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Category: america

08/06/13 10:42 - ID#57974

America Sucks

You know that I love you but every year on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, I feel embarrassed about that love. Frankly it makes me sick. I still cannot fully accept any excuse for the horrible atrocity that you committed on this day. I hope you at least have remorse. It sickens me more when I think how much whining you do about the minor terrorist attacks that happened on your soil when conpared to the magnitude of destruction this caused on a huge civilian population on a city much like my own. No wonder people hate us.
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Category: america

07/26/12 08:34 - ID#56641

America - Fuck Ya!

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11/11/09 08:37 - ID#50276

The most unpatriotic moment

I am not very big patriot but I am also not an America hater. Anyone who witnessed my crazy moment after lots of hours painting in the freezing cold must think I am such a jerk.

I appologize. I was trying to move this two story, heavy ladder and the American flag on our porch kept whipping me in the face. I'm response, I grabbed it and whipped it at the ground before considering the significance of it being veterans day.

It was one of the knee jerk anger reactions. I could have whipped anything that was hitting me to the ground at that specific moment. Afterwards, I felt kind of bad.

Sorry America.
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