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Category: hardware

12/29/10 06:54 - 27.ºF - ID#53351

Nook Color

What started as a $10 gift card from work that I used to purchase the "Grep pocket reference" turned into an I need an ebook reader. While its nice that our google and iphones can read books for maximum portabilty. Sometimes it is nice to have a larger screen surface.


I didn't want an ipad because they are just too darn freakin big and heavy. For me 7 inches is enough. Plus my phone already acts as a mobile hotspot, has a GPS, camera etc ad this thing wa only $248 vs $400-$600 with the ipad. I was a little torn between the nook color and the older monochrome e-ink readers like the regular nook or the kindle that have much mire amazing battery life.

In fact I argued with (e:enknot) about this one night for a while and I still feel like e-ink is easier to read but I like that the device doubles as a larger screen web browser. It also does music, pandora etc and being that it is actually android based I should be able to get the kindle app on here as well at some point.

Supposedly it works with the epub books from the library. I found it interesting that books really get checked out from the library meaning that so ebook (e:terry) wanted was checked out by someone else therefore not available.

I wrote a whole surebert suite for publishing ebooks in epub format. That will soon allow me to release a new feature for estrip were you can download your entire journal as one big ebook for safe keeping. The format is quite interesting. It is basically a zip file with a manifest anda bunch of related media and xhtml files.

So typing on this size screen is perfect? I can almost type a fast as if this were a real keyboard.

Oh one last thing is that magazines are freakin cheap like $1-$2/month but I couldn't find the linux magazines I wanted yet.
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Category: holidays

12/25/10 08:09 - 23.ºF - ID#53337 pmobl

Christmas Eve

Santa came to my uncle's house on Christmas Eve. We all took a turn sitting on his lap. He told me he had some beef to fatten me up for me because I was so light, lol.

The kids were so excited about the whole process.

My little cousin loves to dress as Batman so my mom made my dad a superhero cape outfit to surprise him.




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Category: books

12/25/10 08:02 - 23.ºF - ID#53336 pmobl

kids books

What could the word going down from fishbowl be. It seems like a book teaching children about spelling should have more accurate examples.

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Category: shopping

12/25/10 07:56 - 23.ºF - ID#53335

Barnes And Nobles Continued

The other day I wrote about my bad experience having to wait 60 minutes for an online ebook to be delivered from barnes and nobles web site. I thought the point of buying eBooks online was that it was instant.

Today's experience was even worse. I wanted to get my brother an egift card but I didn't order it earlier because I didn't want it sent to his email until it was time for him to open gifts today.

So just before we opened gifts I ordered his egift online gift card on their site. It said they had instant delivery. It basically just sends an a link to the recipients email so that makes sense but right now it says it will not ship until Dec 30th. Although, it is instant delivery once it ships. That makes no freakin sense. How can it need to wait that long. I purchased it with a credit card I had on file so it really makes no sense.

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Category: beer

12/23/10 10:00 - 26.ºF - ID#53324 pmobl

work party

At Ulrichs

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Category: computers

12/23/10 06:56 - 26.ºF - ID#53323

Nook for PC on Fedora 14 Linux

At our work holiday party we got $10 gift certificates for Barnes and Nobles. I have really been wanting the "grep pocket reference" and I felt bad downloading it illegally so I figured this was the opportunity to purchase it.

They had it in nook format but I don't have a nook. Luckily, they have a bunch of other nook clients I have an android nexus one and a desktop computer which can be used to read nook ebooks. iPad and iPhone can be used too. I was sad to see that barnes and nobles only had a client for Mac and PC. Turns out the PC one ran perfect on wine on Fedora 14. No fuss, no finagling, simply download the exe file, install and run. Now I have the Grep Pocket Reference on both my phone and laptop.


The only thing that I did not like was that there was a 60 minute delivery time. It seems like if you are buying an ebook it should come immediately.


In the apps for my phone and computer, it just gave a generic error during those 60 minutes.
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Category: people

12/22/10 10:10 - 25.ºF - ID#53320 pmobl

Hos and ribbons

I miss them all. I had so much fun playing with Zoey last week. If only (e:lilho) could have been there too. It was impossible to tire Zoey out. We must have run up and down the staircase 110 times. She was also fearless. (e:hodown) and I chased her around as she walked even into completely dark rooms upstairs at the 24. (E:mike) commented that he wouldn't even do that at age 27.




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Category: food

12/20/10 03:55 - 29.ºF - ID#53309 pmobl

Red Lobster on Transit

Before the movies we went to red lobster. The food was delicious but then I was sick all freaking night long and into today. I wonder if I got food poisoned?



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Category: movies

12/20/10 03:52 - 29.ºF - ID#53308 pmobl

Tron in 3d imax

I went to go see tron at imax last night with (e:hoedown). She almost got in a fight with some other girl over seats. I tried to take a pic of me with the glasses and this is what came out. Sitting in the front row sucks.

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Category: weather

12/17/10 12:54 - 30.ºF - ID#53289 pmobl

Snow on Losson Rd

(e:hodown) and I were over on Losson rd. I can't believe how Mich snow they got. Its like 5-6 feet high. on the side of the road. We got like 2 inches


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