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09/27/04 01:06 - ID#31264 pmobl

The Morning, The Article

I decided that it was more dangerous for me to hang out in the sick ward, where evan is mega sick now than to leave the house. I went over to Wilson's Farms and picked up the Buffalo News. The article was great with a giant picture of me and the Banner. I can't believe the News is so cheap. I would have expected it to cost abot $1.35 but it's only $.50.

My favorite quote of myself is, "I wanted to give people who arn't computer savvy a chance to put their voices on the internet."

I also found some sign about the Atwater house by feelrite.

Still thinking about (e:sqb). (e:sqb) still hasn't contacted me about his disagreement with the tos. It is especially weird because we had a very open dialogue about the site and he often made suggestion or proposed changes which I nearly 100% followed through on.

Instead of programming today, as my computer resides in quarantine tank, I will finish reading Smart Mobs by Howard Rheingold. I love his books.



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09/27/04 11:41 - ID#31263

They are copyrighted


As per the front page all work on the site is desiginated under the creative commons license. This is really the best and most progressive license out there.

Q. Can I copy and use text or imagery from the journal ?

Yes, the text and imagery from these journals is covered by the Creative Commons License. You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. You are also free to make derivative works under the following conditions. You must give the author credit, you may not use this work for commercial purposes. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a license identical to this one.


For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Here is the full license information:

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09/27/04 11:36 - ID#31262


Is the Buffalo News or any newspaper liable for items sold in the classified section and if not, how are they exempt?
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09/27/04 11:07 - ID#31261

Sad Morning

So the Buffalo news article about the site came out in the link section today. I was really exicted about it at first. I was going to rush out and get one but now I am starting to get the flu and I feel prety sick. We actually have an entire sick ward going on in our house. It sounds like a hospital with all the coughing and sickness.
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09/26/04 09:29 - ID#31260 pmobl

Terms of Service

I am not sure what the two objectors to the Terms Of Service are disagreeing with. First of all I created a totally free, advertising free service for people to express themselves. I pay for everything out of my pocket and never charged anyone for anything. It is not cheap nor easy to maintain the site. I have never even accepted advertisements. I spent over a year working up to 8 hours a day making the site and working throught the various stages of its development.

The terms of Service is to protect me from being sued if one of you post stuff that is copyrighted or is illegal, etc. For example, say you sell a bike on your journal. Someone sends you cash and then you skip town. If the purchaser tries to sue me for it, I can simply point out that it was not acceptable for you to sell merchandise on the site as per the TOS and that you accepted responsibility for all content on your journal.

Are those of you that are rejecting it supposing that I should be responsible for what you write! I just want it clear that I did not write your journals, and that I only provide the service.

I was even wiling to totally negotiate on this. I offered my IM and email if you had questions or comments and the two of you that rejected never even bothered contacting me to discuss your objections.

I am really hurt that after all I offered you didn't even bother contacting me about you objections.

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09/26/04 09:03 - ID#31259 pmobl

Spam Singles

My mom loves deals. My dad used to love spam. So naturally, when my mom found spam "singles" on sale she bought em for my dad.

Okay, this is digusting but my mom said my dad ate the spam without cooking it. This is weird because I kind of remember him eating spam when I was a kid and he always fried it like one fries bologna. He said it had a jelly texture.

I found another pack of spam singles in the house. I am not sure who their target market is but read this:

Slogan on the front - It's so quick and easy! Just rip and tear your way to crazy tasty(tm) town!

Can you believe they trademarked crazy tasty town.? Here is some more text from the very entertaining package.

SPAM(r) Singles are already cooked. This might just blow your mind. For you own safety, stop thinking about how easy SPAM(r) singles will make your life. It's time to enjoy.

Take another bite and throw your head back and think wonderful thoughts of faraway places while you chew. Like a magical SPAM (r) castle in the sky and what a delicious and convenient visit you'd have. This is the meaning of SPAM(r) Singles.


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09/26/04 03:24 - ID#31258

New Men's Products

I was at target with (e:lilho) a while back and took this picture of a new kind of men's product. I think there was shaving creme and some deodorant combo.

I never use deoderant, I actually never have. Well, for one week when I was 15 I tried old spice and it gave me a painful rash. I never tried deodorant again. Anyhow, this is marketed as a manly product, with the label looking like car grease or some sort of mechanic product. What a weird way to corner the male market. The display rack looked exactly like something out of the automotive section.

It is using the ultra-masculine achetype of the workman (mechanic), but the product itself strips you of manly smells. I mean when you think mechanic do you think smells fresh or smells like a workout?

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09/26/04 11:33 - ID#31257 pmobl

I am so out of the loop

This morning I ran to Wilson's Farms to get my paper with the link section. As soon as I got outside I started ripping it apart as soon as I got outside. I couldn't find the link section and started to think I got a bunk paper. Luckily I called my parents before I complained about it at Wilson's Farms, hahaha.

It has been so long since I read any paperbased media that I had no idea the link section is actually in Mondays Buffalo News

So now I told everyone and feel really stupid. I guess you all know now. Sorry if you bought an extra paper but I have found there is plenty of good reading inside.

While I was already out I decided to stop by spot and get an orange juice. As you can see in the picture, the orange juice, like the cream cheese is corporate, branded and labeled.

My visit to spot is actually part of a larger plot to get echinacea from Feel Rite. Echinacea [search]echinacea[/search] really works, I know I have written about this before. I am not actually sick but two guests staying with me are, so I figure better safe than sorry.

I still miss reading esqb 's journal, please contact me sqb.


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09/26/04 11:09 - ID#31256 pmobl


I sent you an email, if you didn't get it please email me or IM me at 'paulsidekick' Thanks.
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09/25/04 11:04 - ID#31255 pmobl

My old room

My old bedroom at my parent's house has become my mother's hobby and sewing room. It is so weird to see it so different. I makes me realise that I am really grown up. My mother's room at my nonna's still looks like when she lived there but nonna has an extra studio for sewing. Someday I'll post some pics of it from when I lived there. I was really quite an installation artwork space.

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