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Category: hiking

06/11/05 08:14 - ID#32022

Hiking The Zoar with Walitin

We went hiking at Zoar for the day with dave. I think I am dying because my allergies and so freakin horrible, that my eyes keep watering and itching. I am having this dilema. Either Loratadine stopped working for me or walilitin (walgreen brand claritin) is not really the same as claritin. If it turns of claritin and Walitin are not the same, then I will never buy another generic product again. Worse yet if claritin stopped working for me, I can't imagine continuing to be alive.

It's like wegmans brand cranberry juice. Most of wegmans' brand is pretty good, but have you ever comapred wegmans healthy brand cranberry juice to the name brand. It is much lighter and looks watered down.

It was still nice to be outside naked.


Ladycroft and Joshua. Do you guys know each other off the site? Who knows who? I am so confused about everyones relation to each other.
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06/11/05 11:30 - ID#32021

Rabbit On asphalt

Much of our big, wildlife-filled, field-like backyard has been paved with nasty asphalt. It is really sad to see the rabbits come by looking for the field and get really confused. This on esat in the middle of the asphalt for about 20 minutes just looking around ocnfused.

The parking lot was made much to big, you could fit several schpool busses on it.


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06/10/05 04:34 - ID#32020 pmobl

Even Fruit is Internetified

I just went to bite into a plum and noticed it had a web address .

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06/10/05 03:39 - ID#32019 pmobl

Adams Nursery

I attended a field trip to Adams Nursery with (e:matthew) and (e:terry) . I was nice to be outside in a florida kind of way. It was so strange to have two 90 degree days in a row in June. If this isn't global warming, I hope it is a glimpse of what it could be like. I really like it hot out.


It seems like everyone else complains all the time, but just remember how bitter cold winter is. I even enjoy the traffic based wind coming down sheridan drive.


The only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the ozone problem they reported as I was having some asthma this morning. Welcome to summer.




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06/10/05 02:23 - ID#32018

Shawn and Sara(h)

We had (e:shawnr) and his wife sara(h) over for dinner last night. It was nice to hang out, although I must confess I suck at video games and we played them. Well, I kind of watched playing them although sometimes I had a controller. USually, once I figured out which character I was the game was over.

We ate lots of good food. We had tuna steaks, salad, Rider Family Potato Salad, fruit salad, smoothies, string beans and more.

HEre are the berries pre fruit salad. They were full of organic yumminess, that wegmans has at prices the coop could never dream of.

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06/09/05 02:24 - ID#32017 pmobl

Blood Pressure

I am obsessed with blood pressure machines. I seems like every year my blood pressure gets lower and lower. Is there a "too low."

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06/08/05 08:43 - ID#32016

Chatting in high school?

paulsidekick: wow this is the first time I ever chatted with you
paulsidekick: its freaky
paulsidekick: Imagine if we had this in high school
jessica_kim_ho : wooo wooo wooo scary chat
jessica_kim_ho : um paul we did
jessica_kim_ho : it was called aol
paulsidekick: no we didn't
paulsidekick: the web came out in 1995

jessica_kim_ho : yeah t6hats so insane
jessica_kim_ho : i remember
jessica_kim_ho : thats so insane the internet was just invented
jessica_kim_ho : now im so freaked out
jessica_kim_ho : soon the robots are going to come for everyne and make us work for them

At least for us it didn't exist, we didn't have any resources before that.
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06/08/05 05:47 - ID#32015 pmobl

Written vs Verbal Communication

I had an interesting conversation with a person who is very adept at business level interpersonal communication, so I thought I would share it with you all.

She told me the reason that verbal communication is preferred, is that it isn't recorded like written communication. An email can be forwarded or saved forever and bite you back but a phone coversation or better yet personal meeting fades with memory.

I guess that's preety good advice but seeing as I record my whole life, nothing should ever fade till the alzheimers is so bad I lose short terms memory.

I also thought about the fact that I have (yes, unethically) recorded numerous phone conversations and face to face conversations on various digital devices and wonder if she was talking into account the increased collection of data in the era of personal digital devices.

Either way, it's something to think about. If it's questionable say it with as few digital devices near you as possible, best idea is to meet someone at a nudist colony or a have a swim meeting at the lake, lol.
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06/08/05 12:10 - ID#32014

I am such a freaking loser

Nothing sucks more than being a loser careerwise. Maybe it really is time to split from this city although I really don't want to. I am so tired of feeling like a loser. I went to get my old job back today and it turned out something had to change because the two classes they were going to have me teach were at the same time, argh. So now I am going to end up being a lab technician while teaching the Advanced Programming class this semester.


Then I get home and they are tarring the parking area in our backyard, so everything smells like cancer.
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06/07/05 11:47 - ID#32013 pmobl

Night at the Clam Bar

I went to the clambar with (e:matthew) . I was looking at my journal from last June [inlink]paul,981[/inlink] and we went then too. (e:hodown) said she might make a donation to the server slush fund. I need $144.00 to get the connection setup. After that it's 104.00 per month but we already pay $59.00 for internet and $40.00 for server space, so maybe its not much more. It depends if it includes a phone number. If it does I am sold because having home access to the server will mean speed and easy development/backup.

[size=m]Twisted Takes Off[/size]
lwist: ok. gotta go. see ya in a couple weeks!
lwist: lwist signed off at 11:32 pm.

Everything (e:twisted) will be out of my life for a bit, till she is back from vacation. I am going to die or have a thesis when it's done.


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