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Category: swimming

08/07/12 05:14 - ID#56662 pmobl

Scenic Vermont

I love swimming in clean water. The ledges reminds me of a larger version of the quarry we swim at in Canada. Its so deep and there are tons of fish. I really feel like I could live here but I would miss city life. If only it was closer.


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Location: Buffalo, NY
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Category: food

08/07/12 05:09 - ID#56661 pmobl

Wahoo Conch Fritters, Vermont

These conch fritters were very tasty, similar to the ones from Curly's in lackawanna, NY.

Someday I want to try conch without other stuff. I am the conch eating equivalent of someone who thinks they know clams but has only eaten clams casino.




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Category: camping

08/06/12 09:34 - ID#56660 pmobl

Camping on our way to the adirondacks

Stayed at a state park along the way to the Adirondacks. The place is called Fillmore. They have an interesting swimming hole from a dammed up spring and nice bathrooms. Can't wait for more rustic conditions.


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Category: brushwood

08/05/12 03:06 - ID#56658 pmobl

Dionysis Festival at Brushwood

(e:flacidness) and I headed up to the dionysis festival at brushwood on Friday. It was a fun evening filled with wine and dancing. I never drank so many kinds of wine at once. I would have taken more pics but I had nothing to put my phone in.

It was interesting because almost all of the people were from Buffalo.




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Category: architecture

08/03/12 02:38 - ID#56655 pmobl

918 Main st, Buffalo, NY

Looks like they are finally cleaning up the collapsing building on main street. Its amazing how long it took them to start working on this. I really thought it was going to collapse into the street. I wonder what will become of the building.


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Category: mobile

08/01/12 11:59 - ID#56653 pmobl

Samsung 32Gb class 10 micro ssd - yippie

I saw a great deal on a 32GB class 10, samsung, micro SD card on new egg in retail packaging. It was around $1/gb which a year ago was unheard of. You can't really buy these things on amazon because there is so many black market scanners so I turned to new egg. Now to back everything up from my old class 4 16gb card.

Altogether the phone has 54gb of space now.


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Category: apple

08/01/12 11:28 - ID#56652

god don't fucking care

I was testing out the new mac dictation feature on mountain lion. I said, "and then I thought, milk came from cows so I drank orange juice."

The dictation software on the mac wrote

...god don't fucking care...

First of all I think it is trying to tell me something, but seriously, I didn't say fucking. I would have totally thought they censored that. What if a child was using it.

Now I am trying it again. I said, "I am going to try one more time to write a sentence." and it wrote, "Okay so I'm going to try to run my time and read." Its definitely not as good as the dragon naturally speaking one. That or the mic sucks on my new macbook air.
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Category: gay

08/01/12 08:42 - ID#56651 pmobl

Chick Fil-a

The thing that really pisses me off, regardless of the fact that I am going to get gay married, is that the 630,000 haters decide to defend christ by supporting a fast food joint and buying sandwiches. To me this just proves they can be manipulated to do anything. I can just imagine this in the board room and stock holder meeting. "Did you see, he lines Jimmy, its raining sheep."

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Category: zooey

07/29/12 10:05 - ID#56646


We babysat zooey on Friday while her parents moved to a new house. Had such a great evening. We went to a fashion show where (e:flacidness) was modeling and danced, ate cake and pizza, and played with the tortoise. She fell asleep in my arms at the show.

On the way home she asked if she could stay with us forever ;). I told her that her parents would miss her and she responded. "How about you move in with my parents". I guess I have a new generation of ho family admirers, haha.




Somebody liked the chocolate cake.

She was so tuckered out by the end.
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Category: america

07/26/12 08:34 - ID#56641 pmobl

America - Fuck Ya!

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