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05/25/04 12:40 - ID#30944

The Rising Cost of Beer

I would like to see a pie chart that reflects our annual beer cost/per visitor at our bar.

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05/24/04 09:07 - ID#30943

I am Officially Jealous Of Julie

You all know how much I love it here on Elmwood but I am quite jealous of Julie [inlink]churchofjulie,31[/inlink]. I would like to be traveling in Alaska. I remember my travel days in Europe. It was so fun to see another side of the world without any sort of fitting it in to any one else's schedule. Argh, I wonder if you will ever come back.

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05/24/04 07:30 - ID#30942

Old Style

Every week I mow the lawn at my nonna's house
with this old machine. Two years ago, I had it sharpend but it didn't
make it any easier. Last week, I added sewing machine oil. What a
difference, now it mows again.

How is it that I am the most high tech man I know and I am cutting with
this old machine. Nonna calls it old style. Sometimes, I like it
because its the only physical labor I do. It makes me feel strong is
some way.

I mean, I could high tech it and bring over some fancy, electrical,
cutters, but I won't, I need something to ground me
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05/24/04 03:08 - ID#30941

More Fun from class

Today went well, I think everyone seemed interested in the cemetary idea and excited about 3D modeling.

Here is my test render from class.

Well, I am off to Nonna for some Lawn mowing, if the weather permits it. Hodown, I know you are here in town, contact me when you get a chance.
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Category: school

05/24/04 04:19 - ID#30940

I am starting to teach a new class

Starting this morning at 11, I will begin teaching a new class I created called DMA 386 - Modeling Physical Environments for Real-time. I am going to be teaching the students to identify important data when exploring an environment with the intention of recreating it digitally.


The physical location I have chosen is Forest Lawn Cemtetary which has a really lame website by the way. We will eb traveling there and measuring, taking phtos, grave rubbings, scans, sketches, etc. Then we will collect all the data and rebuild a specific site in 3D. It seems like it will be an exciting class to teach.
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05/22/04 10:20 - ID#30939

Terry and Brian

We got to see Brian again. Here he is
posed with Terry.
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05/22/04 08:56 - ID#30938

Die Sonne Scheint

Hier findet man alles siemlich
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05/22/04 08:49 - ID#30937

Where is this?

It's a secret for now, but its pretty.
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05/22/04 02:23 - ID#30936

Paul Visco

I was juist searching again on google and ever since I changed the system, our journals started showing up more on google. It is really sad for wilson's farms that many of them point to the day when I saw the incedent with the homeless man there. Try search under elmwood strip wilson's farms or elmwood strip environment They both show it. I have no control over this.

Try searching under elmwood strip fish and you will get Diana's entry that had soemthing to do with fish as the number one result. This makes Matthew mad because he writes copious amounts about fish, and yet his results don't show. What is the secret, Mr. Google?

Paul Visco is a person that is testing to see if this journal is read by google. If it is this journal when show up when you search for Paul Visco on google.

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05/22/04 12:55 - ID#30935

Radio is On and Off to see Brian

The radio is on today after a long pause. Please check it out. The Radio archives have also been updated. Instructions for accessing both are found on the radio journal. Look in the fav five section.

We are off to see Terry's friend Brian in some far away place. I wonder if we will really get to see him or if something will come up inbetween. Now that I have no cell phone power anymore, I have a nervous feeling about being far away in the car. I really miss having it. Its like having always been connected and then switching to never being connected. I feel stupid without my google mainstream 24/7. What happens if we get into an argument and we don't have access to the defining answer. Will it never end?
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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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