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04/28/05 02:58 - ID#31892 pmobl

At the factory

(e:terry) and I headed down to the factory where saucy seven was to stake out our spot for the show. The radio works great by altering the frequency.


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04/28/05 12:54 - ID#31891

Realities - a Virtual Reality Show



What: Computer based works by UB students in Media Study and Architecture

Where: 3rd floor Crosby Hall, 3435 Main Street, UB South Campus, Wednesday, May 4, 4:00 - 8:00 pm.

Artistis Involved: Mike Bean, Ming-Li Chiang, Michael Collis, Paul Costa, Steffan Delpiano, Jesse Fabian, Scott Freeman, Anton Hand, Christine Ikeda, Keith Kamholz, Mayu Kono, Norman Lam, Natasha Lustra, Bogdan Marian, Andrew Potozniak, Rich Truban, Chris Van Pelt
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04/28/05 12:39 - ID#31890

Matthew's Photos

(e:matthew) is such a great photographer. I wish he would realize it and become famous. Look how cool this banner is with the liberty building liberties and Buffalo in the background. He took it from the top of the city hall.


When I redeign the site homepage next month I am going to make a section featuring local artwork. He can be in charge of that.
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04/28/05 03:51 - ID#31889

SVG support and tablet PCs

Mozilla announced that Firefox will natively support SVG in firefox 1.1! SVG stands for scalable vector graphics and is an open standard created by adobe to allow for use of vector graphics on a standard web page that can be controlled via javascript. It is like flash notepad style. You can already get an SVG enable version of firefox here

You have to remember to actually enable it by going to about:config in the browser and then change scg enable from false to true. So far it works great.

I also ordered a pen tablet PC off ebay. I wanted to try one out and it was really cheap. Maybe I shouldn't stay up so late anymore. I think I can sell it for more after checking it out. It is only 500mhz but comes with a color screen and a serial port. Maybe now if jesse would just pay me for the powerbook parts!!

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04/28/05 02:12 - ID#31888

Social Evening - Last poetry class

My last poetry class was finished with a dinner at Biblios, a lebanese restaurant somewhere off of campbell road near millersport. The food was tasty and not too expensive. I met people from Squeaky Wheel and got to have a conversation with Steffan. He said to (e:shawnr) and I - You know the feeling when you workout and then you go shower but your heart is still racing and you are all sweaty afterwards. I have no idea how that feels. I doubt shawn does either. I seriously don't ever excerise, maybe I should try it sometime. I guess it is supposed to be healthy but somehow, everytime I try and excercise, I end up hurting myself and deciding it is an unnecessary danger.

I love how (e:shawnr) is always trying to promote the site. It is so nice to hear someone else promote it. I should start some awards program for bringing in new writers! I hate promoting it myself because it is my project and then I feel like I am bragging about it but when someone else promotes it, it is just nice. By the way, there is plenty of room for lots of new people now, and if I get the job I will buy a T1 in celebration and have even more space.

After dinner I droped people off and ended up at (e:robin) 's . She is sick, just like liz. I hope I don't catch it. They were all going to the pink but I decided against hanging out with sick people. It just sounded too dangerous and I had to pick up (e:terry) at 1:20am anyways.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Install Linux on the new server, plan my interview lesson, visit the gallery space, teach a class, meet with jesse and finish the radio thing. One week left of grad school. It seems totally unreal.
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04/27/05 07:25 - ID#31887 pmobl

Joerg Piringer

He is so much like (e:terry) . He even looks and acts more like him than terry's brother. He is part of a band than performs live using instruments all made out of vegtables.
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04/27/05 06:16 - ID#31886 pmobl

Art or escape?

Here I am watching this amazing austrian sound poet when the fire alarm goes off. The apocalyptic fire alarm noise blends in so well with the language remix that everyone ignores it. The room is made of 100% plastic fibre. Will I finally become a cyrborg, when the controls melt to my skin? No one is leaving, it kind of feels like the moment when no one believed the titanic was sinking. At least I imagine.

Maybe joerg piringer is playing our final tune? Maybe - vielleicht, maybe vielleicht?

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04/27/05 02:56 - ID#31885

Laywers Call

So some lawyers called in regards to my PC magazine article [inlink]paul,3253[/inlink]. Both of the lawyers were former employees of the federal trade commission looking to get information about how the Adobe Macromedia merger would stifle competition and innovation. They wanted to know exactly how their software overlapped and where it didn't.

afterwards I was talking with Ben and he compared it to a merger between marvel and dc or pepsi and coke. It is true. What is going to happen to graphics design. Will a company like correl pick up a new position or will all competition be squashed. I mean what if these weren't graphic design companies. What if they were telecoms or stores. Would the government let the merger happen. Probably.

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04/27/05 12:53 - ID#31884

Wow, I can't believe that

I found this quote on my thesis advisors web journal. He is great, I hope to be able to work with him in the future. I seriously can't believe that the other professor would say this, even if he felt that way. It just seems so totally unprofessional. I am glad I work at a liberal arts school where they still care about teaching.

A couple of weeks ago a group of students complained that a colleague of mine (also pre-tenure) started out a class by telling the students that he "got paid to do research" and that teaching was just something he had to get through. That seems like an odd thing to think, let alone to say, but it's part of the mantra here, and I suspect at many top research universities. I also got into this because I like research, but why would you become a professor if you weren't going to work at becoming a good one?Quoted from: Alex Halavais

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04/26/05 09:15 - ID#31883

Joerg Piringer and Mr saniflush

An interesting sound poet/audio visual artist is coming to Ub tomorrow. He is from Germany. you can visit his site at

it's at 5:30 in Center for the Arts Room 232

(e:shawnr) and I will be there

Well, with all this talk of circumcision [inlink]shawnr,79[/inlink], I decided I should throw in my two sense. Contrary to everyone else it seems, I am circumcized and totally fine with it. I mean, I guess it seems cruel but I don't feel any less because of it and I seriously don't even mind it. I guess in theory I should mind it as I had no choice in the matter. However, I even kind of like the line. Okay enough of that.

(e:uncutsaniflush) [inlink]uncutsaniflush,50[/inlink], I guess I also thought that your username was about being uncut, lol. I guess (e:shawnr) did too . So what is it about, how did you pick that name?
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...