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Category: war

12/10/05 07:32 - 29ºF - ID#32400

Join the army or stop pretending

Do you really think (e:ajay) is going to shut up for Christ's sake, lol.

[inlink]joshua,84[/inlink]"The more interesting topic in this debate is how you cry for the war dead, but have NO FUCKING SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER for the people who died on 9/11."

Remind me, where did (e:ajay) say that? In his entry he makes no mention of not having any sympathy for 911 victims.

In fact he says [inlink]ajay,401[/inlink], "War is ugly. War is brutal. War leaves the victor not much better off than the vanquished." Which sounds like he is against war on both sides.

Do you really think that what you say sounds like a compelling argument. It sounds like brute force aggression with little substance behind it. At least ajay provides some links to outside supporting information, seriously Joshua what a lame argument.

So now it my turn to do a little name calling for fun as you seem to have made it appropriate. You can beat me up afterwards if it makes you feel better. At least you could beat me up.

Maybe you never met (e:ajay), or maybe it is because he is a generally peaceful guy, 3000 miles away that you feel safe threatening him but honestly he is like two times the amount of muscle mass and size as you are about a foot taller. He looks like he could be a warrior and you look like Pancho Sanchez. If there was a bet on that fight I would put all my clams on ajay seriously. Maybe if you fight as a twin team duo. Maybe.

The real question is, "Why don't you sign up to fight for what you believe in?" Take some of the disturbing agression the two of you have pent up and put it toward what you believe in. I am not just saying this to make fun of you. I seriously think you are a fucking pussy for not fighting for what you believe in. How do you even look at yourself in the mirror thinking that your beliefs possibly condemn people to death while you guys sit around on your fat asses, smoking pot and complaining about how hard it is to be you. I am so tired of hearing about how tragic it is to be a Larson brother. Maybe the army would do you guys some good.

The views contained in this journal are just the personal view of Paul and are not written from my position as site administrator.
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Category: people

12/10/05 06:34 - 29ºF - ID#32399 pmobl

beggin in the burbs

We are in the best buy parking lot on Niagara Falls Blvd again. This time I got a better pic of the former field gone parking lot.

I love it when the snow drifts eat shopping carts. I bet hitting them in a snow plow is really fun.

We saw a beggar, or a man appearing to be one here in the lot. How do beggars get to the outer suburbs? Do you think the prospects are better than in the city during christmas time.





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Category: transport

12/10/05 02:59 - 29ºF - ID#32398 pmobl

snowy car trash

Does anyone have snowy car trash? Every year at this time we forget that the garbage which normally can peacefully exist in the back seat foot area of our car has the potential potential to become a nasty slush of paper waiting to be recycled.

We ate the yummy steak sandwich at the pink. If you never tried it and you don't mind eating animals you have to get it. The only downside is that it costs $9.00. It is definitely enough for two.

(e:lilho) and (e:terry) were really into th hunk hunt machin last night at the Pink.


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Category: food

12/09/05 10:45 - 30ºF - ID#32397 pmobl

girl drinks and ho oats

(E:terry) and (e:lilho) went ot to get some drinks. They got 40s but bought me a girl drink. Well I asked for something like it but I was expecting lemon flavor and it was some super fruity raspberry, not my fav.

Do you think raspberries are called raspberries because the plant rasps your skin?

On another note what does everyone think about knocking down the ho oats building?

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Category: drugs

12/09/05 07:53 - 27ºF - ID#32396 pmobl

Bus Stop To The Afterlife

So yesterday I was talking about the smoking hut bus stop in the middle of the roswell campus. Today I got a pic.

It is the middle of everything with no access road or anythin but it looks just like a metro bus stop.

Today for lunch we had Casa Di Pizza at an IT meeting followed by all kinds of food at a Holiday party.



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Category: mobile

12/09/05 01:34 - 25ºF - ID#32395

PPC 6700 modem on the go

I am writing this from my laptop using my mobile phone as a modem. Right now it is getting over 250k per second. That is freakin incredible. I cannot wait to test it out with google maps the next time I am lost.
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Category: unions

12/08/05 11:15 - 25ºF - ID#32394 pmobl

Union Life

I went to a union lunch party today. I heart my union . I realize they take a lot of money and they are bad for business. I also realize everyone else hates them. But damnit, I love the union and the fact that I have health insurance and a living wage with holidays and a retirement plan. I know that it's the union that makes that all possible. I have definately tried working for the non-union jobs. I never made more than $20,000 and I never had health insurance.

They had some pretty tasty "free" sandwiches and we were able to choose between a free FM radio or a plastic waterbottle. I actually chose the water bottle now that my phone does internet streaming radio. I think it is funny that an FM radio is now worth as much as an empty waterbottle. It wasn't even a particularly nice one. Now that I think about it, I forgot it in the meeting, lol.

At the meeting we voted if we think it is good to make roswell a smoke free zone. I voted for it. I can't believ it isn't one already. In the middle of the cmapus there is an area locked between fences and buildings and in the center of it, next to the praxair compressions tanks is a smoker hut, that is most likely an old metro bus stop. It looks exactly liek one. I will try and get a picture tomorrow. Some referred to it as the Bus Stop that to afterlife.

As a side note, I did think it was funny that on the newsletter the clipart with the article was money but that there was nothing really about money in the article.

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Category: school

12/07/05 10:55 - 19ºF - ID#32393 pmobl

Big Spending in all the wrong places

It's nice to say goodbye to this waiting area. I am tired of sitting in it and looking at the totally unecessary giant flat panel.



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Category: work

12/07/05 09:26 - 19ºF - ID#32392


I have been working for about 12 hours now. I am really tired. I have no idea why I said yes to finsihing at Canisius and especially why I am here late right now.
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Category: transport

12/07/05 07:11 - 24ºF - ID#32391 pmobl

the metro

Who designed the advertisements for the Buffalo metro? They look like they were designed by intro to graphic design students of a pre computer era. Only the craptastic dropshadow guves it away. These ones can be found at the Allen Street station.

I am supposed to be at Canisius teaching but the subway is late. One more station to go.

Some man on the subway was telling this long winded story about how all the stars came from buffalo before there was Hollywood. He just kept screaming it at these girls and paul, the other Paul that worked at Kunis and the coop.



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