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Category: android

07/17/10 06:21 - 76.ºF - ID#52212

Android Mobile App 1.05

The mobile app now allows you to take a picture with the camera directly. Previously you could select the select pics button and go to the camera from the gallery but that seemed to only work on froyo. I tested it on my nexus one and it works. Hopefully, it will work on the moto phones too, although, there are a lot of bug reports about their camera functionality - so who knows. Next step maybe, record audio directly to your blog.

On a related front, it now should handle the rotation issue with moto images. What was happening was this. In order to send the pics to estrip from the mobile app, I first resize them on the phone as it would take forever to send 5-8MP images. The problem is that my nexus one truly rotates images when rotated, while the moto droid line seems to just set the EXIF_ORIENTATION bit to the rotation desired. I get why they do this, the problem is that the android resize functions strips out the EXIF data. So I was stuck with the problem of having no EXIF data to work with when it got to the server. Mind you I still think the whole store in EXIF data is a little sketchy as not all software supports it. Just try and look at one of those images in firefox for example, they are incorrectly rotated.

So to solve it I read the EXIF data before the resize and send the orientation information along with the packet to the server. I tested with some images from a droid and it worked good. Hopefully it will work for (e:heidi)'s droid X. (e:chris) told me facebook had the same issue. Really it seams to be a bug in androids bm.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, 100, outputStream); method.

You can get the update from the android marketplace.
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Category: linux

07/16/10 06:38 - 79.ºF - ID#52182

The fedora 14 wallpaper contest winning concept

I am going to start out and admit I am a total jerk for complaining now and at the same time not not realizing that this was going on before and participating by either designing or voting.

I especially hate that I did not vote because the wining design is such crap and it only won with 9 votes. Not like ahead by 9 votes but won with 9 votes. Seriously, like almost no one voted. The fact that it was made with blender, a open source 3d program should be a plus for an open OS, but I think the fact that it is so freakin basic, intro to 3D 101, that it will not only look bad for fedora, but bad for blender as well.

With only 9 votes, anyone and their 10 friends could have won.

Here is the link to the fedora wiki page about it with some of the other designs.


They are calling for designers to help turn it into the final wallpaper for the distribution but I think it is hopeless. I tried playing around with it and I can't find a way to work it in and not have it look like crap. Hopefully, some more brilliant designer can. Then again only a handful submitted and almost no one voted in the first place, ugh. I wish they could just have a revote.

This was the final design for the default for Fedora 13. Its hard to tell at this size but there were lots of stars.

I guess to be honest Linux is all about doing your own thing, so I am sure most people will switch wallpapers. Here is to hoping that someone can take that concept and make something salvageable out of it.

I like the fedora 13 one enough that I even use it on my nexus one.
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Category: pets

07/16/10 03:23 - 81.ºF - ID#52180 pmobl

watching the tortoise eat...

...makes me want to eat the tortoise. I think he was very thirsty because he just ate a 1/4 a melon.

Instead I get a bowl of clear chicken broth.





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Category: body

07/16/10 02:23 - 80.ºF - ID#52179

Not eating sucks

For my stupid crohn's checkup I cannot eat for 24 hours. Unfortunately, the last time I ate was lunch yesterday and then a bucket of movie popcorn that (e:enknot) bought on the way home from Thursday in the square.

Now I am starving. This is just about impossible. How on earth do people diet? I am so hungry that all I can think about are high calorie snacks. I have taken to chewing up potato chips and spitting them out.

Today is so totally wasted because I don't want to do anything that takes any energy as it will just make me hungrier. I can, however, drink clear liquids and found that the wegman's branch lechee ice tea is amazing.
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Category: thursday

07/15/10 05:43 - 86.ºF - ID#52177

Totally unrelated

My desk was actually under construction when I got back from lunch. They are blowing in insulation in the walls so I left early. I already put in way over forty hours which is hard to believe but seriously mon-wed I get my programming groove on.

I asked (e:lilho) for a contact photo for my phone. This is what she sent. This was "all she had on her phone."

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Category: weekend

07/15/10 05:26 - 86.ºF - ID#52176


I would so much rather be doing this today.


On saturday after my annual crohn's checkup. Luckily I have had no real crohn's symptoms since my appendix came out more than two years ago (e:paul,44050) It makes me wonder if it is time for a re-evaluation of the situation. I guess we will find out on saturday.

If all goes well I plan to head back out to brushwood for the giant fire. I totally took this picture from flickr user lizzie~belle Thank you person who look it. I will post one of my own if I go this weekend.


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Category: food

07/14/10 09:45 - 72.ºF - ID#52165 pmobl

Ate at cafe aroma for lunch

I did not know they had food before. My tuna panini was delicious as was the ricota stuffer baked lemon. thw lemon was only like $2 alone ir $1.75 as a side. The barista said the food changes all the time.


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Category: body

07/11/10 10:31 - 74.ºF - ID#52152

you cannot tell me carrot top is not on steroids.

I have this buddy who wants to look like him. I makes me throw up a little bit that carrot top would ever be a reference for what anyone wants to be. sorry, carrot top but you have taken the body modification thing too far and are starting to look like Marcia Cross and not in a good way.


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Category: beach

07/11/10 07:48 - 81.ºF - ID#52150 pmobl

At The beach

This is all out of order, but before I went to brushwood, I went to Bennett Beach with (e:terry), (e:libertad), (e:mike) and (e:matthew).

It was so nice and warm and wavy and the beach was open. While swimming we randomly saw (e:keith) not (e:keitht) in the water.

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Category: brushwood

07/11/10 05:36 - 80.ºF - ID#52148 pmobl

back at brushwood

I went back to brushwood with (e:enknot). It was awesome, I wanted to stay for the Sirius Rising and Summer festivals. Danced all night by a giant fire to drumming and a flute player and then spent an interesting night chatting with all kinds of crazy.

Snapped this pic Just before this cute blonde guy turned the corner returning from the shower. Last night he had on this awesome red robe, at that moment though he was skyclad. Someone said they heard that he was doing something with norse something or other. I wanted to ask him about it but I just mumbled hello as I found myself somehow shy/embarrassed looking at him walk by.



We also spent the evening in a hottub with some people from the Hash House Harriers where I met a bunch of people with very inappropriate names they had given each other.

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  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house
  • joe 09/12 01:54 well maybe the fall and setting up my computer again will get me to post regularly
  • sina 07/17 12:18 free upgrade to windows 10 till 29 Jul
  • joe 05/06 10:31 hey e:sina
  • sina 04/19 05:59 hi all

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