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Category: programming

12/05/05 12:09 - 23ºF - ID#32384 pmobl

visual basic is ugly but easy

This morning I am studying visual basic while my computer is offline.

It is so primitive looking.

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Category: work

12/05/05 10:30 - 23ºF - ID#32383 pmobl

it's going good

Fortunately, the schedule is variable. I will be developing mobile stuff for the crackberry.

Vbscript is ugly . It reminds me of programming the basic stamp. end if, lol
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Category: work

12/05/05 08:14 - 22ºF - ID#32382 pmobl

Morning Time

It has been years since I have seen 7am. It instantly brought me back to the feeling of waking up for high school.

I am excited to see what the day brings.


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Category: health

12/04/05 04:50 - 29ºF - ID#32381 pmobl

Smoking - It'a Quitting Time

Last night we went out to Allen Street Hardware and the Pink for (e:rachel)'s birthday. I smoked lots of cigarettes.


Being that I officially start work tomorrow morning at Roswell Park, I think it is an appropriate time to really quit smoking. I have been smoking since I was twelve.

I never smoked more than three cigarettes a day but I also have been rolling my own and mostly smoking unfilted cigarettes.

I remember the first time still. At least I am pretty sure. After religion class my friend Heather and I headed to (e:iriesara)'s and I remember having entirely to much coffee in religion class. Heather and I mixed the coffee with hot chocolate packages and way too many coffee grounds.

The teachers didn't seem to ever mind because we were often the life of the religion class. Whenever I was that hyper I would get really into class.

So afterwards we headed down Eugene over to Sara's and somehow we had cigarettes. I am going to assume that they came from Watson's on Deleware in Kenmore. They are the same people that own Watson's Candy but back then they had a restaurant too and in the back they had an unguarded cigarette machine which was great for a kid wanting cigarettes.

When we smoked heather got sick and threw up. I believe (e:iriesara) and I liked it and we became smokers. I think she loves them even more they I do. In fact, she kind of sounds like captain Jane Way from Star Trek Voyager.

(e:lilho) likes to smoke too. Here she is before and after smoking.

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Category: mobile

12/04/05 02:44 - 24ºF - ID#32380 pmobl

Live internet radio

Nothing beats live internet streaming radio at 128k on my mobile phone. I suggest You can listen to it with any streaming internet player liek itunes, realplayer, or window media. It has radically reconfigured my thoughts about internet radio and radio as a medium.

Tongiht I met Val Townsend at the pink. Any friend of (e:shawnr)'s is a friend of mine.
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Category: family

12/04/05 12:21 - 26ºF - ID#32379 pmobl

I miss my brother

It'S only been a weekend but I miss (e:mike) already. going out for (e:rachel)'s birthday just isn't the same without him.
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Category: mobile

12/03/05 11:17 - 24ºF - ID#32378 pmobl

Just testing the corrupt jpegs

My phone had the same problem thate:shawnr's had with corrupt jpeg headers. Luckily, I am a master of hex data and regular expressions so I was able to fix it.


Now the journal is really ready for mobile use on my phone. 1 month until (e:flacidness) moves to NYC.
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Category: mobile

12/03/05 06:09 - 26ºF - ID#32377 pmobl

Windows Mobile 2005

I have always hated windows in general. I never liked Windows 95,98 and XP was ok but still had all kinds of trouble. I have used about ten differetn flavors of linux and liked them al pretty much. i liked the mac OS.

But windows mobile 2005, is seriously the most amazing mobile operating system. I mean the phone itself is probably hard to compare to other ones because it has a 400mhz processor but windows mobile is so speedy. Far superior to the Symbian series 90 nokia that I just had before this and which cost just as much.

I can listen to (e:strip) radio live streaming with no lag or buffer. I am basically one happy boy. Thank you eLdrchlorine for providing continuous mobile entertainment.
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Category: mobile

12/03/05 12:11 - 24ºF - ID#32376 pmobl

PPC 6700

So I got my dream phone today . It does everything I wanted it too accept flash right now. The pictures are great and the picture mode is so spytastic as you can turn off the sounds. There is a one button take picture and one button record audio button. It has a keyboard.

We went to sprint and (e:terry) and (e:matthew) got cell phones today too. We ended up with a family plan. With eLterry's government discount we pay about $70/month and we share 400 minutes, 100 text messages and I have really fast internet. They have free internet right now and have a month to decide if they want it. I hope they keep it because then they can use the site mobilly also.

Slowly the site is more and more a mobile entity as I always hoped for.

We started the day buying new cell phones.


I foudn these polish cookies that I would have sworn were Italian. Maybe Nonna learned hwo to make them in America.


Has anyone tried monkfish before. It looks really yummy but it is expensive.

We bought another shipload of $400 in groceries. They all taste so yummy.

We probably should not have watched Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory before going grocery shopping. There is about a pound of chocolate sponge candy under the groceries.


The one thing that weirds me out about the camera is that it came with this picture on it marked 8/1/2005 but the camera did not even get release untill just recently so what is up with that. Did a developer take it? It came new fatcory sealed fromt he factory.


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Category: bable

12/01/05 09:08 - 33ºF - ID#32375

Dog Poop on Lilho

So (e:lilho) came to our house tonight with dog poop on her shoes. I think she should just throw them out. We were supposed to be recording new start up sounds for the site but I got sidetracked when (e:chris) came by with his new PPC-6700 mobile phone. I am going to buy one tomorrow - which is exciting. Because it has a keyboard, a working camera and a really fast Internet connection you can expect that I will be able to finally take my journal to the next level. I am not quite sure what to expect but it will be fantastic whatever it is.

So we got the mac set up in some sort of music studio with the giant Casio keyboard. Hopefully, this will inspire (e:terry) to write some magical new jingles for the site and finally put his music degree to some use.

We recorded (e:lilho)'s dog poop experience as music


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