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Category: hiking

11/06/04 03:02 - ID#31396 pmobl

Leaving the Bubble

We left the bubble to go hiking with dave in East Aurora. We aren't far from our bubble but far enough to see a pickup that said I belong to the NRA and I vote. He was wearing army clothes and had defeat Kerry stickers too.


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11/06/04 02:41 - ID#31395 pmobl

Ringing For Soyeon

I took this picture with my phone while ringing (e:soyeon) 's doorbell. I liked the way it came out. So many choices to press.

I am going to start a site for lowres mobile photography when I have a free evening. I am really beginning to like the aesthetic of low res. I even have an orignal gameboy cam. Anyone else interested?

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11/05/04 09:20 - ID#31394

This radio station is so good

If you like techno than check out this station it is the best ever. It is someone [inlink]paul,1872[/inlink] who (e:terry) knew from Las Vegas's station .
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11/05/04 03:40 - ID#31393 pmobl

Laundry Day

(e:terry) and I are doing laundry today at the Village Laundry across from Wilson's Farms. Doing laundry sucks, terry called me lazy, stupid, and useless.


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11/05/04 03:21 - ID#31392 pmobl

Sunny Elmwood

It's beautiful and sunny today on elmwood, even if it is only 40 degrees out. Check out the natural lens flare.

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11/04/04 05:10 - ID#31390

Cheer Up Soyeon


Dear Soyeon,
This is a good song about freinds that lots of Americans know. Maybe you know it too. anyways, this one goes out to you.


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11/04/04 09:45 - ID#31389

I love teaching web design

It makes me happy to be a teacher again. Ironically, I had to teach video for the last two weeks and it made me want to die. I felt such a total lack of interest although I tried to keep it real. This time around I dropped Dreamweaver and we all started out by just opening the notepad and typoing XHTML and little javascripts with css styling till their brains burst.
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11/04/04 02:25 - ID#31388 pmobl

Busy Business

Globe Market is the busiest business on elmwood these days. So busy in fact, that the chatter sounds like a cafeteria.


(e:mike) and I go there every Thursday for lunch. Today I had the chicken noodle soup and a half Turkey with cranberry mayo sandwich. It is my favorite place since Jimmy Mac's shut down.

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11/04/04 02:23 - ID#31387

Twisted Makes Me Dance

I added a new musical tune to my sidekick for when (e:twisted) signs on. It's called tres penas brancas and sounds like this. I recorded it here so that I can always remember this long after the sidekick is dead.


It makes it fun when she signs on, even if we don't end up chatting. By the way sidekicks are now free on amazon
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11/04/04 01:16 - ID#31386

On a less serious note

This is so ridiculous, they have come out with a fake cell-phone for children. Here is a review of the product from Wildchild's Mom found at No matter how much I love cell phones, this one makes me laugh.

Our 15-month-old son has had this phone for months now, and it has been absolutely perfect for him! Our friends have been so impressed with it that several have asked where to buy one, and one friend even tracked it down for purchase elsewhere when was temporarily out of stock. The sounds are very clear without being obnoxious, and there are many varied ringers, tones, songs, etc for each number button. The recording function produces a crisp, clear, loud voice that our son can easily recognize. He loves to flick the little bug and cause the wheel to spin, and looking at "baby" in the mirror is always fun for him. The fact that it is a flip-phone is a big plus, since it matches Mommy's mobile phone. One side note: I thought the light-up antenna was broken at first, but turns out it only lights when the record button is depressed. Still pretty cool, but worth mentioning if you are expecting the antenna to light all the time. We have had zero mechanical problems with this phone, and the batteries are still going strong, despite constant use. Highly recommend!

Does anyone else recognize this product as a marketing gimmick to make children want cell phones as soon as they can have them. I think it is also dangerous.

He are some links to interesting information about cell phones from the FDA


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