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Category: programming

01/22/11 04:18 - 15.ºF - ID#53476

Objective C and XCode Suck

First of all my nook color is going to bankrupt me. The ability to have every computer book on one convenient, internet accessible package is overwhelming. Especially when they use such sneaky tactics as sending me an email saying, "Its snowy out, wouldn't you like to get a new book for your nook without having to leave the house."

Anyways, the point of this is that I got an objective C book so that I couldn't finally spend some time on it and it does in fact suck. For me, its simply too verbose and the NS (NextStep), camel case bullshit kills it.

That plus Xcode is so freakin awful. I thought an apple designed IDE would be refreshingly better. Turns out not to be the case. It makes me miss eclipse. Apple seems to be losing it to me anyways. Just look at the non standard interface for the new app store and the new itunes. I think the only reason they are generally successful with design is they cut out features until there are very few things to add to the design. Of course its easy to have a clean interface on something that only has a few options. I guess Xcode is an example of what they do with a larger, complicated application..

Xcode gets to the point where you have ~10 windows all open and even have to drag between them to accomplish stuff. And yes, I can remember all the keyboard shortcuts to bring the different parts I want to the front but its still a cluttered mess.

Enough with Xcode, this was supposed to be about objective C.


Well here is an example of my point about objective C. Several language comparisons of making arrays.

Objective C
NSMutableArray *items = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:@"One", @"Two", @"Three"];

var items = ["One", "Two", "Three"];

$items = array("One", "Two", "Three");

@items = ("One", "Two", "Three");

String[] items = {"One", "Two", "Three"};

string[] items = new string[] {"One", "Two", "Three"};

items = ['One', 'Two', 'Three']
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Category: pets

01/22/11 02:28 - 14.ºF - ID#53475

Basra The Sulcata Hunts Furball

I did not speed this up but when I copied it to youtube it was on superspeed. You can't tell me sulcata tortoises are not hunters. We never feed him any meat as he is supposed to be vegetarian but he seems to think otherwise. His usual diet consists of lots of hay and dandelions.

Yet he killed and ate one of our parakeets when it escaped and once I found him with a squirrel paw in the backyard. Then one day matt had the hamster in the tortoise pen and he chased it all over. He enjoyed chasing it so much I decided to make him a fake one out of fun fur to protect the hamster.

I pretty much spent my entire birthday sitting in his warm room and chatting with my friend yvonne on facebook.
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01/21/11 06:37 - 13.ºF - ID#53467 pmobl

Its on fire

Damn, home depot really wants to sell this refrigerator.

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Category: hardware

01/21/11 11:55 - 16.ºF - ID#53465 pmobl

Repairing the imac

Would it have killed them to make the broken hard drive slightly more accessible?



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Category: work

01/21/11 11:06 - 17.ºF - ID#53464

Long Night and Long Day

So we bought a new car, fixed the imac by replacing the hard drive, got a replacement part for the furnace and today the oven and television repair guys are coming. What is next?

-- Well, the oven repair guy just came. Of course, when he got here the oven is no longer locking itself and and making the F43 locked door shriek. He is ordering us a new controller and lock that should come in 10 days.

The television guy is yet to come. Eventually, this will all be done. I can't wait, then again I seriously worked till like 4am. Luckily, I enjoyed what I was doing to some degree.

This morning National Grid called because the tenants downstairs at Nonna's never transferred the electricity over to their name and they want me to let them in to shut down the power today - friday.

How can the tenants be so dumb to let this happen. They will have no heat. Tony told me they have known about this for months. He also said National Grid threatened to turn it off at the pole which I can't understand. Wouldn't that shut off electricity to the whole house?

Tonight at midnight is my birthday and I still have no plans/ideas. There was honestly nothing I wanted or wanted to do. I hope 34 doesn't suck.
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Category: food

01/19/11 06:03 - 24.ºF - ID#53458 pmobl

Traveling to lockport

It was totally worth the trip back and forth to Lockport. First of all because the furnace is now fixed but secondly because I tot to order 24 smoked chicken wings from One-eyed Jack's on the way home. Even (e:terry) liked em and he does not even eat wings.

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Category: electronics

01/19/11 12:23 - 33.ºF - ID#53455

Noteslate - electro notepad for tiny

This thing seems like it has a lot of potenital for $99. I would totally replace paper with something like this - especially if it lives up to its 180 hour battery life.

NoteSlate is low cost tablet device with true one colour display, real paper look design, long life battery (180h !), together with very handy usage and very simple and helpful interface for pen and paper. This easy, compact and portable gadget is used anywhere you want to make any notes, drafts, sketches, any ideas for future reference. Paper for everyone! Write a note and check it later, save it, or delete it. Maybe send it after. Just one colour is enough to express the basics. Keep your life simple. You will love it. For $99.

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Category: cars

01/18/11 12:16 - 25.ºF - ID#53453 pmobl

The last day of clean

This might be the last day that our car is the cleanest in the lot.

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Category: house

01/17/11 11:27 - 6.0ºF - ID#53450

Broken Everything

I was just saying how everything is broken on (e:leetee)'s journal. Today the furnace decided to shut down too. That makes a broken stove, broken tv, broken car, broken furnace. I seriously can't take one more thing.

At noon we get the new car. This is totally overshadowed by the lack of heat. Unfortunately, I can't get a hold of our friend that installed the furnace. Anyone know a good company I can call?
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Category: house

01/16/11 05:53 - 12.ºF - ID#53448 pmobl

wood floor twist

I really like this twist in the upstairs bedroom floor. I have a feeling the floor under the current floor in the dining room and living room is something similar.

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...