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Category: places

07/29/05 09:00 - ID#32134 pmobl

Our New Coop

As member owners, we decided we needed to visit the new coop. It is nice and kind of looks like a whole foods. There is definately a good selection of food although the prices, as usual, are a little outrageous.

For example, a 113 grams of salad for $3.99 or $17 for a piece of beef. Some stuff is also reasonably priced but in general it's too expensive for me. Yet as (e:joshua) said they definately have some yummy treats.



I also don't understand the need for the giant loft ceiling on one half of the building. Maybe someone know more about that?

We bought lots of fruit for smoothies. I guess in the end, I am glad I have somewhere new to shop close by, but it won't make me forget wegmans is a local business to, with much more reasonable prices.






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Category: memories

07/28/05 06:03 - ID#32133 pmobl

The mannequin's head




(e:lilho) is in cosmetology school and she has the head
to work on. Maybe you can meet the head at the party. Today she snuck
up on (e:lilho)



According to (e:lilho) it has real hair from india. Even our mannequins
have imported hair. I guess poor americans probablly ask to much for
their hair.

We have abused this maniquin head so much that I would not be surprised
ifit attacked us like chucky one night.

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Category: peeptalk

07/28/05 02:11 - ID#32132 pmobl

it's nice outside

(E:hodown) is at our house now. Even the tortoise is having lunch with
us. Here's a pic of basra and (e:terry) sharing some grass.


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Category: memories

07/28/05 12:02 - 69ºF - ID#32131

Boyscout Jamboree

The boyscout Jamboree suffered some serious tragedy when four scout leader were pitching a tent under electric lines and died. It seems so stupid that these life long scout leaders wouldn't think to not pitch a tall tent with metal poles tent under electric lines.


This leads me to my real story which is how fucked up boyscouts was when I wa sin it for about 14 years even though some peope were really naive to all the stuff going down. When I tried to find a link to my old troop online, I couldn't. Maybe it closed down.

I am sure a lot of people are going to hate me for this or say that my troop was just the odd one but I can guarantee at the larger camps we encountered many even stranger troops. Does anyone else have stories about scout?

Here are some random memories, I am leaving out the ones that incriminate me, lol.

[size=m]Huffin Butane[/size]
Me about 11 years old huffing mad amounts of butane because the older scouts convinced us we could breathe fire. Oh we sure could, you can seriously make huge fireballs by huffing butane but you can also do things like lose your eyebrows oh and get really high. Soon I realized they were doing it just to "feel silly." I didn't know what high meant so funny seemed appropriate. I totally got so into it that soon I was buying cans of butane at Fay's (erkert) and sharing the experience with my other neighborhood friends. Someone at the store had to realize that all this really young kids were buying an awful lot of butane. I remember the pinacle of this experince being walking around in Kenmore with my friend and yelling at a barking dog that I though was carrot, I quit shortly huffing after that at about age 13.

[size=m]Capture the Flag[/size]
We played a game of capture the flag at summer camp with another troop. Our troop was pretty good. If you didn't play this game you can only imagine the severity of it. It should be called try to capture the flag but most importantly kill or maime anyone else around. The leader really didn't seem to care how violent it got. That year the other team brought barb wire and carefully hid it about 4 inches above the ground tied between trees. You can only imagine how that was. Same year this one poor guy who was always getting beaten up, got strippped naked and tied to a tree and just left there during a game. No one could find him for a while. I have to say there was something about this guy that made people want to beat him. He was always getting beaten up at school too. Once when he had a broken arm, some jocks put him in a trash can and through him down a flight of stairs breaking his other arm. I can only imagine how he tells his therapist about this now.

[size=m]Weirdo Guy[/size]
This older 60-70 y/o guy would take scouts out to his cabin for the weekend to work on his neighbors farm. Okay first of all, it was child labor and I don't get how it tied in with boyscouts but somehow it was normalized. He was also pretty blind and would always taunt us, remind you middle school aged kids, with his brail porn. He also would tell us this story about how one time some scout cooked him breakfast and asked him if he wanted italian sausage and then because the man was nearly bling tricked him by putting his dick on the plate. He loved that story and told it to every new scout that would come visit. At the time I thought it was hilarious but but to me it sounds really fuckin' creepy althoug I did have fun at the farm fishing and riding on the ATV unsupervised.

[size=m]Camp Rapist[/size]
I have like a hundred more stories but this is the worst one. Every summer there were some girls who would be at camp because they were the daughters/granddaughters of scout leaders who were there for the week and camp. Some of them were my good friends from the neighborhood and others were people I would see only once a year. One of them I met when I was 11 and she was 10. We remained really good friends over the next couple years. When she came back one time when she was 13 and I was 15 all kind of crazy stuff happend. Our troop had gotten really weird at that point. Somehow this 23 guy got involved in playing truth or dare with us (no details to be revealed). The next morning my friend talked to me and said that there was a racoon near her cabin last night and she was scared so she called for help. The guy came, but instead of helping he raped her. She even showed me some evidence, so it wasn't like some bullshit fantasy. I was the only person she told and I was never allowed to tell anyone at the time. I should have told right away looking back. Eventually she pressed charges against him. I hope he is in jail now. I saw her years later and she was still affected by it.

[size=m]Out with a bottle of gin[/size]
Towards the end I was probably as much of a trouble maker as possible. Finally just before all of my class became eagle scouts, we went on this big city trip to Montreal. The whole troop stayed with the parents of one of the troop members that moved there. He used to live only a couple doors down from me, so I knew him pretty well. All the leaders ended up drinking and we went to "to sleep". We were about 16 at the time and decided that we would get drunk too. The kid who's house it was got us some alcohol. It was the first time I ever drank in my life. I got so sick because I didn't know what was normal to drink and they I think tried to get me to drink more than I would the firts time. Straight gin. I chased it with mellow yellow. I remmeber this because it wa steh only time I ever had mellow yellow. Do they even sell it here? For years after that I hated gin, but I like it now so if you want to ring it to the 10,00 party - feel free although I prefer goldschlagger. Anyways, we ended up getting in so much trouble when they found us all hungover and drunk the next morning.

When we got home we had a meeting with our parents and the leaders and I can say that my parents were definately mad but what surprised me at the time is they were not so much mad at me (more disspaointed) as they were mad at the scout leaders for not watching us and for drinking themselves. I quit and then we started an explorer post.

I was the president of explorers with (e:haikuster). Nothign like leaving one organization and then starting another one with you at the top! Explorers was much more tame and fun. It was nice because it was both guys and girls and we could still use the boyscout school bus for our trips because explorers is an offical boyscout program. We had some fun camping and concert/city trips. Does anyone rememeber the time we preserved tons of fruit in parafin wax? We had so much preserved fruit it was crazy. Or the time that the totally not italian woman (a mother of an explorer) decided to try and cook speghetti for us at camp messed it all up. Ity was sick, who can mess up speghetti. She had a giant pot and was making speghetti for like 20 people. She took the pot and filled it with water and then put the spghetti in and then turned the heat on and then she left and waited. Doesn't everyone know the water has to boil first! By the time it was "done" it was a solid clump of dough with a chewy outside and a hard middle.
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07/28/05 01:56 - ID#32130 pmobl

hodown arrives

hodown finally arrived in town after some mix ups. This pic is
really dark but maybe you can see her. I hope to see everyone at the
party on saturday. (e:robin) is even staying ing town an extra day so she
can go!!

Please somebody remember to bring goldshlager. It should be an
extravaganza. I'm still hoping (e:twisted) shows up!!

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07/27/05 05:32 - 71ºF - ID#32129


This is a test journal from low bandwisth mode on my phone. It won't show up as a mobile message till I update the low bandwidth mode one more time.
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07/26/05 03:27 - 87ºF - ID#32128

Journal 10,000

I couldn't wait any more. It was at 9999 for like 5 minutes. I am so excited that the site has made it this far. I hope that in the near future we will expand it even further we some PR help from (e:ladycroft) and (e:mike) in addition to a whole slew of new mobile features.

I also think we should expand the radio programming but we need djs to record programs or host them live.

My main goal is going to be to make more fun interfaces and many more mobile features. Maybe we can convince some mobile dealer to give us a group discount! Hope to see you all at the party on saturday.
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Category: programming

07/25/05 11:11 - 77ºF - ID#32127

IE PNG javascript fix and

After a year of using a self made PHP solution for handling transparent jpeg in MSIE I switched over to client side solution I wrote in javascript. It saves the server the xtra work and it allows the cache to work properly by serving one identical image to both browsers and just fixing it afterward in IE. I mean why should the server fo extra work for the broken browser. I think the if people are going to use lame crappy browsers it reasonable to make the crappy browser work harder.

You should see a quote with no background color here.


I also posted my first contribution to today. I would have contributed before but I didn't realize it was so easy to post a comment.
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Category: pets

07/27/05 07:14 - ID#32126 pmobl

wild world of animals

Our house is becomming a zoo. (E:matthew) bought a beta fish
because katie had one. It is red, white and blue as are all beta fish
sold around the fourth of july it seems.

I tagged along as part of longterm thesis denial program tha I am
participating in.

For some reason Markheims has all these signs about avoiding animal
cruelty by not playing games at carnivals where you can win animals. It
seems ironic in a place where they have grey parrots in tiny wire

I really don't know how I feel about betas. They seem so sad in those
little bowls but when (e:matthew) bought a 20 gallon tank for the other
one it died. And it had been doing great in the smaller container.
Hope the new freedom fish will be happier in a crystal bowl with peace

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Category: food

07/25/05 11:51 - ID#32125 pmobl

jim's steakout price hike

Jim's steakout got rid of their chicken finger club and
replaced it with a chicken finger sub minus bacon for the same price
that used to include bacon.

Now you have to pay an extra 75 cents for bacon! That brings the price
of a chicken finger club and a drink to $10.60 with tax. Elmwood is
becomming so unreasonable these days. Rent, food, everything is
skyrocketing in price. Soon I will have to leave elmwood and move to SF
if they are gonna end up being the same price anyways.

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