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08/29/04 06:02 - ID#31182

Really Bad Music

The elmwood art festival had really bad music today. I will put it on the radio so you can hear it. My favorite was Beer makes you fart, and drinking is an art. Th guy who was singing most of these songs really was bad . Hr followed a an entire day of honey-tonk and bluegrass.

The strange part is that he was talking about a song of his and how people were playing it at an afterparty, following the allentown art festival/chameloen fest. I think he was talking about (e:keith) 's party. Check it out.


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08/29/04 04:34 - ID#31181


I really got side tracked this weekend, both getting ready for school and celebrating (e:terry) 's birthday. I fixed the stylebox so that it inserts styles where the cursor is located in the entry. I also added the weather box so you can check on local conditions. If you have a smaller screen scroll right, it just to the right of the Last 12 list.
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08/27/04 07:31 - ID#31180

What's Up for the Festival

So people are coming to the estrip headquarters tomorrow for Terry's actual birthday, but instead of the usual nighttime party, this one will be during the day for the festival. The stage is right outside our house. Stop by and chillax [search]chillax[/search]

On another note [inlink]metalpeter,96[/inlink], I think those are great ideas. Now we just need people to implement them. It's a weird issue, but I made the site in order to make sharetheir local community experience and if I direct the advertising, then inevitably, the people are somewhat targeted by my taste. I would like to see the site expand in a direction where it is slightly more diverse. While our male/female ratio is quite balanced, we don't seem to have much other diversity. How about some spanish speaking journals. We can all translate via the babelfish.

It would be easiest if everyone made their own advertisements. We would end up with a lot more people, and most likely, a lot more fun. Maybe it should be a competition for the most creative/ sucessfull type of advertising?

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08/27/04 02:39 - ID#31179

Don't blame the protesters

(E:hodown) , it is not the protessters who are to blame. Blame the republicans for making the convention in NYC.

The protesters are not just going to have a fun time. They are going their to voice their opinions and opposition in the most public way and to show the world via mega media outlets that we as americans will not longer stand for George Bush's war mongering jingoism. Its something our country was built on.

By getting mad at them, you are doing the same thing your boss did to you.
I can't believe you really feel that way. What has happened to jessica, the not corporate robot version, I want her back. New York City is eating your soul. Did you ever think NYC was going to be an easy place to live. You moved there after 9-11 and worked next to the giant hole in the ground. That hole in the ground was the result of policies made, like those of our current administration. You can't just idley ignore the world. The protestors are working to try and make it so we don't have more attrocities like this in the future.

NYC will never be free of this type of drama. You should just leave if you can't handle it.
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08/27/04 11:48 - ID#31178 pmobl

Computers and Meetings

Here I am a (e:soyeon) 's house. We have a meeting at the university today. I am glad I called her, because she was sleeping still!
While I was here I got to see jesse's old powerbook. It looked quite messed up as you can see. About the same as my old powerbook had looked after it met it's 40oz demise.
He left a couple messages on it. One said I don't have the genetic code.. That's good to know because I was just going to ask him for a copy. Maybe he is trying to tell us he is a robot.
Roxy's was crazy last night. It was also my first time seeing such a show. Just about everyone I look forward to seeiing on Thursday's turned out at some point in the evening. But the show was definately the highlight of the evening.


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08/26/04 12:57 - ID#31177 pmobl

Midnight Laundry Run

Everything has gone wrong. Here I am doing Laundry with (e:rachel) and (e:southernyankee) at midnight. We headed down to Maytag on Deleware neat Hertel. They even have an internet cafe.

Anyways, I don't know how to do laundry effectively. I've seriously only done it like 5 times by myself. I aleady fucked it up when I forgot the detergent. Not only that but the machine ripped me off.


Wow, the sidekick takes really good pics in flourescent light.


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08/24/04 03:14 - ID#31176

Coffe &, Coffe&, Coffee And

I am so happy to see a bunch of new people signed up. I think the banner was a really good idea after all. Thank you (e:jill) so much for helping with its construction.

(e:nickizen) , I am glad to see that someone else[inlink]nickizen,1[/inlink] has mentioned Coffee &
other than me [inlink]paul,1263[/inlink]. It's sad to see so few people there, when Spot is always packed. I read in the paper that spot was franchising into the middle east. Does anyone have more detals on that?

[size=m]Looking for Coffee &[/size]
On The Web
If they do have a web site, it's sure hard to find. I think it has to do with the fact that their name was not the best idea in terms of computerized cataloging. While we can pretend that computers are not an important part of local neighborhood culture, the unfortunate truth is that the way they think, rules most of our lives. Especially in terms of information dispersal. For a human Cofee & = Coffe& = Coffee And. For a computer they are not the same.

The difficulty is compounded because if you search for "Coffee and" you get results that involve "coffe and anything." Coffee is an extremely common noun and " And" is a keyword on many search systems that means plus. While "&" is another special computer character that is often stripped in searches. That makes it not very good for searching.

Think about how many businesses and phone numbers you look up on the web. Basically, ambiguity is never good in a business name.

I tried using google new local beta which allows you to look for something including the address of the actual business. Ironically, if you search for "Coffe &" plus plus" 718 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222" or you search for "Coffe And" plus the address you get no "Coffe &" but you do get "Spot Coffee" as the number one return followed by every other Coffee House around.

In The Phonebook
Even in the phonebook. What does one look under? Here are some samples that give me nothing on Verizon. There phone number is 884-3535 by the way, I found it on the foreverelmwood site

"Coffe &" - [business]Coffe &[/business] - gives me nothing of use

"Coffe And" - [business]Coffe And[/business] - gives me nothing of use

While for spot coffee:

"Spot Coffee" - [business]Spot Coffee[/business] and I get all four business locations.

Just Testing the URLs
www.coffe&.com is nothing but on the other hand is something , a placeholder that lets you buy the domain name.


I wrote to ask them how much they would want for it and they replied $7000. I basically told them to f(*&% , I hate internet barons.

[size=m]Neighbors Helping Neighbors - Web Model[/size]
Does Coffee And have a web page? I was thinking of helping them out with their net presence in return for them advertising for us. Kind of like a barter system with no cash trade.

While I cannot offer advertising on this site because of conflicts of interests with journals, I could hook them up with a web design student that could make them their own site, unless they already have one.

Does anyone know who I would talk to about this? If it works, I could end up making the same deal with other elmwood businesses. I would help my students build their portfolios, help get people talking about their neighborhood and recording their historical presencse, while helping local business. Could be an interesting model to develop.

[size=m]Offer Something Better[/size]
Event calendars and Reviews
A web site would allow them to post schedules, web cams of events, etc. Maybe they could be the first to have one of my all-purpose kiosks. Who knows? (e:ajay), would you want to work with me on that?

Wireless Internet Access
I can't stress this one enough. Maybe they already have this too but if they do its a secret. Having wireless internet would cost them about $30/month. I am sure between (e:ajay) [inlink]ajay,3[/inlink] and I, we could easily get them started. That is something very few other businesses are willing to offer. Namely spot coffeee. Off the Wall has it but I heard you have to pay, and that never brings people. Or maybe I am wrong and it does. Either way it would be a good service to offer.

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08/25/04 10:17 - ID#31175

Svetlana Khorkina Slandered by Xinhuanet

Once again I was reading the Chinese News at and found an article on the now famous gymnast Svetlana Khorkina from the olympics. The have this whole gallery of her life. Check out the above link for the full-sized pics, there are about 100. At first it looks so innocent. Pictures of this little gymnast, followed by pics of her childhood. Then you keep scrolling and find what looks to be trashy porn. I guess it shows you never know when stuff will catch up with you. It is a shame that on this tribute to her achievements, they have this smut.


The first one and maybe even the second picture "could" have been for some artistic purpose.


This third one was clearly porn. I airbrushed it a little to make it appropriate for my journal. Look at the scruffy man behind her in the shadow with his hand on her shoulder. He looks about 50 and she was born in 1979.! She must have been in some really desparate time. Here in the actual text of the article, they don't mention those pictures at all.


What a shame that a women who has made it so far is reduced to a man toy with this picture. I guess it's her own fault. It even kind of even shames the olympics a little. Why do you think she would do it. I mean she could have posed naked in some much less skanky way and definately without the man in the shadows.

Here is an exmaple of what would have been better. These two Olympians posed for studiomagazines (I found this through Xinhuanet too ) Click on Athens Dream. These pictures are so much better. They are showing off the prowess of the olympians bodies without compromising them in a sexual nature or degrading them as Svetlana's pictures did.



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08/24/04 06:30 - ID#31174

Action Needed

In reference to my previous articles [inlink]paul,1835[/inlink] and [inlink]paul,1823[/inlink], I would just like to reiterate the fact that while I am reliable for the technical side of stuff, I am notoriously bad at social networking. I can't even talk about the site in public because I can't overcome the angry feeling I get when people assume I am trying to sell something. I am definately not a salesman. That is my achilles heel. Seriously, I have a hard enough time ordering pizza.

Most people wouldn't guess this because if you know me personally, I am very social and talkative. It's just strangers.

I think that's why the site grew so slowly last year. I can't imagine how much different it would have been if I had really promoted it to people on the street and at festivals, etc. My goal for the summer was 300 people and we are at 115 now on Auguest 28th. I could barely deal with holding the microphone for the video interviews.

So, do we have anyone who can offer those kind of skills. There has to be a PR person out there, who can interface with the public.

It is very important right now because the last important summer event is coming this weekend. I would like us to have a big presence at the elmwood art festival. It is a hige chance to recruit people to write about their elmwood experience and make this historical record much bigger. We are at 4494 journals and about 6,000,000 letter typed.

Our house, as most of you know, is right on the street at the festival. Usually the stage is locate dright outside our window. Anyways, I need ideas and helpers? Anything? Anyone?

We will definately do more interviews. Anyone want to participate? ANyone have ideas that can really be implemented in one week?
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08/24/04 05:36 - ID#31173

Low Poly Renders

I was working on some really low poly heads with hair to demonstrate how few polygons can still confer an idea of the subject. It's kind of like line drawing with few lines.




Here I made the hair bigger than the head, so that it looks like a hood.


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