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10/20/06 09:29 - 44ºF - ID#29666

October Storm Haiku

Storm rips through Buff State

Let's fly back to Long Island

The cable is out

Mary Alice speaks

2 On Your Side shows it cares

Scott Levin fripples

Trees no longer shade

Bedroom window now reveals

Must get curtains now

Sleeping on friends' couch

Forced to eat unfrozen steaks

Can't get off of couch

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10/21/06 09:46 - 47ºF - ID#29665

House Home

My house is 100 years old and the last owner neglected it so their is a lot to do and I sometimes get panic attacks when I think I might have taken on too much. I have no skills and depend on finding somebody honest to do the work. I don't have tons of cash to do it all at once so I have to pick one project over another hoping the latter doesn't collapse before next summer. My aunt's boyfriend looked some things over and gave me rough estimates of what it costs to fix and put me at ease. I think I can handle it.

During the storm when I stayed at a friend's house, a teen aged couple got the spare bed while I slept on the floor. I spent the day shoveling, clearing trees and bailing out my basement while these two turds made out front of the big screen tv. When they left to go back to their dorms, one of the kids' parents came over to stay and I was told because I wasn't a couple, they get the bed. Bullshit! .

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10/29/06 11:45 - 41ºF - ID#29664

Storm Bird

The Friday after the snowstorm, I was outside shoveling furiously before the snow got too heavy. At one point I noticed that a bird had taken shelter on my porch and looked a little shocked. I knew it was a Hermit Thrush(WIKIPEDIA - Hermit Thrush )and that it was in the middle of its Fall migration. I felt absolutely dreadful that the storm pummeled all these hungry tired birds on the first leg of their trip to Central America. It hung out on my porch for about 3 hours and then disappeared. So long as I didn't find its cold dead body in a corner I can fantasize that it flew off and found food after the snow melted.

Today, right at this moment actually, there is Hermit Thrush bopping around in my backyard. It may not be the same one, but I've never seen one back there before today and it's nice to see one not under duress, and look like it's thriving. Yeah nature!

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06/26/06 09:43 - 71ºF - ID#29663

New Neighbors

You know how there is more urban wildlife like coyotes living in Central Park? Well, I swear to God I saw Bigfoot in a diner this weekend around 4 a.m. I went to the Greek diner after an evening of lesbian hillbilly music. B-town in the wee hours is an odd (frightening) mixture of rockers, bar employees and patrons, and auto workers just getting off the third shift from the GM stamping plant jonesing for eggs. My paint chip eating friends left me alone at the table for a moment while they went off and screwed a whore in the bathroom. Then a couple of "guys" walk in who could have easily passed for a passel of sasquatches in-cognito (I think that's the term for a bunch of sasquatches or it should be). They had beards, were at least 6'10" and about 350 lbs each and looked as if they bedded down in a corn field. They did not however have the telltale odor that I read about on bigfoot research websites nor did they order raw venison.

I would type more but my helper monkey looks like his diaper needs changing

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