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Category: religion

09/13/08 10:10 - 70ºF - ID#45661

The pope is a hypocrite

Rare religion post from paul - This article just made me so mad.

Pope Benedict XVI condemned unbridled "pagan" passion for power, possessions and money as a modern-day plague Saturday as he led more than a quarter of a million Catholics in an outdoor Mass in Paris.

This is not a modern day plague. In fact your church is a trend setter for it. You know what pope, the thing that struck me most about your vatican was how gaudy and gold crusted it was. Like the giant gold spires behind the alter at St. Peters or the rooms full of idols from other civilizations of antiquity, e.g. the Egyptian and roman area at the vatican. Get the fuck over yourself. You are not god, you are a crusty old man with way to much money and power preaching about the evils of money and power - its not ironic - its sick.

Not only that all that gold came from really sketchy, anti-christian actions like plundering the Americas, Africa and as I learned just today the Jews in collaboration with the Nazis

So before anyone should believe anything you say, you should go ahead and give it all back. Thats right, melt down all your fanciness and go back to be a christian church for the sake of christianity or live like you do and stop condemning the rest of the world for it.

On Friday, Benedict told young people they shouldn't fear spreading their faith in a society where secularism is entrenched and Islam is growing.

Hello holy war ;(
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Category: weapons

09/12/08 10:29 - 71ºF - ID#45659

Buffalo Weapons Buy back

I think it is a great diea for the city of Buffalo to buy guns off the street in order to reduce the number of guns out there. Acoording to the Buffalo News (I don't know why I bother linking as it will be gon ein a flash anyways) they will be buying back guns at 7 local churches on the 27th of septemeber.

Unfortunately the prices are ridiculous:

An Uzi, AK-47 or other assault weapon can be traded in for a $100 cash card. Handguns will command $75, while rifles and shotguns have a $50 trade-in value. The Police Department will give $10 cash cards for nonworking or antique guns, including pellet guns and BB guns.

I mean I think the street value and even the scrap metal value of these guns is way higher. I love how antqiue guns will get only $10 when some of them could be worth like $10,000. Same with $100 for an uzi. What do you think the street value of an uzi is? I wonder what really happens to all the guns.


In case you are interested, here is where the weapons are being bought back at.

The same seven drop-off sites that were used in last year's buyback will be accepting weapons:

> Episcopal Church of the Good Shepard, 96 Jewett Parkway.

> Prince of Peace Christian Church, 190 Albany St.

> Primera United Methodist Church, 62 Virginia St.

> St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, 450 Abbott Road.

> True Bethel Baptist Church, 907 E. Ferry St.

> St. John Baptist Church, 184 Goodell St.

> St. Mark's Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 256 Riverside Ave.

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Category: books

09/11/08 10:36 - 66ºF - ID#45650

Book reviewer needed?

Anyone who knows me, knows I really don't like reading non-technical manuals/science stuff at all but I got this request today and I think it might interest someone on here - so I am throwing it out there.

Dear Paul,

How does a girl from a working class family in Buffalo, NY --- a city where winters last for six months or longer and residents drape their windows in plastic to keep out the wind and the snow --- end up becoming the youngest person with a seat on the American Stock Exchange and a millionaire by the age of twenty-one? Laura Pedersen tells the story in her hilarious new memoir BUFFALO GAL (Fulcrum; October 31st; trade paperback).

The Pedersens, like many families surviving in the frigid North during the seventies, feared rising prices at the gas pump, argued about the thermostat, and fought over the dog to stay warm at night. While her parents were preoccupied with surviving separation and stagflation, Laura became the neighborhood wild child, skipping school to play poker, bet horses and trade stocks. Set during a defining era of race riots, antiwar protests and abortion rallies, BUFFALO GAL combines laugh-out-loud humor with a genuine slice of social history.

Laura Pedersen writes for The New York Times and is the author of eight books, including BEGINNER'S LUCK, which was chosen as a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection. Honored as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans by President Clinton, Pedersen currently lives in New York City.

I am writing to see if you would like to receive a copy of BUFFALO GAL to review or discuss on your website.

More details can be found online at
-About Laura Pedersen
-BUFFALO GAL excerpt
-More praise
-For book clubs

Please contact me for a review copy, to request an interview or guest blog with Laura Pedersen, or if you have any questions/comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Anna Jarzab
Anna Jarzab
Marketing Assistant
The Book Report Network
250 West 57th Street, Suite 1228
New York, NY 10107
(212) 246-3100
anna AT

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Category: computers

09/11/08 06:58 - 73ºF - ID#45645

My first day with vista

After crashing my computer screen to a weird chopped up windows logo death like I never saw before, this is what my computer looked like after rebooting windows vista, nice!

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Category: accident

09/11/08 11:00 - 60ºF - ID#45636 pmobl

Car Flipped on Main street

On the way to work I saw a bunch of emergency vehicles in front to f Wendy's. A car actually managed to flip over on Main Street. Notice the wheel in the air next to the ambulance. Sorry I couldn't get a closer pic but (e:Terry) wouldn't let me as he thought it was weird to take pics. I have no idea how you could end up going fast enough for this to happen.

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09/10/08 11:06 - ID#45634 pmobl

Lazy Moros

Who buys this kind of crap. I mean I actually love cream of rice but
I would never pay that price for a plastic bowl of it frozen in a
box. Seriously, you could get a giant box of it for real cheap and
just add your own water. adding the water to the bowl before
microwaving is no less convenient then unboxing and unwrapping.
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Category: environment

09/10/08 05:26 - 66ºF - ID#45629

I know where it all comes from

The cardboard that is. I seriosuly canno believe the way people pack stuff. I thought I was getting my new external hard drive in the box and I still thought the box was big. Then it turned out to only be the 2ft firewire 800 cable. Seriously, such a giant box, stuffed with paper for this tiny, indesctructible, no moving parts firewire cable.

If I don't take the box home it will all go in the trash (e:paul,45618)



We all had the same issue when we ordered those flat imac keyboard, they weigh nothing and are tiny but came in boxes twice the size of this box with another box inside, stuffed with those styrofoam peanuts.
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Category: environment

09/09/08 10:22 - ID#45618

Roswell park refusing to recycle

Here we have another peek into the garbage dumpster at 901 Washington at Roswell. I seriously can't believe how much cardboard they put in the garbage, it's disgusting. There was a bunch more inside waiting to be broken down. This is just an update to (e:paul,45562)

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09/09/08 02:44 - ID#45616 pmobl

Stormy skies

The sky looks so stormy downtown. It's like in ghostbusters.
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Category: food

09/08/08 08:37 - ID#45609

Yummy Korea house

Last night we headed out to Korea House on Evans rd with Robert and
James. It was the first time I had the Korean barbeque and it was
definayely worth every penny.
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