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Category: history

10/15/11 04:03 - ID#55307

Old Documents

Today, (e:Terry) and I are cleaning out the office and found all kinds old CDs with data going back into the late 90s. Its so interesting to see how much I documented and saved. I really don't do that at all anymore because every company has online services but back then I scanned and saved everything.

Here is a note from our old landlord saying I was a good tenant. I thought I would have needed it someday.


Back in the day when (e:Terry) and I lived in Germany we had to hike to a castle for class project. We had a long journey and this was before mobile internet. I carried a pad and paper with me and we decided to try and come up with a comprehensive list of all of the television shows we remembered. When we got back I typed it up on my blueberry ibook.


Wow, (e:terry) just found the originals.



Back in the day my email was - when is the last time you saw an email with so many subdomains.

My old phone bills from Germany, you know, just in case.

At that same time I downloaded so much crap from the internet via hotline. It was an irc/warez/ftp software so downloading before torrents. Its amazing how much crap I collected including everything that I considered secret or underground like making bombs, stealing cable, hacking software and phones, etc. Clearly I did not make bombs and I never stole cable but I think I downloaded it all just because the internet was new to me and I thought the information would go away once the government cracked down on it. Really that never happend but I was a paranoid person.


An email from (e:terry) to our friend Jörg after we got back to Ameria.

One of the first website I made was for a group called Parents Anonymous.
I can't believe how ugly this was. It was when I first discovered the web as it was for community service for a scholarship that I made it.
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Category: web

10/15/11 11:40 - ID#55305

12 year olds driving on drugs

I was reading this article called "Pot smoking may more than double crash risk" on USA Today's website this morning

It seems obvious that driving while high is dangerous. Anyhow, the part that struck me was this:

A large U.S. survey in 2009 estimated that more than 10 million people aged 12 and over had driven while under the influence of illicit drugs in the previous year.

Why are 12 year old driving, much less driving on drugs!?!

Studies like this are so stupid. I can't believe people waste money on this, if there was any government funding it is even more outrageous but my guess is the funding was done by insurance companies.

I love the really awesome discoveries.

And the response was dose-specific, the authors said. That is, the more marijuana smoked -- in terms of frequency and potency -- the greater the likelihood of a crash.

Wow, what a freakin surprise. You mean the more drugs you consume, the more they affect you? That seems so surprising. I wonder how much these people were paid for this stupid study.
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Category: programming

10/15/11 03:09 - ID#55303

switch to git?

I spent the evening moving my surebert repos from svn to git on github. After reading a lot of the git pro book I feel comfortable using it and the speed working with local repos is nice but there are a few things that stress me out.

The one thing that I hate/love is that tags do not actually exist as materialized files. One one hand this saves a ton of space. The repos are an tremendously smalller than in svn. I can export when needed but I liked having all of the tags in a repo for surebert because then I deploy all of the tags separately on the server and let the programmers link by defining the base path in their app. This was so easy before as I would just set the servers to sync the tags directory so that any time new tags were made, they were available immediately on all the servers.

If I like it maybe I will move more of my bizillion repos over. Thanks to the creators of svn2git
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Category: pets

10/14/11 11:07 - ID#55299 pmobl

So allergic to Timothy Hay

I started trying to work hay back into the tortoises diet so they can be ready for winter. Orchard grass is okay but Timothy Hay sends me over the edge. I broke out in hives and had to use my inhaler. That was at noon. I still can't breathe at 11pm. I think I am going to have to throw it out and switch to grass instead.



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Category: linux

10/11/11 11:48 - ID#55282

Fedora 17 gets a name - Beefy Miracle

I really need to start participating in these votes.

Votes :: Name

1182 :: Beefy Miracle
1035 :: Liege
881 :: Never
791 :: Gernsback
641 :: Rocky Ripple
628 :: Alpharabius
550 :: Panguipulli
505 :: Tubeteika
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Category: food

10/11/11 11:25 - ID#55281 pmobl

NoNoo Ramen Bar

The other, while on a walk with zooey we came across the sign for a new Ramen Bar on Elmwood. I cannot wait until it opens. It is right over by Bistro Europa aand the new TeeShirt store. I sense two favorite restaurants about to be on the same block.



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Category: biking

10/11/11 11:19 - ID#55280 pmobl

Biking in South Buffalo

Went on a nice biketide with (e:james) and (e:terry) on Sunday. This is where I thought the drawbridge would come in handy, although this time we cut across the railroad tracks which shortened the trip a bit.


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Category: pets

10/11/11 11:14 - ID#55279 pmobl

Tortoise Underground

Tortoise B is a much better digger than Basra. I guess Basra was good when he was younger. Maybe once your shell is big enough you font care anymore.


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Category: buffalo

10/10/11 04:26 - ID#55275

Pedestrian Draw Bridge To Unite Buffalo Inner and Outer Harbor

I am so tired of having to go all the freaking way around to around Dug's dive to get to the outer harbor. Sure, if you are in a car, the way over the skyway is convenient and quick, but for pedestrians and bicyclists, the path all the way around is long, industrial at best, and grueling. Especially for pedestrians.

It so annoying when you finally arrive at the outer harbor and you can see the inner harbor and downtown buffalo are about 200 ft away but about an hours walk back. I understand that building a chicago street auto bridge would be expensive but why not a tiny pedestrian draw bridge.

After extensive searching I found a place with a similar project in Duisberg, Germany and they did build a pedestrian draw bridge

The sign starts out saying, "When you want to open up a once industrial harbor for the people, you need to build a bridge..." I think that sums up exactly what we need here in the Buffalo harbor. I wonder what it would take to get such a project started.

The sign continues on to say that bridge was the idea of Stuttgart Professor Jörg Schlaich and that he worked with the Duisburger Firm Stahlbau Raulf.

Missing Image ;(

Here are some more pictures from the wikipedia article.

I am also willing to settle for an even less expensive zip line, lol.
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Category: mobile

10/09/11 11:27 - ID#55274 pmobl

Droid Incredible Screen Repair

(E:mike)'s phone broke last march or somewhere thereabouts right after he got it. The screen was totally shattered and he has used it with a piece of tape across it ever since, making it so difficult to read. For his birthday in August I ordered a new screen from China with the hopes of repairing it.

It was super smashed up.

Finally, tonight we had some time together and I repaired it.


The only real tricky part was removing the old glass which was glued down really well. Many of the videos I saw online involved lots of cracking and scraping but one guy mentioned heating the screen up with a hairdryer to soften the adhesive and it totally worked. It got super hot and just melted right out. It also left the adhesive in a sticky reusable state. The phone which costs $500 to replace according to verizon ended up only costing $20 for the new glass and $400 in shipping and my labor, saving (e:Mike) a full $80.


There is one tiny little spec of black I left under the screen but mike didn't want me to take more time, so he left it that way.

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