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Category: hardware

10/06/04 12:02 - ID#31291


I thought I was high tech with my sidekick but check out the stuff at dynamism They carry the new Sony u70, a 1.2 lb minitop that has a 20GB hard drive and runs windows XP.


(e:chris) , check out this new one from sharp, doe sit remind you of the sidekick


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10/05/04 08:13 - ID#31290

Reality blogging

I can't tell you what exactly we were talking about because it's top secret.

paulsidekick: it's like the next level of reality blogging
lwist: ha!
paulsidekick: lol
lwist: reality blogging. I love that.
paulsidekick: I want to do it before MTV does
lwist: you should trademark it

Talk about zeitgeist, I looked up "Reality Blogging" after our conversation and it's already out there , but the next level isn't.
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10/05/04 03:54 - ID#31289


I decided to visit Kosta's for 'unch for several reasons. First, at a party someone told me that it was better than Pano's and seeing I don't eat at Panols anymore I figured why not try it.

It was mega-delicious. I has pan seared scallops, but I'll save my review for the restaurant site. What I wanted to talk about here was the building itself. While, I by no means want to see panos tear down the atwater house, I think that they could have made a compromise by making the building more interesting.. Let's face it. Pano's is really ugly. I mean great, they have paneling, etc but the building itself is so unattractive. If and when he demolishes the Atwater house for the parking lot, he should rebuild the building too. In the curent plans I have seen it looks the same with just an extended patio. A patio ! a permanent structure. If Pano's ever leavees or goes out of business, there won't even be a real building space there just a giant removeable patio.

I think Kosta's did a really good job with their building. Hopefully Pano will consider something nicer.


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10/05/04 02:36 - ID#31288 pmobl

Coffee Bean Cafe Closed

My class was cancelled so I decided on the way back from some errands to stop at the Coffee Bean Cafe on Main St across from UB South Campus. I figured I would review it for but it looks closed. Not like in a closed for the day kind of way, but in a closed permanently kind of way. That's sad it was tasty and the atmosphere was great.

I did, however, notice that their is a new tea cafe named Tea Ming Cafe next door. It looks like a fun place to sip some tea. Anyone wanna go check it out with me sometime
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10/04/04 12:23 - ID#31287

Updates and Compudrama

I decided to change it from one overall rating to three - ambiance, food, service. As well as, add a price range selection box. Unfortunately, I have to go fix an early 90s win98 box now from which (e:mike) deleted the configuration files.

The I'll get to it and add the remaining cell phone compatibility. I am adding a solid ground review right now from the 'kick.
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10/05/04 01:29 - ID#31286 pmobl

Does anyone else Get these

I get so much junkmail at one of my email account. I wish I had the ability to meet these jerks face to face so I could rip their eyes out. This one is so weird. It doesn't have any links just this ridiculous text. I thought somebody might find it funny.

From: seth lu <> To: delbert rupke Subject: I think this is useful to many jacobsen Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 22:44:50 +0900

half-effaced hand-painted incs harlis hhinn U2 game-cock iridum

The fully stocked R(X

Maria is a devout Catholic. (No condoms for her!) She gets married and has 17 children...and then her husband dies. She remarries two weeks later...and has 22 children by her second husband. She dies.

A. An airbag.

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10/05/04 12:33 - ID#31285

I don't know if this has happend to any of you but i found that I needed a driver at and I had to fill out their stupid questionaires for the tenth time to get it. Each time I foret the code they send via email. Each time it is the same. So here it is for me to remember. Feel free to use it as well.

USER NAME is: driver2
PASSWORD is: all
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10/04/04 11:18 - ID#31284

Official Launch of first e:peeps module

I am officially launching the first epeeps module peer based restaurant review that Anyone can add a restaurant, any can review a restaurant and tell how you feel about your local eating experience. Other users can read the data and search for enrties. There is even a mozilla toolbar plugin so you can search from the convenience of your toolbar.

[size=m]Mobility = fun[/size]
While you can easily use the site from your desktop, the site is currently certified to work on t-mobile's sidekick BW, color I and II with more conventional cell phones being added later this week. The idea is that you can review the restaurants on your mobile while eating at them.


[size=m]Whats Innovative?[/size]
There is no login or password, the way it works is that you can review a restaurant and then have five minutes to edit your review from your computer/phone before it becomes a "permanant" review of the establishment.

[size=m]Peep Perks?[/size]
If you come to the site while logged into the elmwood site it will simply say how many epeeps are present and allow you to have your name in the chat. Guests can remain completely anonymous or use your real name. You can add regular links by typing them and "e" links and inlinks to link back to your journal if you want.

[size=m]More to say?[/size]
I want to create the largest purely peer driven of consumer restaurant data in Buffalo. If it is sucessful I will expand it to other cities. This is also only one many many modules to be released this year. You all are the test audience so send me feedback.

Please add any restaurants you can think of, make sure to have as complete of data as possible e.g. phone number, addr, web add, etc. You do not need to review a restaurant to add one.

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10/03/04 09:14 - ID#31283

Projects and Creationism 2.0

Hey Ajay,
I you have some free time tomorrow I would like to meet up with you to discuss my newest project. I think you will like it.

To everyone else,
Sorry that I have neglected you all this weekend. I know that I turned down everybody in order to "hang out " with my computer but I am working on a really worthwhile project and I hope you will all enjoy it in the end. Brian is in town and we are going out to eat tonight.

I have had such an evolution in ideas. I would like to see it work out.

[size=m]Creationism 2.0[/size]
Has anyone read about this new pseudo scientific creationists trying to push creationism back into the public high schools. Believe it or not they have actually had some success although, I think it is clear that they are just manipulating the system and people's ignorance.

There is an article in Wired magazine this month about them. I am so tired of hearing about this but maybe someone hear find it interesting or just wants to poke fun at them. if New York schools fall for this it would be really sad.
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10/03/04 01:03 - ID#31282 pmobl

The statistics depend on a lot more

Dan, I read you journal everytime but I read it on rss or via email, so most of the time it doesn't count as a view. I don't know what to do about the increasing popularity of rss vs the want to have more accurate statistics. What do you think? Should I have it count each journal sent out as rss as a view? That can be innaccurate too because sometime I don't read all the journal sent to me as email or rss.

My new project is moving along. I expect a Tuesday release date then the first epeeps peer review module will be complete. It's actually almost done right now but I want to rest before I test it more. It is amazing what one can do without sleep. I actually prefer those straight through dvelopment periods followed by long nights of rest. I think to much about my projects to nap before a finish large portions. Otherwise I just dream about it. I can't tell you how many PHP dreams I have now. Sometimes, I figure out great stuff.
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