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Category: food

07/25/05 11:51 - ID#32125 pmobl

jim's steakout price hike

Jim's steakout got rid of their chicken finger club and
replaced it with a chicken finger sub minus bacon for the same price
that used to include bacon.

Now you have to pay an extra 75 cents for bacon! That brings the price
of a chicken finger club and a drink to $10.60 with tax. Elmwood is
becomming so unreasonable these days. Rent, food, everything is
skyrocketing in price. Soon I will have to leave elmwood and move to SF
if they are gonna end up being the same price anyways.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

07/25/05 12:57 - 76ºF - ID#32124

Microsoft Maps

Wow, this is the biggest ripoff on google maps , they even use the same exact color scheme if not the same exact maps. The aerial photos for Buffalo are old and black and white but otherwise the application is pretty nice. The fly around feature is nice, you just click on the compass feature. The advantage microsoft will have is that they can easily incorporate this with their current business products. I wish I could work on stuff like this all the time.


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Category: peeptalk

07/24/05 06:48 - 80ºF - ID#32123

Southernyankee Visit - Out at Cozumel

Last night after the amazing dinner at Shogun, we got a call that (e:southernyankee) was in town for her friend lisa's birthday. By the tim ewe got back from dinner and out of the house it was about 1am. We met them at Cozumel on elmwood and had a great time gossiping, taking pictures, catching up.

(e:mike) missed us because he had his phone turned off. I think the same thing happend the last time (e:southernyankee) was in town and staying with us! This week is going to be crazy because (e:hodown) is also coming for a visit starting wednesday and staying with us. I am supposed to be in charge of finding a date for her. So if anyone is looking for a date, give me a shoutout.

Last night I also saw matt who I went to high school with. He is supposed to be moving north west. I hope it works out for him, I am so freakin; jealous of the wanderin gtypes, although I guess I get to have stability which is also kind of nice in it's own way.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: food

07/23/05 09:20 - ID#32122 pmobl

eating at shogun

We are eating at shogun on Transit tonight. Our neighbor
Katie is taking us out to dinner for particpating in the creativity
study. It smells so yummy here. I ordered the Calamari steak.

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Category: design

07/23/05 03:22 - 67ºF - ID#32121

Post Programming Painting

I had a great day solving this problem that was making me batty and decided it was time to paint something.


We were gonna go go out butthen we read the flyer and found out it would have been $30 but the three of us to go. Maybe we'll go out again in the fall, lol.
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Category: programming

07/23/05 09:09 - ID#32120 pmobl

This might look familiar - nokia fix

I stole this image off of (e:shawnr)'s mobile blog


I was going to make a derivitive work but it was against his license, lol. Anyways, the real reason this is here is to prove that I fixed the nokia picture phone bug. After hours of studying the jpeg format and playing with a hex editor, I wrote a nice PHP class to test for and fix images from certain nokia phones that write bad jpegs. Shame on you nokia for making such nonsense files. Basically any open source program that was based on a certaing jpeg library could not deal well with them including GIMP and GD, as well as, many other programs. At least now people with mobile blogs can use there nokia pics again! You can find it in p:labs if you need a copy yourself.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: web

07/22/05 09:21 - 82ºF - ID#32119

Searching the web

Has anyone seen google directories before, I somehow had missed them completely.


This totally revolutionizes the way you surf the web.

I am hopelessly working on a jpeg fixing filter for some corrupt jpegs from a cell phone. WHile I was poking around at the structure of a jpeg file I found this windows command-line program that strips out meta-data from jpegs. I ran it on a photoshop saved jpeg and it took 10k off the image. Thats a lot of extraneous data.

Here are some important magic numbers for file types

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Category: renting

07/22/05 03:18 - ID#32118 pmobl

painting the property

We got the giant retractable painting poll. It extends to 12 feet.
So I will be three stories up dangling from a rope weilding a giant
retractable poll? This landlording job seems more dangerous everyday.

So the remaining question remains what color. We decided to consult
with (e:matthew) about that first. They have this machine at home depot
that can take real life objects and tell you what color they are to find
the paint color you need. It judged terry to be deep topaz. It was
about the color of strong chai mixed with chocolate milk. For those of
you that have seen (e:terry), you can appreciate how poor that machine
judges color.

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Category: downtown

07/22/05 01:42 - ID#32117 pmobl

at skybar and mcmonkees

This was from last night, apparently, I was too drunk on chippewa to operate the sidekick. So the journal arrives now.


I can't believe I'm here at McMonkies. Luckily (e:julie), (e:mike), (e:amanda) and (e:terry) are here. Three for one drinksOn Thursday! You order one and you get three automatically for $3.50 (e:amanda) said once before she knew she ordered 3 and got 9. I would die. 6 is enough for me now, I actually had to put one down.


Where is (e:southernyankee) when you need her. So I am desperate for a cigarettes and no one has one but there are like 10,000 cell phones all blinking and lighting up. It almost looks like cigarettes. This bar is mega crowded.

They are having a ladies hot body contest for a $50 bartab. For some reason going out makes me miss cassie. Maybe I will call her tomorrow. She does just live right down the street.

I saw Aaron from our electronics class. He works at Jade and said we should come out on Friday night for house music. I'm down with that.

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07/22/05 11:31 - 77ºF - ID#32116

Food for thought

lwist: just goes to show, you shouldn't delete the comments of the hand that codes you
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