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Category: linux

12/19/11 01:44 - ID#55772

And this is why fedora rules...

Because only supports and includes free and open source software. No proprietary programs are included in Fedora. That way things like this cannot happen the way they do in ubuntu I would so much rather have openJDK and have to install Sun java myself if I needed it then have it available from the OS vendor and have to worry about license changes removing it on it me. Here is why Fedora does not include specific proprietary software
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Category: nature

12/18/11 10:23 - ID#55768 pmobl

Why did someone kill these massive trees

I just can't understand what happend to these two tree near Franklin and Allen. Does anyone know?



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Category: dancing

12/18/11 10:15 - ID#55767

Fun night dancing at dnipro Get Down Solstice! party

The Get Down Solstice! event at dnipro was a blast. I haven't danced so hard in so long. I hope there will more events like it to follow. The DJ that played the Andy C 1995 syrous set made my night. The walk home at 5am was only 15 minutes. They had 4 dance areas with 23 DJs playing different genres. My favorite was the drum and bass in the attic but the best dancefloor was in the main hall.

I couldn't find any pictures or reviews online but I saw so many people with cameras. I wish I had taken more. If anyone has some, tell me where to find them.






Some videos from youtube
Overview of the party. It was a fund raiser for a native american group

DJ Jelo

Here was the linup, I stole this list from


JELO - Toronto On -




ODI - NYC (Digital Konfusion, Konkrete Jungle, BFM NYC)

HOOGS - Digital Terror - Rochester Ny

THE HEKTIC KREW - Toronto, Ontario

STICKBUBBLY - Toronto, Ontario
The Business, Hektic krew, King Pin Recordings

Rapid Fire Records (Can), Cyntax erros (Uk), dreadnaught digital (Uk), Sound Solution records (Usa), Digital terror (Usa), Frozen o’s (B.C. Can)

Fan Page

SWICKED! - Toronto ON
The Business, Hektic krew, all around badmon







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Category: pets

12/18/11 08:53 - ID#55766 pmobl

happier with two lights

The tortoises seem way happier now that they are not fighting over one basking lamp. They actually sit next to each other.

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Category: shopping

12/18/11 08:50 - ID#55765 pmobl

Rolled Coins?

Really, people try and pay often enough with rolls of coins as the gourmet chef store at the mall that they need a sign?

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Category: life

12/17/11 06:03 - ID#55759

Paul is a boring boy

I need to do something besides computer programming. Its all I am interested in besides outdoors (which sucks right now) and dancing.

Luckily, tonight is a dance event at Dnipro. Get Down Solstice! @ Dnipro Ukrainian Center I saw it listed on the Buffablog music site.

Get Down Solstice! is a fundraiser for the local Native American organization, Neto. It is a unique event featuring musical acts and DJs from Toronto, New York City, and from Buffalo. It is a loaded event for a good cause that is taking place at the Dnipro Ukrainian Center at 562 Genesee St.

I wish I had more to say. Maybe I will actually get some pictures to post.
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Category: games

12/16/11 11:00 - ID#55754 pmobl

The wii

In a desperate attempt to play wii games I just risked all of our lives driving to Walmart in cheektovegas at 10:42, top speed to try and make it there by 11. We made it just before they closed. I dropped the guys off at the front door and they slid in as the security dude was locking it up. By the time I parked to doors were locked.

Like 5 years ago my parents gave me a gift card for one that I never could use because they were out of them for like year. I ended up using the money on other crap. I guess its like pre paid if you think about it that way.



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Category: holidays

12/16/11 10:49 - ID#55751 pmobl

St. Patricks Day

I was at Ulrichs last night for their Christmas party and I saw the St. Patrick's countdown is down to about ~90 days. Usually, St Patrick's marks the start of spring for me. I mean, how many times have we been in teeshirts then, and it hasn't even snowed yet. So I figure winter can't be that bad this year even if it starts getting shitty now.

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Category: alcohol

12/15/11 09:39 - ID#55743 pmobl

Here is some alcohol you can really hate on

And this is why bootleg is bad:

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Category: apple

12/14/11 02:09 - ID#55733

Apple - I still hate you

So I got an ipad today through work that I am going to use to test web/app dev for ipad.

1. Why still no file upload in the freakin browser. Even my old nokia bar flip phones could do that. Basically, apple just wants revenue on the apps and by not allowing upload you basically cripple web apps from being all that relevant forcing people to develop app store apps.


2. While I can probably use a corporate dev account for work stuff, if I wanted to dev anything like an app to match the android one , I would need to spend $99 to become a developer. This isn't a one time fee, it's $99/year. That is such a rip off. Android market place publication privileges is a one time fee of $25 and you could avoid that if you just wanted to make the app available from your own website instead of the marketplace. And furthermore there are competing marketplaces like amazon's which will keep the prices low.

I mean in this case I just want to develop a free app (like the android one) that allows you to upload pics and other content to your blog. I have to keep paying $99/year?

Just as I was thinking about getting another mac as a dev laptop (for lightness sake) I came across this anger from the evening. Instead I just bought another SSD for the Dell.
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