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Category: games

07/14/05 01:03 - 82ºF - ID#32093

Sexually Explicit Drama

SAN FRANCISCO, July 13 (Reuters) - The maker of the video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, said on Wednesday that hackers were responsible for a downloadable modification that enabled sexually explicit minigames to be played in the game.

The modification, which allows simulated sex in the PC version of the game, has led to an investigation by the industry ratings board.

Rockstar Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, said that it was investigating ways to increase the security protection of the source code and prevent the game from being altered.Quoted from: Hackers Modify PC Game - New York Times

Apparently, the company wrote the scene but then removed it from the game. Someone then leaked a code to the internet that re-enabled the scene. I read Hillary Clinton is taking the company Rockstar to court. If that is true, it is outrageous does she not have better issues to deal with right now like the fact we have no money upstate and our hospitals are having to store medical waste becaus ethe company thats take sit refuses to take any more till they get paid. Furthermore, the game is already pretty violent and questionable, so parents who are even concerned about sex scenes in the game should really already be worried that their kids are even playing the game in the first place.

Also, if you think about the fact that kids have to download this code from the internet in order to see the sexually explicit modifications then have to also consider they have pretty unlimited internet access and can download any other sexually explicit stuff they want. I guarntee if a kid is about to download and install a sexually explicit patch onto a video game they can type sex into google image search with filtering disabled.

I hate to write this for fear that someone picks up on it, but should google be sued for enabling minors to get sexually explicit material. I mean maybe you should have to enter in a credit card number or your ID to get sexually explicit search results. Think about that. If you were 16 and went to the corner store and paged through a hustler magazine or tried to buy one, the store could seriously get in trouble, right?
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Category: artvoice

07/14/05 10:24 - 84ºF - ID#32092

Artvoice Survey for best of 2005

Why is it that the artvoice best of 2005 contest has 166 dynamically loading questions on one page. So many people keep telling me they can't even vote because their computers can't deal with such a large page. Even on broadband it takes a while. I would have the questions cached as html until a new question is added instead of being dynamically generated each time (I only suspect this by the way it loads) and definately, break it into sections for each category e.g. dining has its own page. I hope that enough people can get through to vote. Maybe they should hire me to be their web deisgner. I only want 30k/year and a hosting space for estrip.

Who are some of the other "blogs". Some of them don't even show up on the web like And what about I love them - I mean I agree with them and think they have a great cause getting rid of nuclear waste but it is in west valley. I don't know if that counts as local so much. I hope we win! Vote if you haven''t
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Category: estrip

07/12/05 08:52 - 92ºF - ID#32091

e:strip's future after the thesis

In this case I am refering to the code running the site and not the site or community itself.

I think after some time documenting and organzing I am going to make an (e:strip) lite that is totally open source and comes with an installer. It is already pretty simply customizeable, it will just require some cleaning up and some documenting. I mean, for many communities it would be exactly the thing they need to maintain contact without having to program anything. It pretty much just requires PHP and MySQL and what doesn't these days. Wel all the RoR stuff I guess.

My biggest concern is security. I just don't like everyone knowing how this site works because I feel it gives them a major advantage if they wanted to ever hack it. That has consisently been my problem with open source projects. Also, I hate giving up control of something that is so my little baby. Another thing that kills is that I can't stand the fact that people will some how profit off my my hard work.

I know that technically I can make it so that people can't legally use my code for for-profit endeavours but that doesn't mean anything. I have seen so many of my students just rip code off the net for commercial projects and just take the credits out. Hell, I have even seen other professors using non-commerical open source code for commercial projects with the idea that no one will ever know what's going on behind the scenes. It makes me want to kill.
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Category: poetry

07/12/05 06:21 - 92ºF - ID#32090

Deleting Stuff and the Haiku

I am deleting and organizing stuff to make myself feel better. i guess it is my version of shopping [inlink]hodown,165[/inlink] Along the way I found the code for the xml version of my haiku writer. It is the last remaining copy of the code. I gave it a wrile and I got this.

submitted worried ,
about publish able what ,
be to seem want blog .

I think it really sums up how I feel these days. I deleted all the code that used to run the "advertising" module that I never wanted.
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Category: thesis

07/12/05 04:59 - 92ºF - ID#32089

Heat Wave

Can anyone else work when it is 92 degrees out and you thought it was bad in DC (e:southernyankee)

I am supposed to be writing my thesis today but all I can think about is developing new web applications and moving the server. Unfortunately, moving the server is far more complicated than I thought and I am not so sure if I want to do it anymore. It means I would have to get rid of vonage, cancel adelphia, and order a verizon phone line. Then I could apply for DSL but they can't promise any speed until after I have a phone line, but I don't really want the phone line if the DSL isn't going to be fast enough. I really need a solution now I am tired of uploading.

I guess when I look back on this time period I am either going to be really happy about what I accomplished or really hate myself for letting it control my life. (e:shawnr) got me to look around the web some more at what is going on and I still feel like a country mouse developer in the land of the city mice with my stupid VPS.
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Category: friends

07/11/05 09:58 - 86ºF - ID#32088

Josephine has a baby

I am so jealous of Josephine. Looking at the baby made me want a baby. Maybe ten years from now though. They look so happy.


I also started writing my thesis finally. I have made it about 10 pages long today only 50 more to go. Tomorrow I am taking the plunge and buying Verizon Business DSL service to host the site at home. If it doesn't work I am going to cry. If anyone feels like donating to help defray the cost you can click ont he donate button at the top of the page. Or maybe someone knows of somewhere with some dark fibre I can use for free. That would be even better.

It is about $99/month but having it at home might mean that I have more free time n my life and can also offer better services. The only thing is that I hope 768k up is going to be enough.

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Category: thesis

07/12/05 08:51 - 87ºF - ID#32087

Silly Thesis Paul is for Programming

If programming and designing the site and developing the community was like eating a large delicious meal, then writing the thesis feels like the disgusting burp that leads to a little vomit after you eat too much. There is too much to talk about and not enough interest on my part about talking about it. I might need some of you to fill out a survey so that I have some more background information on why you use the site, etc.

I can't wait till this process is over. I have another 40 days to make it happen. I just have nothing to offer over what the sociologists have already said three million times. Maybe I will have some sort of inspiration. What really kills me is that I spent $70,000 to feel this crappy.
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07/11/05 01:17 - 77ºF - ID#32086

Random Chatter

Haul2k5: yo
paulSideKick: hello
Haul2k5: you seen krust?
paulSideKick: who is krust?
Haul2k5: jason park
paulSideKick: I don't know him, I don't think
paulSideKick: do I
paulSideKick: ?
Haul2k5: are you korean?
paulSideKick: no I'm AMerican
Haul2k5: guess i got the wrong person then
paulSideKick: are you?
paulSideKick: weird
Haul2k5: yeah
paulSideKick: how did you get my IM
Haul2k5: i think i forgot an s
paulSideKick: crazy
paulSideKick: are you in korea
paulSideKick: ?
Haul2k5: no, new york
paulSideKick: me too
paulSideKick: in buffalo
paulSideKick: well, good luck finding your friend
Haul2k5: haha
Haul2k5: thakns
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Category: work

07/10/05 10:53 - 77ºF - ID#32085

Now I have 5 jobs

So after being really angry and hating everything that is Buffalo for a little bit, I now have landed five jobs for the fall. It seems a little ridiculous to have to have five jobs but I guess it will make things interesting. I will be a multimedia specialist at Canisius (the same life sucking dead end job I had for the last four years), teaching advanced web programming at Canisius (sounds fun), teaching 3D modeling at Medaille, being a Landlord, and being the research assistant/3D modeler for Josephine Anstey's The Trial the Trail. Altogther, I will make a little bit more than $30,000 and have no health insurance.

Before all that starts I need to finish writing my thesis and build GF! for (e:shawnr) .
Really all I ever want to do is work on (e:strip) . It is the only true passion I have, but it is totally anti-reality in terms of making me have health insurance and a nice house. I wish I could have a grant. I guess that would require writing for a grant and I am not capable of getting that started at this point, argh. (e:matthew) and I also have this really amazing business plan but putting into action will require more effort than we have ever put into anything.
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Category: mobile

07/10/05 06:34 - 85ºF - ID#32084

Cleaning and Eating and Saying Goodbye

The sidekick II is fried now. It got put in the driveway in the sun and I think the insides melted. So in one way it is good that the bugs are dead. In another way it is bad because I am phoneless and it is making me crazy. I have a feeling it is making (e:twisted) crazy too.

We are having a sausage, gumbo and chicken dinner party. (e:lilho) and (e:terry) are cooking it from scratch. I spent the entire afternoon at Nonna's cleaning out. I can't believe how much stuff we ended up taking. I am glad that (e:mike) wanted everything because otherwise we would have ended up with even more. I am still hunting for the popcorn maker!

Today is the last day of break for me. Then I have to start writing the thesis. There are very few days left.
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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...