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Category: allentown

06/15/09 10:00 - 66ºF - ID#48983

Allentown Art Festival

Found these pics on my phone. The stretch down Allen heading
toward Allen west festival made me so claustrophobic.


The Lake Effect ice cream company out of lockport, NY had some amazing flavors. I had salty caramel and (e:james) had Guiness Stout. Strangely, they proofed him for the ice cream. I never saw someone proof before for food with alcohol as an ingredient.

They also have a facebook page and a commercial. They could really use a better commercial.

I was hoping to win the Vespa below. I bet $5, (e:Jim) bet $20. I guess
neither of us won, either that or he is keeping it a secret. The
money went to Theatre of Youth. The inside of their theatre on allen
was really nice. Someone said it used to be a porn theatre in the
80s. Can anyone verify that?

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06/14/09 05:13 - 73ºF - ID#48976 pmobl

Cheap pot

I know what you are thinking, not that. These are really nice clay
pots at wegmans for 1.99.
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Category: food

06/14/09 02:30 - 73ºF - ID#48973

Reptiles are where I draw the line

Watching the cook slide his greasy hands through the blackend fat
chunks of alligator to separate it from the meat made me want to make my own kind chunks.

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Category: church of the ascension

06/14/09 12:51 - 70ºF - ID#48971 pmobl

The Church of the Ascension parking

I guess the church people just have a love for parking on grass. Look
how much they already extended their strip of gravel by putting rocks
over the grass they ripped up parking on it. I wonder how far it's
gonna go. The more they park on the grass, the more torn up it gets,
the more of a parking lot they have.

Soon they will gravel over the whole thing. I mean look it's not even
a freakin straight line. The end is at a 15 degree angle into the

At least they have less cars than yesterday (e:paul,48965)

When we first moved in they only had a 3.5 foots strip that they kept parking over. Now its a full 5-6 foot area. Notice only 3.5 foot of skirt is on their property which means they use ours or just drive over the grass.

Church of the Ascension by Walter Braua, Warden To Donald J. Mayer
Warranty Deed Dated January 31, 2002

...the grantor (church) reserves for itself not its successors, heirs or assigns, the right to continue to have unobstructed access over that portion of the above described premises which are be conveyed herein, which portion is specifically described as "Stone Drive" on the attached survey made by Foit-Albert Associated dated December 7th, 2001, Job No. 01-23062 for the purpose of providing ingress and egress from Linwood Avenue in the grantors remaining property, which is adjacent to and contiguous to the conveyed premises and this reservation of rights shall not be a covenant that runs with he land and does not bind all successors, heirs, or assigns of grantee .

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06/14/09 01:10 - 57ºF - ID#48968 pmobl

And reach

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Category: parking

06/13/09 06:14 - 68ºF - ID#48965

The parking lot at the church

Seriously, today the priest next store parked on the church's lawn.
Followed by other people. Just as I predicted before it looks like a parking lot through the window. Now they have two rows and are right over the lawn.

Who parks on a lawn? Are these people from the country or what? When the priest does it on dance camp day it really send the wrong message about parking etiquette. He always tries to tell me he is so against illegal parking, whatevs.

The frustrating part is they drive over our driveway to get there.


However, the ridiculous part is there is parking on the street.
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06/13/09 05:05 - 68ºF - ID#48964 pmobl

They are everywhere

And they are so loud.

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06/13/09 04:56 - 68ºF - ID#48963 pmobl

Christian protestors at Allentown

Is there anything they won't protest?
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Category: testing

06/13/09 01:06 - 67ºF - ID#48957



Update: This bird in nest was one of my childhood art projects.
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Category: mobile

06/13/09 12:32 - 58ºF - ID#48920

Upside down photos from iphone 3.0 paste

I was so excited that you could copy and paste more than one picture into an iphone 3.0 email. But unfortunately, they come out upside down.

In gmail, the thumbnail looks fine but the actual image is upside down. This only happens when the image is copied from my gallery and pasted into an email. Argh. Hopefully, they fix that before the real GM?

Quartz does interpret it properly but here is the image, directly transfered from the iphone, dragged to firefox. I image that will be a problem for a lot of people.

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