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Category: stress

08/02/06 10:14 - 80ºF - ID#32713

Non Stop Stress Makes Headaches

When I frist started at Roswell I loved my life. I literally had no worries and I loved my job, now I hate my life but I still love my job. I actually look forward to going to my job to avoid all the other problems and enjoy the air conditioning. The big problem is that this week the problems are so vast and complicated that they are making me have to use personal time, meaning I don't get to de-stress programming as much and have to suffer in the freakin' heat.

There is tenant drama, thesis drama, dcotor drama, vacation drama, lawyer drama, seller drama, and moving drama plus the related allergy drama.

The heat would be one thing if I could just enjoy it, but this week I have a feeling it will be lots of time in the car and lots of time arguing and making life altering decisions, plus trying to bust out the final draft of my thesis.

I would just take the whole week off but I already took the 16th to the 23rd off for vacation in the adirondacks. The thesis stuff need to officially be done by the 25th which is now the 15th for me! Which leaves me no time between work and the house.

I also terrified of the house situation. Like what if I can't live in it till September because of alegeries. Where am I gonna go?

Last night we actually made it to Bennett Beach at around 8:00PM. I would say it was a perfect time to go. Not too many people and the water was warm even as the sun was going down. The waves were great too for once. I think I might make it and after work event again.
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Category: housing

08/01/06 06:10 - 87ºF - ID#32712

What a Terrible Day but we are moving

What a stupid day. At 1PM (e:terry) and (e:lilho) came by Roswell for lunch. At that point, I had these wild dreams about going to the beach or doing something refreshing like a water park. Instead my errands got out of control.

First we were supposed to stop by the tenants house to get them all to sign their new leases. Instead, we ended up dealing with all this drama because one girl did not pay the gas bill and they shut the gas off. I seriously cannot believe it. It took about an hour. She is the same girl that always pays her rents late. I told the girl who is still living there, that this is her chance to kick that girl out because the leasing are gettign signed but that she would need to get soeone else in right away. At least one tenant paid their entire rent through december.

Then I tried to call the lawyer again about 16 times. She never retrunred my calls or email so I decided the only way to deal with it was to confront her in person because our landlord wanted an answer right now as to when we are moving. Unfortunately, there office is way far away in the top floor of the larkin building. Its all nice cherry and leather fanciness. In fact all the floor of elevator announce the floor number until you arrive at the top and it says Welcome to Harris Beach."

I think we made a huge mistake choosing such a large law firm for such a tiny case. I think maybe they would have been a appropriate firm for a car accident or something. Turns out the title problem still exists but that we can move in early if the seller agrees. The lawyer says that the problem is they cannot find the paper saying that the church (a non-profit) was able to sell the house. Fortunetly, the church really did want to sell the house to the guy and they just need to find or get new paperwork. Unfortunately, it requires a supreme court of NY judge and they are very busy golfing during the summer. Those were her exact words.

So then after that we went to the sellers house and believe it or not he doesn't think there is any problem and plans to move out on the 4th and close. This is good for us if it really happens. So I guess he is agreeing to us moving in earlier. So we really might be moving on Saturday.

On another note, I am glad that someone keeps track of the spelling on this sites interface:
@ 07/31/06 12:57 Kara wrote:

Hi Paul - "Lattest Chatter" should be "Latest Chatter" in the chat box.

@ 07/30/06 19:42 Jenks wrote:

hey paul- typo alert. the chat box says "lattest" chatter.
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Category: housing

07/31/06 02:15 - 83ºF - ID#32711

The 24 Linwood Saga Continues

So now our lawyer gets the title from his lawyer and it turns out there are both tax problems and they are missing paperwork saying the church was able to sell the property to them. I think we are reaching the beginning of a long journey instead of the end of one. I cannot believe this process started back in May. Watch it be an entire year before we get the house.

If I saw the guy in front of me right now, I would probably go to jail.
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Category: buffalo

07/30/06 05:28 - 81ºF - ID#32710

Garden Walk Day

We went on the garden walk, see (e:matthew,761) for better pics.


My favorite gardens were the ones in the West Village which is kind of at the end of Prospect near downtown.

The ice cream truck was there the whole time.


Afterwards we hid out at Globe Market

This guy must be so warm with so many dreads

Has anyone ever eaten these chocolates. Lemon Pepper Chocolate?



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Category: body

07/30/06 01:37 - 80ºF - ID#32709

Clean Shaven

(E:terry) asked if I would shave my mustache for once so I decided to try it out. Then I was like, what does my cin look like? I mean I don't think I saw it since I was 17. Maybe once, so I ended up shaving my whole face and then I was like, why not just freakin' shave my head.

So here I am, as close to Mr. Clean as I am ever gonna get.

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Category: web

07/29/06 11:41 - 74ºF - ID#32708

Robot Eating Candid Frat Boys

I like to make robots that do random tedious tasks for me. to It's a great way to feel in control of your life. Sometime they are really complicated to build because of the security and protections that people create to make Mr. Robot have a hard time eating his web food. This one was really easy to make. In fact I included to source code minus the gallery URL so that you can see how it works.

This journal includes random male nudity provided by the internet, so just stop now if you are someone or somewhere that should not be/does not want to be involved in that.

Someone left 217 galleries (11,379 images) of mobile phone/candid pictures of men at frat hazing, in speedos, drunk out of their minds, at the lockeroom, at the nude beach, mooning, showing off, playing sports, camping, in a sauna, at mardi gras, peeing on the street, at stag parties, in amsterdam, etc available for Mr. FratBot to eat.

It's almost what you would consider "guys gone wild." But frankly, more it's also kind of "guys gone normal" because it is a lot more "normal" for guys to do get crazy than girls.

I decided to include Mr. robots guts here in case it helps anyone else out getting started building their own robots. Of course robots do not need to only eat scandalous picture, you can try applying this to some ordinary web tasks as well.

I a removing the actual URL of the gallery to prevent them from getting hit too many times. If you really need it, you could always email me.

I can translate the code for you a bit into english. It says, "Don't worry - I am someone using Internet Explorer not a robot. I a just going to loop through your overly simplex file structure and eat every image that you site has. Mr. Robot eats.

Don't scroll past the code box if you don't want to see a sample of the robots collection.

echo "starting...".date('m/d/y h:i:s')."n";


class eatFratBoys{
    public $baseUrl = 'http://OMMITTED_FOR_THEIR_SAKE';
    public $serial=0;
    public $begin_gallery=1;
    public $end_gallery=217;
    public $current_image;
    public $opts;
    public $context;
    public $debug =0;
    public $directory ="pics0";
    function __construct(){
        $this->serial = count(glob($this->directory."/*.jpg"));
        echo date('m/d/y h:i:s');
        $this->time_start = microtime(true);
        $this->opts = array(
            'header'=>"Accept-language: enrn" .
         "User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)rn"
        $this->context = stream_context_create($this->opts);
            echo $this->current_gallery;

    function eatImages(){
            $pic = $this->baseUrl.'/'.$this->current_gallery.'/pic/'.sprintf("%02d", $this->current_image).'.jpg';
            if (($fp = fopen($pic, "r", false, $this->context))) {
                $meta = stream_get_meta_data($fp);
                if($meta['wrapper_data'][8] == "Content-Type: image/jpeg"){
            } else {
                echo "nError loading image:".$pic;
    function savePic($pic){
        file_put_contents($this->directory."/".$this->serial.".jpg", file_get_contents($pic));
        $report = "n".$this->current_gallery.",".$this->current_image;
        file_put_contents("report.txt", $report, FILE_APPEND);
        echo $report;
    function __destruct(){
        echo "nending...".date('m/d/y h:i:s')."n";
        $total_time = (microtime(true)-$this->time_start);
        echo "nTook a total of ".$total_time.' seconds';

$grabImages = new eatFratBoys();


I'll add comentary for fun.

Who had the camera in this place whatever it is?

Artistic Takes



Of course there were hundreds of at the computer with web cam pics. I wonder if this guy even knew anyone was recording his web cam.

Lots of farting on drunk guys heads. I am glad I never get this drunk, but (e:terry) does and I have an idea for next time now, lol.

Just when you think no one saw it.




Random crowd pics.

Random sporting feats.

Of course lots and lots of mardi gras.

Enough mooning pics to make a werewolf howl, lol. This one seems particularly and outrageously dangerous.



What do you think the story behind this one is?

Are they fighting or is it some frat initiation game.

Fuck waiting in line.

Now peeing in a line, thats another story. There are about 150 of those.

Even sadam gets peed on.

Is this what the pro lockeroom is like. I suppose those sportscaster ladies have it good.

Isn't that a foul of some sort?

What can this be about besides being drunk.

Go team, there are so many of these that I wonder if it is normal.


Lots of dorm room craziness

And lots of showing boners hidden behind clothes.

There were lots of automobile pics. I picked the silliest ones to share. But there were hundreds of just like random dude, proud of his car/body.


And from the nascar collection


Mac, making you hard, mile after mile, haha.


I think this one is the funiest of all. They look so scary and mean but then together they look like stuffed animals. Does the bulldozer do something for soeone, because there were lots of men on bulldozer pics?

You don't get to see any of the more hardcore ones, sorry.
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Category: food

07/28/06 07:04 - 70ºF - ID#32707

Fried Poop = Golden Ball

Fried Poop
My co-worker who is from China and has a thick accent just told me in Asia they have a delicacy which is made of fresh poop from young girls. At first I though I was totally misunderstanding him and was kind of embarassed that I though he was saying poop.

Then I realized he was in fact saying poop. Apparently, he told me it is not just the poop of young girls but young boys too. The picture from some asian newspaper talking about it looked like that thing that (e:soyeon) freaked out about where the eat the sushi off a girl. Accept this time they were eating her fried poop off of her. Anyways, I laughed for about 2 hours. He said in english it is translated to Golden Ball.
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Category: housing

07/28/06 06:34 - 78ºF - ID#32706

Harris Beach = Bad Service for Me

I am so dissatisfied with our lawyer at Harris Beach . She never gets back to me and never answer the questions I have. There page looks all flashy and their office is nice but pretty much I have never gotten a real lawyer, just a paralegal, and one who seems always too busy for me to inconvenience her into doing her job. If we weren't on such a stringent timeline i would just pay them off and get a new lawyer.

We talk to the seller asking for a final closing date after they missed the July 11th one and are now talking about missing the Aug 1st one. Seller flips out and decides to not talk with us anymore.

WED morning - Talk to the lawyer
She says she is nervous because she still hasn't received the search which she expected weeks ago and asks me to tell her ASAP if she wants me to declare time is of the essence.

Hey, just got the search we are getting closer..

Are we in a position to cancel the deal at this point? What are the legal rammifications for that?

If it cannot be done sooner, go ahead and give a time is of the essence for aug 8th. I don't understand why we would have to wait until the 8th with Time is of the Essence. Could you not issue it now since we were supposed to close on July 11th? I did not officially agree to even Aug 1st, he just sort of demanded it as a date when he could move out by, the same way he said Aug 4th now.

This is so totally frustrating because he is not talking with us since his bizarre freakout yesterday, which it makes it impossible to find out any information from now on.

Perhaps, we should schedule a meeting with attorneys present? Does that seem appropriate?

Thank for your time,

I'm sorry , I think our emails crossed. As soon as I sent mine I saw yours. That is good news. What does it mean exactly?

THURS 3:35PM ME TO LAWYER - with a multitude of calls in between that all ended up at voicemail

How will we go about finding out when he expects to close? Is he saying he 4th now, or is it still up in the air. Is there anything else that you need from either party in order to close besides the date?

Thanks for your time,
Paul Visco

FRI - Morning till about 1PM. I call, I call, I call, finally I get through to her, she picks up the phone and says, "I am really busy right now I am going to have to call you back."

No Call Back.

I realize you are a busy woman, but I would appreciate a return message as I have been trying to contact you since wednesday - and at this point and now it is already the weekend.

I would also appreciate an answer to the questions I asked you on wednesday.

1. What is the situation now that we have the search?

2. Do we need any other documentation from either party, or at this point are we just waiting on him to move out?

3. Is the closing date Aug 4th? How do we find out when the closing date will be without him talking to us?

4. Do we need to schedule a meeting with our attorney's present.

Paul Visco
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Category: food

07/27/06 10:06 - 77ºF - ID#32705 pmobl

Long Stem Artichokes

Wegmans had long stem artichokes on sale for two for $3.00. I have never seen such huge, nice artichokes or long stem ones for that matter.


I am gonna cook them tonight.

The cherries were deliciou and huge too. Must be gentech. The were also reasonably prices for about the first time this summer.

I never though I would owe my parents so much money. I doubt they expected to get that much as one lump sum when we paid them back.


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Category: housing

07/25/06 08:03 - 76ºF - ID#32704

Letter to the Lawyer

The entry before this kind of explains what happend.

I tried to contact you today by phone but they said you were out of the office.

Last week we met with the seller of 24 Linwood and he agreed to closing on Aug 1st. Since then we have tried to contact him several times to check on the status of everything and he has avoided our calls. Today we stopped by the property and he gave us this new story about how it was now Aug 4th that he would start moving. Unfortunately, he could not guarantee that as a closing date either. He actually freaked out when we asked him to settle on an official date, and tried to blame the whole thing on us not doing everything in time, which has not been the case.

I have repeatedly asked him why he signed the contract with the July 11th closing date all the way back in early June if he was not going to be able to meet that deadline. He said in reality he had expected to close sometime in September and that the closing date of July 11th is meaningless. As everytime we have spoke he says, that if I was not so naive in the purchasing of houses, I would know the closing it is just an arbitrary date with no meaning.

I had finally persuaded our landlord to allow us to stay until the 15th. I cannot extend this further and I cannot risk that we move out the same day we move in as I am highly alergic to the house in its current state and we also need time to move. I want to take possesion of the property ASAP.

I would like to declare time is of the essence at this point. What does declaring Time is of The Essence require and what are the consequences of him failing to leave the property after that.

Is there any hope of getting in by Aug 1st?

Thank your for your time.

Paul Visco
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