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Category: food

03/24/06 10:32 - 32ºF - ID#32538

Roswell food paradise/new tool

I know I brag about the lunches at my work all the time but this one tops them all. A huge piece of salmon and veggies for $6.

We got new exercises at the gym, my arms are getting seriously buff but these are (e:terry)'s.
I am missing (e:matthew) while he is in Toronto. Who will I watch starek with.

On another note I am just about to release a really sweet foto rss feed maker for the non techy in ou. Simply title and comment on a photo attach it and poof, you have you very own rss feed with your latest photos, or other photos you want to write about.

It's another (e:strip) exclusive and should be released this weekend.


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Category: housing

03/24/06 12:02 - 33ºF - ID#32537

Buying a mansion

I want to buy a mansion. This one is in my price range and location requirements. Unfortunately, it is totally full nasty of cats. I guess it could be decontaminated but it would take about 6 months.

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Category: past

03/23/06 11:27 - 33ºF - ID#32536

The guy that introduced me and matt

Mike Glove, the guy on the left in the photo introduced (e:matthew) and I. I hope that is probably just a bad picture of him. I mean how can anyone look glamorous reaching for cake. We met when he took both of us to some ghetto hair extension market with him. I don't think we ever hung out with him again after that day. I wonder what he is doing now.


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Category: buffalo

03/23/06 06:09 - 35ºF - ID#32535

Infotech Niagara

I am at the infotech niagara show/thing at the convention center. The synacor people talked to me again about leaving my job. They said they hired Mike Cooke, one of my (not very reliable but talented) former students.

Nothing here is interesting. Geico, verizon. We didn't know we were supposed to have a stand.

This won best web site in western NY There is a serious problem with that because it is not the best web site by any means. It looks like a student project and has very little content.

At least the snacks are good.



Ingram micro was giving out fans. They were seriouslt the lmaest ever. They came with a screwdriver to open the battery pack, but unfortunately the screwdriver was the wrong size for the escrew. Why not a latch. They also doubled as a radio. Who needs a cell phone size mini fan/radio. What total crap!


The whole evening was pretty lame. It seemed like a bunch of people that paid a lot of money to be in a group to give each other awards. None of the people nominated were outside the group it seemed. At least the food was pretty good.

The only cool thing I learned was about a group called . They have compiled lots of useful health care data per hospital compared to state average. So you can see which hospital to go to and which ones not to go to. The devloper was showsing us the graphs and was like, if I was having a heart attack I wouldn't go to this one because its way off the charts. You would probably die.

Looking at the graphs and stars Kenmore Mercy looks like a bad choice for just about everything. Its funny that they are based on gold stars (e:dragonlady7,5)

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Category: web

03/23/06 04:32 - 35ºF - ID#32534

New Project

I am building a new Blog Feeder for roswell. It basically allows executives to write rss feeds with about one click. Those rss feeds, feed blogs on the main site. go XML!

Maybe I will adapt it for estip so that you can use it to publish your journals entries from it.

The colors are those of the new upcomming Roswell Park site.


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Category: body

03/23/06 12:27 - 32ºF - ID#32533

Roswell Food and haircut

So with the various job prospects around the corner, the real question is can anyone else compare with the food selection at Roswell. Today was stir fry day. That is my favorite at Roswell. They have all these veggies and you can make your own mix. THen they have tofu, steak, chicken and shrimp that you can mix and match with. Then they stir fry it with lomein noodles or rice and teryaki sauce or sweet and sour sauce.



Yesterday, I got really hungry and decided to see just how far I could push snack time. I wanted to eat more than two thousand calories just to see what it felt like to be a super fatass.

Here was my snack of over 2000 calories

Chocolate Milk ~420 calories

Combos ~1170 calories

Gummi Candies ~195 calories

Orange Juice ~240 calories

Necco Wafers - no pictures but around 300 calories

So like over 2000 calories it was for only about $7. Too bad it was such dicusting food. Combos taste good but they must be so sick for you.

My arm is much buffer now. I know you body builder types are saying what that is a stick but hey someday I will beat the shit out my worst enemy with it. Who are you worst enemy and how many more time do I have to press metal.


I cut off my crazy mad scientist hair. I went back to doing it myself. It takes 5 minutes instead of 2 hours.




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Category: work

03/22/06 05:22 - 33ºF - ID#32532

Decisions, decisions

This is like the tenth job offer this month but it is so hard to want to leave the benefits of being a state employee with long term job security.

The top of my semi-outdated ( I have made so much new stuff) says:

I am looking for a challenging full-time PHP/SQL/XML/JS/AJAX web programming/design job with benefits such as health insurance in my home town of Buffalo, NY. I have an amazing web development job in Buffalo, NY. Now I want one that pays me more than $50,000.

I changed it this because I was sick of job offers that were less than what I had going on. I mean who goes in that direction.

Then I got this email today.

Hi Paul,

I came across your resume (Google search on 'buffalo resume "content management"
Perl MySQL')

I am looking for a knowledgeable, creative and self-motivated person in Buffalo with
web/software development and content management system experience that is interested in playing a key role in the development and growth of my company, COMAND Solutions.

The intention is for that person to eventually become the Chief Technology

Required Skills:
1. Web Page Development with HTML and JavaScript
2. Programming experience with PHP and Perl
3. SQL (more specifically MySQL)
4. Linux system administration including set up and maintenance of RedHat/Fedora
servers with Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.
5. Excellent organization and communication

Initial Responsibilities:
1. Develop, implement and maintain client web sites (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
in webCOMAND, our content management system.
2. Manage collection of remote webCOMAND, email and backup servers.
3. Manage and prioritize webCOMAND feature requests and bug reports.

Future Responsibilities:
1. Project management, including project specification, estimates and delegation to
a small team of developers.
2. Find, develop and implement systems to improve and automate company operations.
3. Help develop webCOMAND.

You can learn a little more about COMAND Solutions and webCOMAND at:

From what I see online, it looks like you may be the perfect candidate, except that you seem to already have a job at Roswell Park. However, I think this opportunity may be far more interesting to you and offers a lot more potential, as far as long-term growth. It is also a work from home position, which may or may not be more appealing to you.

Let me know if this is something you might be interested in and we can discuss everything in more detail.

Thank you,

I may be interested in your position. I believe you are correct when you said, "it looks like you may be the perfect candidate for the job." I have a lot of experience and capability that I could transfer to that position.

At this point I would like to learn more about the nature of your company and more importantly the long term prospects of what you are proposing. Google returned no results for ("command solutions" buffalo) and appears to just be a list of links by associated by keyword.

While money might lure my interest to a new project, the longterm stability and benefits of my current Programmer/Analyst position at Roswell also have to be factored in.

Hope to hear from your soon.

Thank you for your time,
Paul Visco

I wonder where this will go. I imagine nothing will rip me away from Roswell.

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Category: robbery

03/21/06 01:02 - 30ºF - ID#32531

Roswell Park employee punched, robbed

According to the Buffalo News, someone was robbed outside Roswell. This is exactly why I am going to the gym and exactly why I don't like to walk home late at night. It would be so great to be able to beat the shit out someone if they tried to rob me.


A 35-year-old Roswell Park Cancer Institute employee suffered a dislocated jaw and other injuries after she was attacked and robbed Sunday by a teenager on a bicycle, Buffalo police reported.

The victim reported to police that she was at Carlton Street and Michigan Avenue when the teen approached her from behind and grabbed her purse. She was then thrown to the ground and punched in the head, police reported.

The purse contained a bank card, identification and personal effects.

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Category: food

03/20/06 12:30 - 26ºF - ID#32530

mad cow

Why do the cows taste so good?

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Category: holiday

03/19/06 08:11 - 29ºF - ID#32529

Weekend in Ireland

The weekend started out with incredible hulk green bagels in the breakroom at work. I could't get myself to eat one because it looked so toxic green.


We tried to find a rocking chair for (e:matthew) for his birthday. He really wanted a rocking chair and we have honestly been looking for about 3 years. For some reason very few places sell traditional rockers, which kind of surprises me. I called at least 5 places and we visited many more. Lots of places have gliders, which are kind of like rockers on a track but he just wants a traditional wooden rocker. Preferably not a wicker one, because he already wore a couple of those through.

We tried FWS, Ashley furniture, big lots, a couple antique stores but they didn't have any. Well FWS had one in the scratch and dent room but it wasn't very nice.


At Calvin's furniture in Kenmore they had one made out of beach that cost $279. It was actually on sale from a normal price of over $500. I was willing to actually buy it for him but he didn't like the color. I think he wants something a little darker.


Does anyone have a rocking chair they a are willing to sell maybe?

On Saturday night we had a pretty big party and many of the epeeps came out to celebrate (e:matthew)'s birthday with us. (e:ladycroft) brought a party sized (WIKIPEDIA - hookah) Hookah that had some nice hazelnut and vanilla flavored tobacco. It was the only time I have had any tobacco since I started working at Roswell. The party reinforced that I would not be smoking any more cigarettes. There were so many and I managed to not even have one.

On Sunday morning (e:lilho) and (e:hodown) came over to make breakfast. We had every intention on going to the parade but food led to more food which led to more food and two packs of Wegman's nirtrate free bacon later we settled on hangin gout at home instead dof braving the cold. I felt lame for not going but in reality I don't even have an ounce of irish in me.


Instead (e:hodown) and (e:terry) did an Irish jig for us.


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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...