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Category: music

12/15/05 11:54 - 33ºF - ID#32409

SuperK's super Radio

So my favorite online radio station is superk's I wrote about it a whole bunch of times and I put it in my favorite link list.


Tonight he IM'd me before the show to say thanks for listening and to tell me about the live show on Thursdays nights at 12 EST. It's so funny becuase I listen to it like everyday on my phone at work. He found the link I had put on my journal. How awesome is it to meet a fellow web designer through the technology of streaming sound.

He grew up in the same town as (e:terry). That's how I found his site in the first place. The music and the cute pics kept bringing me back.

Thanks for the music Keith, a lot of estrip was programmed listening to your station.
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Category: guests

12/15/05 12:04 - ID#32408 pmobl

you're just jealous

I got my new comp at work. It is a 3 gHz mini dell with a gig of ram and a totally adjustable flat panel. My boss said I could even get a dual panel. I also got flash mx pro, photoshop and illustrator. Ironically I am getting so used to gimp and inkscape.

Whatever guest that said (e:ajay) wasted his time on his PHD because you think he is a chinp. I would like to remind you that he has a fancy job at yahoo and you don't.


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Category: work

12/14/05 10:49 - 16ºF - ID#32407 pmobl

Beginning of a New Era

First of all, I got up and shaved today. Shaving makes me feel like a different person each time. I don't shave much so when I do, it's surprising to see myself without the scruff.



Another wonderful day at my new superjob. I ate lunch with (e:amanda) She works there too. I had some chicken breast with gravy and macaroni and cheese thing . Today I began finishing up with the finishing touches on my application. It looks much nicer now thanks to gimp .

The new computer arrived and is being set up for me. Hopefully, I will have it by Friday and then I can start a new application for the blackberries. I really need a flatpanel. The CRT is killing my eyes. WHat is really crazy is that they gave me this pager I am supposed to carry around the rest of my life. I really need something that can be forwarded to my phone as I can't carry around that 80s trash one way pager. It will ruin all my computer nerd street cred.


I really like my co-workers. All of them. This one guy tony who actually had a journal under (e:enknot) a while back is the radest dude. He is one of the few people who I think freaks out about computers as much as me. Sometimes when we talk about web programming I smile so hard my face hurts. Seriously. He smiles that hard too. Maybe we need help, lol.He gave me a ride to Canisius in his phat car. It has heated seats. I want that in my life. But only if the car can be completely electric [inlink]paul,3965[/inlink].

Afterwars, I had my last day at Canisius, yeah! One of my former star students ditched the exam and about half the semester. I wonder what happend. Other than that some of the people had really good or potentially good projects and others had pretty much crap. I love it when people are forced to show crappy projects in front of the room. I hope they feel as annoyed as I feel looking at them. (e:nicholas) gave me a ride home. He and Nina are the cutest couple in the world. Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen a happier couple.
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Category: media

12/13/05 07:55 - 17ºF - ID#32406

Joshua on the Washington Post

So apparently your opinion does mean something, lol! (e:joshua)'s journal [inlink]joshua,87[/inlink] is on the Washington Post article is linked to on the washington post article itself thanks to technorati

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Category: work

12/13/05 06:47 - 18ºF - ID#32405

My new application

Well, my learn a bunch of new language in a week and make an application with them application is coming along. I had a glimmer of hope that i might start to be able to use PHP 5 at work as my supervisor had me add it to the list of languages in the coding shairng application. I named it r:share. I'll keep my fingers crossed. In the mean time at least I made an application where we can share code and leave notes for each other about the code that we write.


I cannot wait to get the new computer and deisgn software so that I can make prettier stuff and not have to wait ten hours for the computer to think everytime I do something. Also I think the CRT is killing my eyes. The new one should have a flat panel. If not I am going to bring my own in.

My next project besides the treo/blackberry mobile site and this code sharing application might be to make a flash video xml reader. I love flash and xml. This job is fun because everything is always so different and the people are awesome. I makers me kick myself for all the time I waste din the past.

Today I had Beef on Weck with onion rings. It was so super fantastic but I forgot to take a picture. You will just have to believ me how delicious it was.

In other news, surebert was downloaded 120 times so far.

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Category: work

12/13/05 12:31 - 5ºF - ID#32404 pmobl

ASP, blah

I have this habit of being getting to be really good at something just as some other circumstance takes me elsewhere. It started when I was really good at Botany and got a scholarship to go to Germany. Before I ever got to become a botanist, I switched to German and got really good at German language. Up until the point when I needed money and there were no German jobs in Buffalo so I started at Canisius.

In order to move on up, I began to get really good at doing 3D modeling and a couple years went by. At that point, I was extreemly proficient n 3D modeling and texturing. Then as the jobs for 3D weren't happening in Buffalo and I needed money , I switched to back to web design. I spent about 12 hours a day for 2 years learning the just about everything about XML, Javascript, PHP, AJAX and MySQL. I even got a lot of job offers to continue my work in PHP based web development. But none of them were in Buffalo.

Then I got the job at Roswell and now I am back to beginning something new to make the apps in ASP and Jscript. I seems really lame in that this time I am switching to something new, but not really something different enough or better. The application I am developing now could have been done last week in PHP 5.

Luckily, I get paid enough to just deal with it. Oh and the food is still great. Today I had chicken florentine.


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Category: holiday

12/11/05 04:48 - 31ºF - ID#32403 pmobl

christmas tree continued

I think the best part of the entire experience was having (e:matthew) pinned on the floor under the tree saying

We are never getting a stupid real tree again. Next time it's a plastic one.


Trees are so expensive. Between the tree and the minimal decoratons and stand it came to around $100.
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Category: holiday

12/11/05 04:41 - 31ºF - ID#32402 pmobl

City Tree Shopping

(e:matthew) said there was some Christmas Tree place in the city so we decided to try again today. It's at the corner of 19th and Rhode Island.

The trees were much cheaper and they had a variety of kinds. We ended up with the kind that has soft needles. It was nice to not have to trek back to the suburbs.




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Category: holiday

12/11/05 03:05 - 31ºF - ID#32401 pmobl

Christmas Tree

I decided to let down a little on my anti-christmas tree stance so that (e:matthew) could get a tree for his star trek ornament collection. He now has almost the entire collection and he never had a big tree to put them on.

We went to go look for one yesterday on the way home from searching for a USB microscope. Does anyone know where to buy one locally.

I guess you have to think of them like buying flowers. They were grown to be picked. I suppose one every five years isn't so bad.

We were going to buy a potted one but they are like $60 at the coop.

So we went to go get a tree yesterday but (e:terry) kind of freaked out about the tree and went in the car, so we didn't get one afterall.

Does anyone else eat at Solid Ground. I love that place but when we got there at 2:30PM, it was already closing so we ended up at Ambrosia.


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Category: war

12/10/05 07:32 - 29ºF - ID#32400

Join the army or stop pretending

Do you really think (e:ajay) is going to shut up for Christ's sake, lol.

[inlink]joshua,84[/inlink]"The more interesting topic in this debate is how you cry for the war dead, but have NO FUCKING SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER for the people who died on 9/11."

Remind me, where did (e:ajay) say that? In his entry he makes no mention of not having any sympathy for 911 victims.

In fact he says [inlink]ajay,401[/inlink], "War is ugly. War is brutal. War leaves the victor not much better off than the vanquished." Which sounds like he is against war on both sides.

Do you really think that what you say sounds like a compelling argument. It sounds like brute force aggression with little substance behind it. At least ajay provides some links to outside supporting information, seriously Joshua what a lame argument.

So now it my turn to do a little name calling for fun as you seem to have made it appropriate. You can beat me up afterwards if it makes you feel better. At least you could beat me up.

Maybe you never met (e:ajay), or maybe it is because he is a generally peaceful guy, 3000 miles away that you feel safe threatening him but honestly he is like two times the amount of muscle mass and size as you are about a foot taller. He looks like he could be a warrior and you look like Pancho Sanchez. If there was a bet on that fight I would put all my clams on ajay seriously. Maybe if you fight as a twin team duo. Maybe.

The real question is, "Why don't you sign up to fight for what you believe in?" Take some of the disturbing agression the two of you have pent up and put it toward what you believe in. I am not just saying this to make fun of you. I seriously think you are a fucking pussy for not fighting for what you believe in. How do you even look at yourself in the mirror thinking that your beliefs possibly condemn people to death while you guys sit around on your fat asses, smoking pot and complaining about how hard it is to be you. I am so tired of hearing about how tragic it is to be a Larson brother. Maybe the army would do you guys some good.

The views contained in this journal are just the personal view of Paul and are not written from my position as site administrator.
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