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Category: mobile

04/03/12 12:06 - ID#56312 pmobl

Paper in the ipad vs Note app on galaxy note

You can see the tool and color options on the note are so superior.


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Category: mobl

04/03/12 12:02 - ID#56311 pmobl

Robot Bird

I bought the stupid tools for the paper app on the iPhone. I like the interface for switching between notes but I really enjoy the drawing app on the Galaxy Note so much better. One thing I really miss is the S stylus. I love how people pretend they don't want or need styli for the ipad but then there is this giant ipad stylus market.

The other things that are so much better on the Note are the much richer tool and color selection options. You know, the basics like being able to pick from more than 6 colors and having high tech fancies like variable pen size and transparency. I can't believe the paper ipad on the ipad suckered me into to purchasing the different pens for $1.99 each. I though I would use them to sketch stuff out for work but without a stylus, it's not so useful to sketch out idea.

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Category: energy

04/01/12 08:02 - ID#56308

Thoughts about Electricity

I wanted to buy a tiny, energy efficient server, but I opted for a fast, powerful one. Next one will be energy efficient just like my next car. The combination of fast and powerful but energy efficient always comes at a premium. Its why celebrities drive electric cars.

I ordered this interesting device that allows you to measure the amount of electricity in watts that a device is pulling at any particular point. The device itself is cheap and plugs in between the device and its power source. THis is not the exact device I own, but its the exact same thing

Here are some interesting facts:
  • The Samsung LNT4665F 46" 1080p LCD HDTValone 67w
  • TV with macbook pro 270 watt
  • TV with macbook pro but mac screen closed 250w
  • macbook pro 85w
  • mac book pro screen 20watt?
  • TV with wii 130w
  • TV with wii playing game 170w
  • tortoise lights 250w
  • tortoise heat pad 130w
  • tortoise heat low 600w, med 924w, high 1460w
  • living room heater same
  • Dell 1950 server with 2 dual core 5160 3.0Ghz 120w-700w depending on usage Usually it is on the really low side.
  • Dell 1950iii server with 2 quad core X5460 3.0Ghz 120w-700w depending on usage
  • mac mini server 85W with a single 2.0ghz quad core i7

We use so much electricity and our bill is around $180-200/month for 3 people. For example jan-feb of this year we used 1577 kWh and it cost us $188.36 with services and taxes, etc. Looking at the bill I think it is somewhere around $0.12 per kilowatt hour. Which is 1 hour worth of 1000 watts.

I think we could probably save so much money by unplugging things that are not being used. One way to save a lot of money is to plug everything into power strips and then just turn those off when you leave. This is especially useful for devices that draw power when not in use, which is most of them.
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Category: servers

04/01/12 06:04 - ID#56306

New Server - Oh Shit $899 later

So I leaned how ebay works today. I haven't used it in a long time. I was looking at new servers and the price was $1300 with 1 hour to go.

There was a "make an offer" button. I put in $899 and hit the button. I was under the assumption it sent an email to the auctioneer and they could get back to me. Instead it sent an immediate accept response with the bill. If I had known it worked this way, so automated, I would have tried lower. Still it is a great deal.

A new Dell 1950 III , Intel Xeon E5450 2x 3.0GHz Quad Core, with 16GB RAM and dual 1TB drives. The new drives are only 7200RPM vs the old ones which were 15K. I am curious if the tradeoff in size is worth the speed. It has 4 slots compared to the 2 on the old system, so many I will invest in a small OS SSD to fast boot.

I might have been able to built one from scratch for cheaper, like I did with the original super micro server, but it would not have been as sure to work as the Dell 1950 which I am already using.

Anyhow, this will allow to me to experiment with KVM and cents 6 virtualization.

This should also solve the running out of space for the site media. Not necessary but if anyone feels they want to contribute feel free to donate

Now if only I could afford SSDs for it

Earlier this year we bought four of the Intel SSDs to prototype them in a new Dell 1950 Poweredge Server in a RAID-0 configuration (striped data for pure performance). We have a multi-tiered slave database architecture so I’m not worried about RAID-level redundancy. The results were amazing! We tasked the Intel SSD prototype server as a database slave in our production environment to safely introduce the new technology into our operations. When we initiated synchronization from the master database server, the SSD server was about 90 minutes behind the master. Typically, when a slave is this far behind the master it would have taken a slave server about 30 minutes to re-sync. Well, with the usage of SSDs, it only took about 100 seconds to re-synchronize with the master database!

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Category: weather

03/31/12 08:25 - ID#56304 pmobl

No Fear They Survived

The freezing didn't kill them after all.

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Category: weather

03/30/12 09:19 - ID#56302 pmobl

Sorry Springtime

There go all the flowers.

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Category: buffalo

03/30/12 07:52 - ID#56301 pmobl

Street View has new maps of linwood

The are so high res that thy blur out the license plates now.


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Category: food

03/29/12 08:07 - ID#56297 pmobl

Where bacon meets icecream

I saw this at the coop today. Unfortunately, I just had pork chops covered in Bacon and procuitto so I am baconed out and didn't buy it.

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Category: art

03/28/12 10:38 - ID#56292

Gender Across Borders: Arts, Action, Activism, April 12-13, Buffalo, NY

APRIL 12-13, 2012 BUFFALO, NY
For more information and to register:

The UB Gender Institute cordially invites you to attend the 2012 Gender Across Borders Symposium: Arts, Action, Activism. Taking place the evening of Thursday, April 12th and throughout the day and evening of Friday, April 13th, this interdisciplinary symposium is free and open to the public and will bring together artists, scholars, and activists to explore the intersections of feminism, gender, activism, and artistic practice.

The symposium opens Thursday evening with a screening of rare films and a panel on Women, Media Access, and Film & Video Activism. Friday’s schedule features two panels: Feminism & Visual Protest Culture and Gender & Digital Activism, and Occupy Lunch, an interlude of installations, performances, and workshops with artists and activists. Closing the event will be a Cabaret of performances including music, spoken word, and theater.

The full schedule ::READ PDF:: is also available at our website:
Although the symposium is a free event, we do request pre-registration. To reserve lunch, please register by Thursday, April 5.

We are accepting applications to participate in Occupy Lunch through March 26th.

If you have questions about the symposium, please email us at

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Category: body

03/28/12 10:37 - ID#56291

Tired of being sick

I have had the worst head cold congestion, cough since monday. I was hoping to keep it from progressing into a cough but I am all coughtastic this morning. I blame the shift in weather coupled by crazy allergies making my throat raw and susceptible to infection. This often happens when I scratch my throat a lot because of allergies.


I have been working from home to prevent everyone else from getting it. This is actually quite unusual. Most of my coworkers go in sick all the time, which is how I generally get sick.

I could just not work but I go crazy when I have nothing to do and even more so over the stress of the work building up makes me anxious and its not like doing nothing makes it get better. I am glad I have a job that can be done from just about anywhere. I can't imagine if I had to operate some specialized machine that was only in one place.

Generally, I can get more done away from the office even in worse physical health. If I ever get a new job I may pursue the kind that allows me to work remotely.
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