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Category: web

08/20/11 10:46 - ID#54980

Schleswig-Holstein doesn't "like" facebook

I find this interesting. The state in germany where I went to college has banned the facebook like button from being used on any website served within its borders due to data privacy issues,

The German State of Schleswig-Holstein has ordered all state sites to remove Facebook's "like" button. Sites that fail to comply could face fines of up to 50,000 euros, or about $72,000.

Schleswig-Holstein's data protection commissioner, Thilo Weicher, ordered the shutdown after an analysis by his office showed that Facebook builds profiles of users and non-users alike with the "like" button's data. Because such data collection violates Germany's data protection laws, Weicher has given websites operated in Schleswig-Holstein until September 30th to remove all "like" buttons.

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Category: youth

08/19/11 11:56 - ID#54975 pmobl

Children of the corn

Its only a matter of time before they get here.

KANSAS CITY, Mo (Reuters) - The weekend shooting of three teenagers at a large late-night "flash mob" gathering prompted local authorities to pass an ordinance on Thursday that sets curfews as early as 9 p.m. for people under age 18.

At the urging of Mayor Sly James, the Kansas City Council passed the ordinance 13-0, allowing police to issue citations to parents whose children violate the curfew. Parents can be fined up to $500 per violation.

Three youths aged 13 to 16 were injured by apparently random gunshots at about 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night in an upscale shopping and restaurant district called Country Club Plaza.

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Category: pets

08/19/11 04:26 - ID#54973

Jimdo - Get Your Tortoise

(e:Tinypliny) and I were investigating online store/web software and I decided to test it out by selling shitty tortoises. Get yours for $4.00, 3-5 days shipping. Flies included, get em while they're hot.

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Category: health

08/17/11 09:32 - ID#54964 pmobl

Brain eating Amoeba now in virginia

The brain eating amoeba found in fresh water is now in virginia. This is why I only like to swim in swift moving water and deep water.

A nine-year-old Virginia boy has become the second child in the U.S. to die this month after being infected by a dangerous freshwater amoeba, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Tuesday.

The boy, identified by family members as Christian Strickland, died Aug. 5. An autopsy found the death had been caused by primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, which occurs after the amoeba enters the brain.

The Richmond boy's death comes roughly a week after Florida girl Courtney Nash, 16, was killed by the same parasite, which is commonly found in lakes and rivers.

Christian's mother, Amber Strickland, said he had been dunked in an unidentified body of water during a fishing camp he attended the week before he died. She told the Times-Dispatch she believes that is when he took in the contaminated water.

"He went from playing video games to being brain dead," she said.

The disease, which cannot be transmitted person-to-person, spreads rapidly and usually results in death within days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health officials say that while the amoeba is rarewith just 32 infections in the U.S. from 2001 to 2010it does increase in summer months when the water temperature rises.

Christian's death marked the first amoeba death in Virginia since 1969.

According to the Mayo Clinic Website, Naegleria infection begins within one to two weeks of exposure to the amoeba, and symptoms can include a change in the sense of smell or taste, fever, sudden headache, nausea, vomiting, confusion and loss of balance. The symptoms can progress rapidly and typically lead to death within three to seven days.

Anyone who experiences these symptoms after swimming should seek medical attention immediately.

Click here to re

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Category: mobile

08/17/11 12:51 - ID#54961

Thank God For Unlimited Data

Well, we all kept or grandfathered unlimited data plan from AT&T although up until now we never used it. Until now that is. (e:matthew) finally crossed over into the almost 8GB range for monthy broadband usage. I think the faster the phone, the nice the screen the more you use.

I am trying to at least play pandora more to get my money's worth. I barely ever use 1GB and I never even turn wifi on.

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Category: pets

08/15/11 03:12 - ID#54948 pmobl

The Shittiest Pet Ever

I saw the tortoise we freaking out as his face was covered with flies. Turns out the flies were there because the stupid tortoise went to town on some wild cat diarrhea. He stank so bad that even after I hosed him down he was covered in flies. I hate cats. I wish they would all die.

I don't understand why he likes cat poop so much. Its not like cats have any bit similar diet. Right now he is on his way back hunting for more.

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Category: wemf

08/15/11 12:34 - ID#54947

Wemf 2011 Videos from youtube

Although I am not a huge fan of dubstep, Skrillex's set was pretty awesome.

I found another skrillex video in 1080HD

His new track released at WEMF

Andy C - definitely my favorite DJ ever. Someone uploaded 19 minutes of HD video. Its really impossible to tell what the music sounded like in the video. In fact it sounds like just a mess of noise but in reality it all was very cohesive, just the baseline is pretty impossible to pick up in a video.

Andy C part 2

On friday night I really had fun listening to friction but I swear he played the Andy C set from a 1995 Syrous show in its entirety. According to the WEMF site, "As a teenager Friction was busy playing and promoting events in Brighton when he began collaborating with local producers Stakka & K-Tee who were heavily involved in Andy C’s Ram Records label. " So maybe he made the music in the first place.

Jungle Sounds - this set was really fun to dance to. I love that the person who recorded this, recorded it upside down.

Calvin Harris on another stage

And finally my own video of (e:terry) dancing at wemf 2011. I just wish I had a better recording device than my 2 year old phone.

We totally missed Killabits because we had to run back to the tent to save our phones from the downpour.

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Category: music

08/15/11 11:00 - ID#54945

The Tornado Rave 1995

I swear whenever I tell this story I feel like people think I am exaggerating but at Destiny 10 in 1995 - the start of Destiny's 3-day music festivals there was a tornado. We were in our tent and it lifted up and flew into a van nearby. It was full on scary.

July 14, 15, 16 - 1995 - First Annual World Trance Festival

Now referred to as "The Tornado Rave", the first Destiny 3 day event was held at Mosport Racetrack and was tested with a small Tornado on the Friday night that brought down the soundsystems and literately sent ravers flying.
The sound was put back together to form one stage and the party continued the rest of the weekend. !

I stole there ticket image from the toronto jungle site.

Wow, times have changed what cost $45 then cost $175 now. granted the talent is bigger and the setup is much more elaborate.
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Category: web

08/14/11 08:34 - ID#54943

Violent Flash Mobs?

I can't even believe this is real. There is now a 9PM curfew in Philladelphia for teens under age 18 after a series of violent and crime driven flashmobs fueled by social media?!!

Part of me wants to side with it being ridiculous to force curfews on all teens because of some bad ones and to blame the media for sensationalizing this as flashmobs when really its just organized crime. I mean I used to hate it when the police would harass us for being outside at night when we were teens. On the other hand, we didn't rob stores, well at least not as an organized mobs - we may have mis-weighed bulk food a little here or there.

All joking aside, the media is making this seem slightly terrifying. Its hard to tell what's real and what's not as you can cut facts and video any way you want. I wish I knew someone there.

Here is some actual footage from that. While it looks like a robbery, it doesn't look particularly violent

Yet, the mayor seems to believe it now.

Here are some mobile videos from the evening that seem to be a little more balanced. Strangely, there is barely anything violent in the video which makes me question if the media is sensationalizing the issue. You could easily recut these into a news story that was totally against excessive police force. It just depends how you want to spin it.

Part 1 - I love the long haired white kid at 8:00 who sings about the police treating people like shit.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Here it is cut up to make those video's seem way more crazy violent on Fox News.

At the end of vide one some surely white guy comments and says "Show me one video of a white flash mob" The thing is there are hundreds if not thousands of them but they are dancing. I hope the action here and in Britain doesn't replace the term flash mob in our cultural vocabulary to mean some scary and violent.

This korean news is hillarious, holy crap

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Category: accidents

08/14/11 08:17 - ID#54942

Vodka Blimp Crashes

I think the vodka blimp from (e:tinypliny,54868) just crashed into a 94 year old woman's house. I hope they gave her a free lifetime supply.

The blimp advertises Hangar 1 Vodka and is on a tour of about 20 cities under the direction of an Orlando, Fla.-based airship advertiser called The Lightship Group, said Toby Page, the group's marketing director. The blimp won't make its next planned stop in Detroit on Thursday.... Asked whether she might try the vodka, Bernhagen joked that she might need a drink after such a ruckus.

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