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Category: linux

06/01/11 12:20 - ID#54392

I love Fedora 15

I don't feel like enough people thank the Gnome 3 and Fedora team for what they do. This release is nothing but awesome. I don't care what the people who are not ready to give up gnome 2 say. The workflow of this new interface is great. It really keeps the clutter out of the way and forces me to not use my desktop like a trash can.

The effects are also much more useful than the old compiz ones for me. I never used the cube and the wobbly windows had no real purpose while the activity interface on gnome 3 is extremely useful in making getting to apps easy ,as well as, keep my interface clean. That plus just about everything can be done with the keyboard.
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Category: work

05/31/11 11:41 - ID#54391

Work is so boring right now

I am so bored with my job right now. I am having to re-write a bunch of existing code instead of working on anything new because a vendor product purchase changed the way we store employee position information.

Just about all of the other web apps depend on my directory service JSON RPC2 API so just about everything needs to be tested again.

Sometimes its fun to revisit old code and refactor but in this case, the code was very optimized and now I am just having to re-write and test a lot, in the end nothing will seem much different, just that my life will be sucked away a little more.

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Category: kenmore

05/30/11 11:44 - ID#54389 pmobl

Street Signs In Kenmore

(e:terry) and I were in Kenmore the other day when he commented on how large the lettering is on the new road signs there. They are at least twice the size of before. He said he thought it was perhaps due to Kenmore's aging population. I think he might be right.

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Category: body

05/30/11 11:41 - ID#54388 pmobl

160 lbs

Eating more carbs is helping me put on weight. Clearly it was the food group I was lacking in most. Strangely it is addicting. I used to have a protein shake for break (banana, milk + whey protein.) Now I eat a bowl of cereal with milk and honey. Before I would not be hungry till lunch or dinner. Now I snack incessantly during the day.

I just hope I can stop before I become fat and that I didn't open Pandora box.

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Category: health

05/30/11 11:36 - ID#54387 pmobl

Summer Cold

Yuck, at first I thought it was allergies but now I think I have a cold. It started out with inhaling a bug hukibg at ghr forge followed by being massively allergic to all the perfumes at the concert.

In order to treat it I tried the Netti pot. Usually, I am ok with it, but this time I turned my head near the end and I swear the water came out my eye which was unpleasant. On the other hand clean sinuses feel so nice.

I decided to take nyquil. Hopefully I won't go crazy like (e:tinypliny) did in benedryl, lol.

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Category: beach

05/30/11 03:27 - ID#54386 pmobl

Stuck at Bennette beach

Not us, but everyone else seems to have though parking on the muddy grass was a good idea. The beach was packed like I never saw it and there were multiple tow trucks pulling people out. We ended up leaving and going to Wendy.

Despite what everyone else says I have never been here. It us missing all if the eye candy from Bennette.

This one girl decided to drive straight into a ditch at like a 45� angle. I tried to get a better pic but they were yelling at us.


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05/29/11 11:15 - ID#54384 pmobl

Paddle Boats

These ones hold four people and a cooler. The only problem is how would we get it to and from the waterfront. Well that and the $500 price tag.

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Category: food

05/29/11 09:46 - ID#54382 pmobl

Hoak's On Route 5t

(e:terry), (e:mike), (e:libertad) and I were searching for a new lunch place today. After like an hour if thinking if somewhere to go we decided RI head out down 5 ans follow the lake. After Mike ans libertads awedul experience at Dug'a Dive last year we decided tto skip it and end up going until we saw Hoak's. I am glad. The food was great. Everything I ate was delicious and we got to sit in the sun, outaide in the lake to eat.

I wish I took a picture of the appetizers. Mushroom capacity stuffed with seafood.

Mike got a grilled shrimp Salad, and libertad and terry at roast need on weck.

I got fried clam strips and fries.

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Category: computers

05/29/11 04:17 - ID#54380 pmobl

Apple Store Meltdown in Buffalo, NY

I hate apple so much right now. Our stupid Mac mini computer just stopped working so (e:terry) made an appt. It must be the power supply seeing it does nothing when plugged in. Once we got there the apple store was having a meltdown. The lights were going crazy and the employees circled around like pioneers on a wagon train being attacked by angry Indians.

So a broken apple computer and a broken apple store, argh. I can't believe their stupid system accepted an appointment when it was down. And seriously a company like crapple can't afford a cellular backup network solution. If they can't even keep their stores running who is going to trust them as a network based cloud solution.


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Category: hiking

05/28/11 09:30 - ID#54373 pmobl

Hiking At Niagara Gorge

Before the concert (e:terry), (e:tinypliny) and I went hiking at the gorge. We had two hours before the conceryt so it was really a quick run down, across and back up.

I think tiny might have been slightly terrified of the climbing over fallen rocks part. At the bottom we had a nice snack if organic treats.

There was a boyscout troop doing the same thing. I couldn't believe how many of them were fat and having trouble. There were barely any fat scouts when I was a kid. I don't mean stocky either I mean straight up fatties.

The water was higher than I ever remember it which makes be think canoeing at somewhere like zoar valley would be awesome.






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