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Category: friends

07/11/05 09:58 - 86ºF - ID#32088

Josephine has a baby

I am so jealous of Josephine. Looking at the baby made me want a baby. Maybe ten years from now though. They look so happy.


I also started writing my thesis finally. I have made it about 10 pages long today only 50 more to go. Tomorrow I am taking the plunge and buying Verizon Business DSL service to host the site at home. If it doesn't work I am going to cry. If anyone feels like donating to help defray the cost you can click ont he donate button at the top of the page. Or maybe someone knows of somewhere with some dark fibre I can use for free. That would be even better.

It is about $99/month but having it at home might mean that I have more free time n my life and can also offer better services. The only thing is that I hope 768k up is going to be enough.

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07/11/05 01:17 - 77ºF - ID#32086

Random Chatter

Haul2k5: yo
paulSideKick: hello
Haul2k5: you seen krust?
paulSideKick: who is krust?
Haul2k5: jason park
paulSideKick: I don't know him, I don't think
paulSideKick: do I
paulSideKick: ?
Haul2k5: are you korean?
paulSideKick: no I'm AMerican
Haul2k5: guess i got the wrong person then
paulSideKick: are you?
paulSideKick: weird
Haul2k5: yeah
paulSideKick: how did you get my IM
Haul2k5: i think i forgot an s
paulSideKick: crazy
paulSideKick: are you in korea
paulSideKick: ?
Haul2k5: no, new york
paulSideKick: me too
paulSideKick: in buffalo
paulSideKick: well, good luck finding your friend
Haul2k5: haha
Haul2k5: thakns
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Category: work

07/10/05 10:53 - 77ºF - ID#32085

Now I have 5 jobs

So after being really angry and hating everything that is Buffalo for a little bit, I now have landed five jobs for the fall. It seems a little ridiculous to have to have five jobs but I guess it will make things interesting. I will be a multimedia specialist at Canisius (the same life sucking dead end job I had for the last four years), teaching advanced web programming at Canisius (sounds fun), teaching 3D modeling at Medaille, being a Landlord, and being the research assistant/3D modeler for Josephine Anstey's The Trial the Trail. Altogther, I will make a little bit more than $30,000 and have no health insurance.

Before all that starts I need to finish writing my thesis and build GF! for (e:shawnr) .
Really all I ever want to do is work on (e:strip) . It is the only true passion I have, but it is totally anti-reality in terms of making me have health insurance and a nice house. I wish I could have a grant. I guess that would require writing for a grant and I am not capable of getting that started at this point, argh. (e:matthew) and I also have this really amazing business plan but putting into action will require more effort than we have ever put into anything.
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Category: mobile

07/10/05 06:34 - 85ºF - ID#32084

Cleaning and Eating and Saying Goodbye

The sidekick II is fried now. It got put in the driveway in the sun and I think the insides melted. So in one way it is good that the bugs are dead. In another way it is bad because I am phoneless and it is making me crazy. I have a feeling it is making (e:twisted) crazy too.

We are having a sausage, gumbo and chicken dinner party. (e:lilho) and (e:terry) are cooking it from scratch. I spent the entire afternoon at Nonna's cleaning out. I can't believe how much stuff we ended up taking. I am glad that (e:mike) wanted everything because otherwise we would have ended up with even more. I am still hunting for the popcorn maker!

Today is the last day of break for me. Then I have to start writing the thesis. There are very few days left.
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Category: events

07/10/05 12:12 - 76ºF - ID#32083

Taste of Buffalo

I went to the taste of Buffalo with (e:matthew) and (e:terry) . We also took our neighbor Katie. It was pretty crowded for later evening. The niagara square area is pretty spacious but the part of deleware was crowded beyond Main Street levels. I wonder what the future holds for the event.

For about $20 I had 7 crawfish, coconut crusted shrimp with mango sauce, two lamb sticks (one piece from rack of lamb), jerk chicken, rice, yummy tortellini from Pearl Street Brewery, and a Sicilian rice ball. I realy liked the Sicilian rice ball. It was kind of like a ball of risotto, battered and fried with tomato sauce. I was also very yummy. Here is a recipe for it. It is also known as Arancini. I never had them before. Although I am 1/4 Sicilian, my nonna never cooked so we ate mostly venetian food with an occasional Sicilian treat my grandmother learned to cook in America from other Sicilians on the west side. I really think my mom would like this one.


I can't believe how many people waited in line to be advertised by crest and dove soap. Did any of you get any of that free crap.

So I ate and I also worked out today. SoonI will be buff, at that point I will start beating people up for fun, so watch out - lol.
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Category: food

07/09/05 01:57 - 71ºF - ID#32082

Pano's Sucks

Just when I thought that it was safe to maybe eat at scumbag Pano's this happens [inlink]metalpeter,376[/inlink]. Thanks for catching that (e:metalpeter). I can't believe the State Board is letting Pano knock the Atwater house down. I had heard through the grapevine that they were planning on incorporating it into the new restaurant and would have fully supported that. I guess I will just never eat there again. It sucks for Pano's because (e:terry), (e:matthew) and I used to spend a lot of money.

Well, (e:matthew) heard even more rumours about Elmwood that I kept waiting for him to post but he hasn't, here it is. He said he overheard that all the stores from Forest Avenue up to Pano's is owned by Hans Mobius and are planned for demolition to build a high rise condo thing. Then Forest will become a traffic circle with an underground parking area. I mean it's only a rumor, but the more Elmwood moves away from the traditional city, businesses in houses setup to a Transit Road or Niagara Falss Blvd look, the less people will shop here. I mean it will never be able to compete on equal gounds with shopping plaza's in the even expansive suburbs.

What I am waiting for is a GAP and a Ben and Jerry's. Then it will be the ideal suburban plaza expansion and the perfect time to get the hell out of here.

Here is some confirmation about the ownership of those houses by Hans Mobius on the preservation Society page, although I think the text is a little outdated.

I personally blame all this hoopla on the coop. They have now set a precident for knocking down older buildings to build new ones instead of adapting buildings. Even if the building they demolished was not as historically valuable as the one that Pano's wants to wreck, it is still the beginning.
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Category: hair

07/08/05 09:40 - 76ºF - ID#32081

The sidekick is dead

I can almost remember when I was having fun [inlink]paul,3512[/inlink]

I came back a bit early from vacation but I didn't want to so I am officially on vacation till Sunday. I have a lot to post but seeing as my sidekick is unbelievable infested with disgusting tiny white bugs that want to live under my skin - I probably won't be using it. The sidekick now lives in a plastic bag away from oxygen until they all die. I am so irritated with it because I couldn't use it the whole week away and now it is infested with bugs. How is it possible? I have been totally failed by my technology. Maybe it is a message to move on to the treo. What on earth are they eating in the phone. Maybe it is the first step in the next evolution toward machine eating bugs.


Either way I shaved my head and most of body because they gross me out so much and they are so tiny.

I never has shaved much before and I have to say, it feel weird and itchy. I think in the future I will stick to shaving only my face, if that.


Told you rowing makes you more buff.


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Category: politics

07/08/05 08:03 - ID#32080 pmobl

If you believe then fight

Don't assume this is an attack against conservatives, or trying to set up a conservative vs liberal argument as there are plenty of conservative people who are against this war. This is about the ethics of mass killing in the name of some idealogy.

(e:joshua) and all the other service age war mongers. If you are "brave" enough to call for war, then why don't you make the real commitement and join the army. They would love to have you. They even have walk in registration places like the one on Sheridan dr, just before Niagara Falls, blvd.

I am willing to admit I would never join the army for the values that we are fighting for in Iraq and that includes democracy and capitalism. I think that nations will never devlop, anything like we formed, when it is imposed from the outside How would you react if our government was imposed from the outside. And this is not about Saddam Hussein being so bad, because there are hundreds of equally vicious dictators we aren't removing - many of which we installed.

But (e:joshua), you vocally stand up and support this war and these values, so why don't you p byour life on the line. It's so easy to say we need war if you aren't the one fighting.
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Category: politics

07/07/05 10:56 - ID#32079 pmobl


First, I am sorry for anyone that was personally affected by another act of senseless violence. However, I disagree with Joshua, we can never kill all the terrorists, it is just too ambiguous a target, it will never happen.

It is so typical for people like you [inlink]joshua,15[/inlink] , and I don't mean conservatives here, to deem others less intelligent, followed by a logic-free emotional rant involving the written equivalent of screaming. Clearly, (e:joshua) , you share the same passionate cry for death, that the terrorists themselves used to carry this out.

It is always sad when someone dies for someone else's ideology but we have to remember that Americans and Britons have killed this many Native Americans, Iraqi, Indians, Afganistani, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese civilians a hundred thousand times over in our "greater" interest of free markets and natural resources. We are just witnessing the unfortunate other side of the war on civilians.
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Category: vacation

07/06/05 10:35 - ID#32078 pmobl

Dining at Dots in Wilmington

Thankfully, it was overcast today. I managed to keep my sunburn under control. We saw some really pretty geology mixed with some ugly people, seems like a typical mix here in vermont. Once again, (e:matthew) has tons of nice pics from the scenery.

I still have no cell service. If you have t-mobile don't think about moving to vermont till your contract is up. I will be home July 9th for anyone looking to get ahold of me.

--update I finally got some service in MA.

Along the way, we found wifi in Brattleboro, VT near this mailbox. I love finding wifi networks in random places.



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