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Category: buffalo

09/17/05 08:33 - ID#32237 pmobl


I was tranferring data on my phone [inlink]paul,3782[/inlink] to the new memory chip and found some photos to post. It is such a cool phone. With the new chip I can store 12,477 images at 640x480 and over 2500 at 1.3Megpixels.

On Thursday night (e:sang) came to visit my office and to ride the subway home with me so he knew how to get to my house.


We got on the subway at Main and Humboldt and rode it down to Utica. As usual there was no one inside and we sat and waited about 15 minutes. When we did get on we were the only white people on a crowded train. It is strange how public trasnportation in Buffalo has such a race line. I think East Utica scared him. It's funny because he is way tougher than I am. I always wonder why more students don't ride it at night time, there were only a few others.



I love taking pics swinging the phone around. It is like painting with lights.


When I got home I noticed that the happy face ballon from (e:ladycroft)'s party looked like he was throwing up. He just kept bobbing his head up and down in a retching motion. I felt bad for him.


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Category: travel

09/17/05 06:45 - 62ºF - ID#32236 pmobl

At The Airport

I am sad to have to part with (e:terry) for a couple days. It will be good for him to see his family and get a chance to be with his grandmother.


I would have gone accept it was expensive, I figured there would be a run in with cats and I have a feeling (e:matthew) would go crazy alone. Everytime I go to Saint George, I end up hanging out at the library while everyone else is at the house because they have animals. I really wish that someday I will have a job with real health insurance so I can just get the shots.

Tonight is (e:theecarey)'s party and I have a feeling it is going to be the same problem. Especially, if the weather is bad. I have had so many bad experiences where everyone else ends up going inside and I end up hanging out in the car for hours having to pee.

I don't think people realize how annoying it is to have serious animal allergies. I hate animals - they ruin so much of my life - well alergies to them do.

On another note, word on the town is that my father is considering buying a bakery. What a strange but interesting twist. I hope he does it.

Terry, I miss you already.

Okay back to sleep.

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Category: events

09/16/05 11:48 - 69ºF - ID#32235

Party Leftovers - This Weekend

(e:terry)'s grandfather died yesterday and he is leaving for Utah so I don't know if we will be going anywhere this weekend. (e:ladycroft), this is what is left from the party - we finished the gin during cleanup. You can get it whenever, just give me a shoutout. I should be around most of the evening. If you email me I can get it form anywhere.

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Category: mobile

09/16/05 04:33 - 65ºF - ID#32234

Life without a stylus

Has anyone else tried data entry with a stylus? Some of you must have PDAs or phones with a stylus. It is werid at first but then it starts to become familiar and before you know it you can write really fast.

I lost my stylus. I have two others ordered and on the way but in the mean time I discovered that if I cut my thumbails into points I can use them as built it styli. (e:terry) says that I should make this into some sort of clipon stylus tip and sell them. Maybe there is a market.
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Category: artvoice

09/16/05 04:15 - 65ºF - ID#32233

Another Date with Artvoice

So I had another meeting with Artvoice today. They offered to host us on their new fiber optic line when they get it. That would be so awesome to finally have a local hosting solution and access to a larger audience. Maybe I can finally start to deliver on new mobile features for a wider audience.

On another note, does someone want to collaborate with me on the Buffalo Mobile History Project. It will involve lots of scanning and sifting through historical informations and then delivering it on a mobile location based basis. I plan on doing that one soon.
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Category: artvoice

09/15/05 12:57 - 72ºF - ID#32232

Artvoice Visit

So I had a meeting with artvoice's Jamie Moses about (e:strip). He seemed to be interested in it. My hopes is that it results in some sort of collaborative situation possibly resulting in shared media resources, hosting, etc.


I have to say that I was thrilled to hear of his banner free commitment to the new artvoice website.

Their web designer seemed like a great guy. He said they are using mambo for site content administration. I got to see a glimpse of what it will be like and I can guarantee that it will be awesome. Their new design looks so clean, the navigation looks simple, and content delivery is greatly improved.
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Category: protest

09/15/05 12:42 - 72ºF - ID#32231

The Lafayette Protest

Both (e:jason) (original post [inlink]jason,244[/inlink]) (follow up post [inlink]jason,245[/inlink]) and (my repsonse[inlink]paul,3831[/inlink]) about the lafayette protest are missing one important angle. That is the angle of someone who attended!. Who went? Anyone have pics to post?

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09/15/05 01:21 - 71ºF - ID#32230


This happens all the time and it is exactly why I hate taking the subway at night. It's not the ride on the subway but the time after the subway on main street. I mean if I was poor I would rob me too.

On Wednesday September 14 2005 at 12:12am 2 Canisius students were the victims of an armed robbery at the corner of Hughes and Oakgrove. The students were not hurt.

The suspect is described as a 20 year old black male, thin, 5'10", short hair, large ear ring, red bandanna over nose and mouth wearing a white t-shirt and black cargo pants.

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09/15/05 02:38 - 72ºF - ID#32229

Who is BuffaloRox?

BuffaloRox Says:
September 13th, 2005 at


Congrats on a well deserved award. You and Buffalo Rising are two daily must reads. While there are plenty of other Buffalo blogs that are interesting to go to from time-to-time. You two are heads and shoulders above. BTW, I'm not sure how Elmwood strip ended up in there. The navigation is mindboggling and I can't find anything useful.Quoted from: BuffaloPundit » Blog Archive » Artvoice Best of Buffalo

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Category: artvoice

09/14/05 05:31 - 84ºF - ID#32228

Beyond The Artvoice Awards

Does no one else beyond the site membership notice that (e:strip) is really a quite radical idea. We have combined commercial free local interest, with free publications, a dedicated readership and easy to use software. Why don't more people use it to record their take on Buffalo. Well probably because we don't have a fancy advertising budget and the gloss it takes to get the word out.

There really arn't that many commercial free places like this and not even the local free media lefties have recognized that.

I suppose people are just going to say, well you guys don't talk only about politics or about buffalo events, etc but I think in the end reading about how people's lives revolved around Buffalo has the potential to provide an even deeper insight into life in Buffalo. The more people involved the more obvious this will get.

(e:shawnr) always says that the only way something is going to change is if I start to send out press reports , one of which he wrote for the 10,000th journal entry. Maybe he is right. Anyone want to be the (e:strip) PR person because I seriously cannot take on another roll?

[size=m]Some fun publicity ideas[/size]
Maybe we should start a campaign to do some Buffalo specific media archiving activities. What about scanning in as many historical photos of downtown as possible and tying this in with some sort of online mapping and notation software. I mean google has satellite imagery but who has mobile historical overlays. Anyone interested? I am making that my next project. I want to be on any street corner downtown and be able to peel back the layers in time from my cellphone. there are no limits to what can be done, the problem is getting people to know about these projects enough to make them worth while.

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