e:news,809)

On another note, (e:terry) actually entered into an amateur strip contest the other night and although (e:theecarey), (e:matthew) and I plus a few of our friends screamed and hooted louder than anyone he did not win. I think it was rigged.





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Category: work

10/23/06 04:51 - 42ºF - ID#32790 pmobl

The American Dream

Maybe I am actually living the american dream minus the kids and white picket fence. I was so poor before. Now I am eligable for social security insurance according to the government, although I have my doubts about it being there when I retire. The letter came with a handy list of how much I have paid into the system. Or at least how much income was taxed.

(e:hodown) - remember 1995. I think that explains a lot about the amount of money I had. I am quite surprised because I was actually working that whole year. So it makes me wonder if someone didn't actually report my taxes. Maybe I was working under the table?


I went to go buy a book on Ajax design patterns and javascript at the bookstore but realized tehre is nothing left to know really. I deliberately make choices to do things the way I do, I recognize all the possibilities and I am sure that I have thoroughly covered the issue.

There are so many books on blogging at the bookstore now. What exactly is a whole book about blogging even about. It seems like a person would be better off reading other blogs to get an idea about blogging rather than a book about blogging. I am sure there is even an idiots guide to blogging.

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Category: health

10/23/06 01:10 - 41ºF - ID#32789

Being Sick

I am still sick today. I cannot believe it. I tried for once to not use echinacea. Usually my cold only last like 3 days. Well this time it is going on 7 days. Next time I am sure to use it.

I am so sick of having my throat hurt and coughing. I just hope that my sinuses are better by the time I go to get on the plane for San Francisco on Monday. One time I flew with stuffed sinuses and I distinctly remember thinking my eyes were going to pop of out of my face. I was so extremely painful and I actually remember holding my eye into my face because of the pressure. It was the first time I flew on a plane to south carolina in 1995.
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Category: linwood

10/19/06 04:45 - 56ºF - ID#32788 pmobl

A day in the life of a spice boy

I have been sick the last two days. Yesterday, I really wanted to eat some spicy food as I thought it would make me feel better. (e:theecarey) and I went to Wegmans at around 8PM and I was feeling a little more lively.

We bought lots of seafood to make jamabalya, another ultiate chocolate cake, and some champagne/wine. Well at first we didn't know what to make but my phone suggested jamabalya.

We bought mussels, scallops, catfish, sausage and spices. The mussels from Wegmans were pretty crappy. We bought two bags and I had to throw out about 40 of them as they were dead and smelled really bad. The rest were fine. I think I am done with mussels for a bit.

Bad ones

Good ones

I never realized what a difference there was in the quality of spice brands / labels. I suppose it makes sense. Let me use the bay leaves as an example.

Spice Island Bay Leaves are like the Kine Bud Did you know that Kine means excellent in Hawaii. Anyhow, at the opposite end of the spectrum, is the schwag of bay leaves - McCormick brand, red top line. They are all chopped up and have bug holes in the leaves, etc.

Spice Island Bay Leaves cost $9.50 per bottle

The McCormick Gourmet Line $5.89 per bottle


McCormick Red Top Brand Thrift Bay Leaves $3.39 per bottle


When I was searching for the spice island web site I found this

Here is the jambalaya itself, a very delicious dish. After we ate it I fell asleep on the dining room floor and then went to bed around 10PM.





We finally closed on the mansion today. I felt like crap the whole time and had to sign like 3000 peices of paper. I wish I could have not been sick but at least it is over and we own the house, moreover, we actually own more property than I thought. The stone fence is on our land as is part of our neighbor's driveway that he tried to tell me was his land. I really don't care if he uses it, but it isn't his property. He even cut our bushes the one day because he said they were on his property. Maybe, I should let him keep believing that!

While reviewing the land around the mansion, I had this overwhelming fuck you people who didn't think I was good enough feeling.

Over the last couple months the interest rate went down and we actually pay $100 less per month. The guy we bought the house from owed two years in taxes and back water bills. It came to over $6000 but they just took that out of the price of the house - so that we in essence got credited for it. Basically, the seller loses the money and the city gets it but we pay the same price.

The terry looking serious at the county clerks office - did you know that McKinley was burried here.

The downpayment

The property lines

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Category: youtube

10/22/06 01:22 - 49ºF - ID#32787

Watching macs die and southpark warcraft

I have been so busy the last couple weeks I have hardly had time to blog. I promise that I will make up fo rit in San Francisco. This video is for (e:twisted). If you love apple products do not watch it or you will cry while the rest of us laugh. They wantanly destroy apple products including microwaving an ipod nano. Considering, that I have "lost" two ipods to a washing machine and two mac laptops to liquids (one to beer (e:news,14) and one to water) I can enjoy this video. I only wish that I had videoed my mac destructive adventures.

And here is an excerpt from the southpark video about warcraft for (e:terry)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Category: school

10/18/06 04:03 - 58ºF - ID#32786


I finally got my diploma in the mail today and it is damaged. Also, seems a little late for a 9/1 graduation. What the hell, for the amount of money I paid for it, I would expect to be in better conditiion. Oh well, at least it is finally over. I feels so good to actually have the paper and know it is done. No more homework ever.




Now I have the paper. Tomorrow I will have the papers for the house. Then I will be set.

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