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Category: food

02/26/11 06:35 - ID#53737 pmobl

Canned Potatoes

Who is so lazy that potatoes are too difficult to cook? I guess they last longer but, seriously?

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Category: food

02/26/11 03:09 - ID#53735 pmobl

Blue fin on Elmwood, soft shell crab, yum!

Went to lunch at Blue Fin on elmwood with (e:samathon86) and (e:enknot).

I swear it gets better everytime I go and that says a lot because I really liked it from the first visit.

I usually get saba and toro sashimi with a side of fried rice or lo neon but all of the entrees I have seen and tried are so awesome that it's hard to keep getting that.

For example, (e:enknot) got the softshell crab. Check out how awesome it looks.

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Category: mobile

02/26/11 02:32 - ID#53734 pmobl

Moto Attrix Benchmark

I was really impressed with the motor attrix benchmarks.

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Category: games

02/25/11 06:09 - ID#53724 pmobl

Bowling at kenmore lanes

Last night I was supposed to go bowling with terry and friends but I misheard which lanes. Apparently, I was supposed to go to Classic Lanes for disco bowling night but I understood Kenmore Lanes and I directed half the party there. So (e:samathon) won with the high score of like 153.

Hadn't been there in years, since like 93 when I used to go there to play gauntlet.

I found a nice pink ball to use but I only bowled a high of 119.

(e:keithT) dressed the part. I wish there was more light in the pic.






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Category: mobile

02/24/11 08:57 - ID#53711 pmobl

Matthew's phone - Matthew's Journal

This screen is what sold it for me. Frankly, I am a bit jealous.

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Category: weather

02/23/11 06:15 - ID#53698 pmobl

6:13 and its light out

Wow, typing and walking with blind trust in your spelling corrector doesn't work.

I meant

It feels so weird to leave work when its light out again.


It feels do weird to leave work I'm the light again.

Time to get my yoga on.


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Category: texture

02/22/11 09:50 - ID#53688 pmobl

Fur on Metal

I am even more jealous of this HTC inspire 4g. The camera seems pretty amazing. The only downside is that it does not have the front facing camera.

The keyboard text selection on it better than on the gingerbread. At least the gingerbread I have have.

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Category: mobile

02/21/11 11:54 - ID#53680

Gingerbread is Pretty Fun

I couldn't wait any longer for the Nexus One to get gingerbread. For like a year I used Cyanoygen mod 6 on my nexus one but then I unrooted and reverted everything back to the standard android ROM around thanksgiving 2010 in anticipation of gingerbread coming out. Needless to say, it never came.


Tonight, I moved on to cyanogen 7 with gingerbread. I have no idea what standard gingerbread has because the cyanogen mods always have so much more. However, one thing I think is in both is the cursor when typing. This is great. It was one thing the android OS was really missing. Especially in devices like my Nook where I didn't have a trackball.

Another interesting thing is that it enabled the fabled FM radio chip in the phone making it possible to once again listen to FM radio on the go. I like this feature and missed it since giving up my nokia devices which had it. I don't understand why google didn't enable this by default if the chip was in there the whole time.

I am sure there are a bunch of other changes that I haven't discovered yet.
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Category: holidays

02/21/11 07:00 - ID#53676

National Holidays and the end of the civil war

In reference to the holiday comments on (e:heidi,53668).

My union celebrates the following holidays.

1. New Year's Day
2. Lincoln's Birthday
3. Washington's Birthday
4. Memorial Day
5. Independence Day
6. Labor Day
7. Columbus Day
8. Veterans' Day
9. Thanksgiving Day
10. Christmas Day
11. Election Day
12. Martin Luther King Day

I know, why do we still celebrate both Lincoln and Washingston's birthday in the same month when everyone else had moved onto Presidents day, if that. I really wish they would drop Christmas and replace it with a non-religious holiday. Its not like there are not float holidays, personal days and vacation time people could use to cover there religious holidays. Then the union would not look biased toward christians.

I guess this was the first time I really considered, "What is a national holiday?" One thing that seems to be a glaring oversight is the lack of an end of the civil war/ US reunification day to celebrate the end of the civil war.

According to wikipedia, the last shot was fired April 9th, 1865. Maybe this year I will use one of my float holidays and celebrate that instead. I also read the president of the confederacy was captured May 10, 1865. You think I would know seeing as I did a whole 4th grade presentation on Jefferson Davis, lol. Man that was so long ago.

Speaking of so long ago, I realized the other day that it has been more time since I was 17, than the time from birth to 17.

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Category: church of the ascension

02/21/11 04:36 - ID#53672 pmobl

Church of the Asenscion Plow Damage

Now that the snow is melting and the giant pickup truck is still plowing the freakin sidewalk - it is a disaster.

Is the convenience of not shoveling worth dealing with the amount of damage they will need to repair in the spring.

They already barely had any grass from the tracker/rider lawnmower tear up and their inability to rake leaves.

The ruts and piles are like a foot deep.





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