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Category: work

01/14/06 03:20 - 28ºF - ID#32453 pmobl

So much work, so much cleaning

Today while spending the whole morning cleaning the house I thought to myself, why am I wasting my time doing this. I mean at one point I was cleaning out the fridge and sweeping and I would have been spending my time setting up the server for the move on monday.

I mentioned to (e:terry) that I thought we should pay someone to clean our house. I would be willing to pay someone like $50 for three hours of laundry and dishes. He thinks that makes me a classist asshole.

I think it's way above minimum wage and not everyone wants full timework, say students, so why not contribute to the trickle down effect.

When I was in high school I was a butler for this guy. He paid us around $8/hour to prepare and present his dinner in the evening and wash the dishes. For me it presented an opportunity to make more money than I was making as a cashier at Vicks and frankly, it was much nicer not having to deal with retails and the low level chain of command politics.

I just don't see anything wrong with it.

Recycling was so out of control this time because I found lots of stuff that had to go when I was cleaning the frigerator. There must have been 4 pickle jars and 4 speghetti jars. My hands smell sour in such a gross way now. Next time I am wearing gloves.

Wish me luck with the server. It is going to be so much work. I wish I had another server, database person to work with.



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Category: allen

01/13/06 07:33 - 56ºF - ID#32452 pmobl

The Pink

I am drunk and at the Pink at 7PM. I went out with my buddy Tony from work. (e:lilho) and he and I are going to eat at Sahara grill and then off to the We Are Scientists show at the icon. I havent't been there since I was like 18 and then once when it was club E.

Has anyone notices this graffitti in the oarking lot at the pink.


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Category: vacation

01/11/06 11:57 - 40ºF - ID#32451

parc de l'espanya industrial

So a lot of my friends think that I obsessively document my life. I am really just trying to make up for lost time, when I didn't take record of anything. Lots of the most exciting years slipped by without even a picture. In fact during the time I traveled around the world the most, I didn't even have a camera. One place that I really regret taking no pictures of is Barcelona. It was perhaps my most favorite place on earth, although it could be the fact that it looks so strange and I had lots of drugs and lot of free time. Has anyone else been there?

Luckily someone else went on vacation there are took lots of pictures . Moreover, they left their pictures directory open on the web and it got indexed. If you search throught the pics enough you will find not only great pics of Barcelona but really cute finnish? girls, most likely the ones on vacation that took the pics.

At Parc de L'Espanya Industrial I got really high on mushrooms and watched a man get beaten with a baseball bat from across the water. I remember wanting to help but I was on the other side of the water and I was trashed. I think the man was really critically injured. I learned to not hang out in sketchy palces at night time after that.


I guess I am not really missing anything other than pictures of the people I met along the way.

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Category: buffalo

01/11/06 07:54 - 40ºF - ID#32450 pmobl

Around the Warmth

It is so incredible how warm it has been the last couple days. If you don't believe in global warming then there is nothing to worry about.

This entire winter has been so warm. Here is the Anchor bar on a nice warm January afternoon in Buffalo. Someone told me it will be in the high 50s on Friday.


It was even sunny on my lunch break.


[size=m]It's Official[/size]
The other night I met with Jamie Moses at Artvoice. The server is officially moving there on Monday. I am also going to make Artvoice a mobile calendar site.


I ate chicken Ambrosia at Ambrosia. If you have never tried this and you are a meat eater, you have to try it. It is reminiscent of Chicken Soulvlaki but it has a mustard sauce instead of the vinigar oil dressing you typically get with a souvlaki.


On the way home I foudn this sign on a linwood lawn of the house I want to own but which is not for sale. I want it so bad. They apparently said no to the Casino which angered some people.


Then other people tacked up this boycott delta sonic sign on the say no to the casino sign. It's like a whole protest on their lawn - my lawn that should be.

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Category: computer

01/10/06 11:33 - 33ºF - ID#32449

The Commodore 64

According to (e:shawnr), a commodore 64 cost $100 when it came out. This is GEOS the graphical based operating system I used first. I rememebr being blown away with how much it could do.


This site has so much info about the commodore 64

Here are about as many game and applicatrion roms as you could ever desire

There are emualtors for every system including your phone. Here is one for the PC Just try google if you need another flavor.

When The Pawn came out in 1986, it was so amazing. I got so lost in this text based adventure you can't even imagine. Did anyone else play it?

You should try it in an emulator.



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Category: computers

01/10/06 12:20 - 35ºF - ID#32448

My first computer

When did you guys get your first home computers? I got my first computer a vic20 back in the early 80s probably around '81 maybe before. I would play on it for hours, poking memory bits and moving sprite.


I rememeber my first program Basic went something like this

1 print "I love my vic20"
2 goto 1

and I was instantly addicted and saved it all to tape. Tapes were kind of fun. I can't tell you how much music got sacrificed to "save data".


The vic 20 had some really excellent text based RPGs. I loved them all. But it definately was not a gaming machine. In fact I don't think it had any graphics outside of text.

Then I saw Jason Fahmer's commodore 64 .


He was always the kid that had eveything first. Luckily, he was also my best friend at the time. I got one right after that. My mom said just about after they came out, which was 1982, so lets say 1983 when (e:mike) was born.

Many of my other friends had a tandy or an Apple II. I remember wanting an apple II GS, whatever the gs stood for.

I never got a modem because my dad was an insurance salesman and he couldn't have the business line tied up with me using the computer. I wonder what would have happend to me during the boom if I had had a modem before that. Luckily, the mail man [inlink]paul,2626[/inlink] would bring around programs and I quickly got my hands on GEOS, the first graphics operating system I had ever seen. The commodore 64 was truly a viable home computer for the time.

At school we played Oregon Trail ont eha Apple IIs (WIKIPEDIA - The_Oregon_Trail_%28computer_game%29)

I remember using logo (WIKIPEDIA - logo programming language) by third grade. PENDOWN FD 90 RT

We played some otehr game about mixing chemical on other planets to make compounds. Taht was fun too.

Nearly everyone I knew had a home computer. A lot of my good friends at the time. Jason Fahmer, Angela Vacanti, Kelly LeVan, Heather Killian , Chris Watson, Chris Parada. Seems like most of the people I hung out with in the early to mid 80s.

Then the macs came out in 1984. Those macs were pretty advanced machines that could do a lot of home computing tasks. Heather got one and so did Chris Watson. I remember distinctly that Heather always had some really cool computers.

I am sure everyone remembers the first computer based encyclopedia they saw. Mine was at Heather's house. Or maybe not because I lived in such an isoloted weird place like Kenmore.

I remember the crazy advertsiement with tthe woman running and smashing the computers or something . I wanted one so bad, but we didn't get one or an amiga.

(WIKIPEDIA - home computer)

I lifted this list from wikipedia.

* Apple II (June 1977, North America) (color graphics, eight expansion slots)
* Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 (August 1977, N. Am.) (first home computer for less than US$600)
* Commodore PET (December 1977, N. Am.) (first all-in-one computer: keyboard/screen/tape storage)
* Atari 400/800 (1979, N. Am.) (first computer with custom chip set)
* Commodore VIC-20 (1980, N. Am.) (under US$300; first computer in the world to pass the one million sold mark)
* TRS-80 Color Computer (1980, N. Am.) (Motorola 6809, OS-9 multi-user multi-tasking)
* Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (June 1981, N. Am.) (16-bit CPU)
* Sinclair ZX81 (1981, Europe) (£49.95 in kit form; £69.95 pre-built)
* BBC Micro (1981, Europe) (premier educational computer in the UK for a decade; advanced BASIC)
* ZX Spectrum (April 1982, Europe) (best-selling British home computer; "made" the UK software industry)
* Commodore 64 (August 1982, N. Am.) (best-selling computer model of all time: > 20 million sold)
* MSX (late 1983, Japan) (a computer 'reference design' by ASCII and Microsoft, manufactured by several companies)
* Apple Macintosh (1984, N. Am.) (first fully GUI-based home/personal computer; first 16/32-bit)
* Amstrad/Schneider CPC & PCW ranges (198?, Europe) (British std. prior to IBM PC; German sales next to C64)
* Atari ST (1985, N. Am.) (first with built-in MIDI interface; also 1MB RAM for less than US$1000)
* Commodore Amiga (July 1985, N. Am.) (custom chip set for graphics and sound; multitasking OS)

I think then there was a huge lapse before we got another computer when I was in my late high shcool years. That actaully worked out good for me because I was not at all into computers in high school. Liek I would use it sometimes to type a paper, but it was deifnately not my passtime. I was much more into doing outdoors stuff and exploring sex and drugs.
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Category: design

01/09/06 06:37 - 36ºF - ID#32447

When Print makers Become Web designers

I know I will get a bunch of slack for this but print makers are notoriously bad web designers in my opinion. There have been a few exceptional cases that I have met, but generally, when a print design company tries to go web design, it usually looks like wrong. They almost always have a really beautiful giant splash graphic and thats where the magic ends. It's no longer just a picture that you put on the web, it's a living interactive interface.

Right now I am working on Ride for Roswell at work. You can look at last year's website to get an idea of where it is going It is designed by Flynn and Friend's, a company in buffalo . I decided to look up their firm on the net after seeing the CD I am supposed to work with had their name on it. The paradigm is so old, i received some photoshop pictures and it is supposed to become a web site.

If you look at the non-web media design portfolio on their website, it looks pretty nice. But the web deisgn stuff looks really mediocre, borderline lame. I guess the was interersting.

I think it is the result of print based web designers relying too heavily on photoshop. It's all still a throwback to when the web was all slice up tables based layout. My question is how much do they get paid for the web site design, when I am doing the coding here at Roswell and someone else enters in the data.



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Category: food

01/09/06 03:22 - 37ºF - ID#32446

wingdings for lunch

Today's special atw work was those yummy wingdings. I knew this because I saw it on th mobile app I made for work where it reports today's specials. I guess it worked for me. Yum!

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Category: web

01/08/06 02:27 - 35ºF - ID#32445

Artvoice Geek Meet

So, I finally spoke with Jamie Moses and I can make some time now that most everything else is out of the way. We are going to meet on Tuesday night to talk about the Geek Meet and some other stuff. Then on the 16th maybe I will move the server. It is mostly set up and whatever doesn't work atthat point can be set up remotely afterwards. I think we will gain a lot of improvement in what we can offer. Especially because we will go from having 6GB (around 4285.71 floppy disks) worth of space to around 400GB (around 285,714.29 floppy disk) worth of space. Then we can start having more video and audio features.

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Category: hair

01/07/06 10:49 - 29ºF - ID#32444

Haircut Pics

Wow I really let my hair grow long this time.





Afterwards, (e:lilho) and I played with the baby. I bought her a new stocking to play in. She loves it. At some point (e:lilho) started to turn into a squirrel.



She played iwth it so much she started to become a squirrel.


(e:lilho) was playing with my phone and pulled out the memory chip. It is really tiny. She asked me how big it was and I said 1 gigabyte. Then she said how big is that so I said ~1,000 megabytes. Then she asked me how big that was in floppy disks. I can't remember the last time someone asked me how big something was in floppy disks. I almost forgot they existed. Anyways, It is also around ~1000 floppy disks although prob some less because I think that floopy disks were 1.4 MB each.

We saw barbie at target. She had a special message for everyone.


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