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03/24/04 10:18 - ID#30826

Pen Tool Fixed

The update pen link is fixed. You can add pictures and flash to your old journal entries using that. It was only broken ssince this morning when I forgot to save the update.
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03/24/04 12:57 - ID#30824

Terry Can Be Very Happy

I was looking at some old pictures and noticed that terry can be very happy. Mostly when ouside.

This picture is with Emilie. She was so freaking cool. She is from France, although specifically from Britagne. We studied together in Jena and shared a lot of our experiences.


This is Terry at his, my brother's (mike) and Jacob's birthday. My brother intensly hated this moment although he appears happy in the photo. He was traumatized that my mother suggested he share his birthday with others. Although we all knwo in the future a lot more was shared than birthdays!! lol


This is Terry, Matt and I with Dave on a swimming trip. I know it doe snot look like it but we are on the way there. We went swimming near Ithaca. there was supposed to be some sort of he,mp festival but somehow we mised it and ended up at a science festival for children. It was probably all very similar either way.


Here is Terry and I about to begin hiking the Rennstieg. There are many places in Germany called the Rennstieg but the most famous one is the 31 mile trail in Thueringen. We did most of it, if not all it. Our history teacher dropped us off and we took a rain home. The whole school thing was actually quite funny becuase Terry was really an illegal alien and not a student for the whoel year, but he attended classes with me sometimes and lived in my house. that was back in the days before they tracked everything.


Here are Terry and I swimming in Lake Ontario (cancer soup) off of Dave's boat. It was pretty funny because terry is always the tough guy and dave asked if he wanted to ride on the tube while Dave drove the boat. I was really drunk, and terry was aparently screaming for dave to stop but couldn't let go because he would die at the speed we were going. So, i misunderstood him at the speed dave was going. I was in the back of the boat, and when Terry yelled, "stop" I kept telling dave he was yelling for him to go faster. It was really funny but dangerous. Dont mix boatign and drinking. People die.


This picture is of Terry on our boat. For a year we owned a shitty little inflatable boat. It was when we lived in Jena, Germany. We used to start out in our town and float down the Saale River as far away as possible. Then we would take the train home. Sometime we went really far. Someday, I would like to float all the way across Europe.

People thought we were totally crazy. Sometime we would just be really drunk. Other times we would be singing really loud on our stupid little boat and using branches for oares. One time we found a rope hanging from a tree and we swinging off it in our uderwear. thats the day of this picture. I think the Germans just wrote us off as verrueckte Americans.

Terry never let me bring my pokeman game. I was seriously addicted and I think he was jealous that he didn't have his own gameboy.

This boat was like absolute freedom for us. We ended up in such crazy places. Probabaly also cancer soup.


He is Terry and Jacob looking happy after we almost died. Terry might disagree but I felt like this was a serious near death experience. We went to bike across part of the Nevada desert and we had no water. It sounds insane, expecially considering I would always insist on bringing two gallons of water in the car. We got to a point where the bikes could not go. they got fucked up, we got fucked up. We survived. The bikes died shortly thereafter in Sacrmemento. At least they lasted throuht the sequoias. They kind of whipped off the car while it was driving.


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03/23/04 03:42 - ID#30823

Don't forget about flash

No one seems to be using any flash stuff. Should we host a class maybe? I wouldn't mind teaching it. Anyone else want to teach with me?

::Download Flash SWF::

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03/22/04 08:15 - ID#30822

Crochet Knitting

I guess you can create fine art with knitting as well. IS this your aspiration. Check it out.

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03/21/04 11:52 - ID#30821

Switch to Firefox, Gimp, and OpenOffice


Many of you are all anti-corporate until it comes to the computers. I would like to offer some free alternatives to common software that you need to exist as a computer user in the 2000s.

I would like to offer some free, open source alternatives.

The most important switch is the switch to a free browser that supports standards, has tabbed broswing, is fast as can be, and has the ability to protect your privacy, as well as, to block pop-ups. It works identical on Mac OSX, windows, and Linux. IE is no longer going to be the cross-platform browser that it once was, as they have cut all development of their browser for OS X.

The browser you want was called Mozilla FireBird but has now changed its name to Mozilla Firefox. Grab a free copy its amazing.

In the future I will be designing all versions of this site specifically targeting that browser. I will put a link to download it on the front page.

Here is a link to a great review of that browser

--Office Suite Software
For the the office suite I would switch to OpenOffice. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and is nearly identical on all platforms. The address to get it is - note it is a large download but very fast.

--Design Software
For a Photoshop substitute I suggest the Gimp. the windows 32 version can be forund here

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03/20/04 07:30 - ID#30820

Protest and Talking

We don't have to talk the issues at the war protest. Just by being there we are showing our support for the issue. Especially in todays mass media world where numbers are all that really matter.

I would even argue that it is the worst time to talk about the issues unless you are a speaker or on loud speaker. Otherwise, you are wasting your breath converting the already converted. It would be far more radical to go to the mall talk with people who might not have thought about it.

We have so many other outlets for critcial analysis and thought.
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03/20/04 04:17 - ID#30819

More site stuff

I am so excited to finally be able to see who is logged in. I hope you all are too, it was the number one most requested feature and I think the reason the chat room had not worked out before. Soon, I will develop something so you can send intersite notes to other memebers who are logged on outside of the chatroom or email functions. I just need to have more time.

I guess it is always about time with this project. I feel so guilty sometimes because I end up ignoring my friends but I really think that in the long run this has potential to make something pretty cool and once its set it should just run by itself.

Thanks for putting up with me.

On another note, I strongly believe that Sarah needs to break free from her mothers and get and apartment. I think she really might want to do it. Just work and pay her way. I for one would be very proud of her.

Mike, this could be a good roomate opportunity.
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03/18/04 11:20 - ID#30818

Live from Matthew's Birthday

We are going to Gabriels Gate to eat.

Matthew's Gifts

Matthew thinking hard about scratching off the lottery ticket.


Here I am lookign scary as usual.

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03/18/04 10:55 - ID#30817

A Man and his Woman

I met this dude who liked this girl. They were both pretty hot but for some reason they hadn't gotten it on. She is weirded out cause he hasn't made the first move, and he is probably weirded out by the same reason.

All I say is get it on. What if war breaks out tomorrow and their isn't another chance.
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03/18/04 08:11 - ID#30816

Visits and Photos

I went to Nonna's today where she taught me and Michael how to sucessfully kill chickens and pigs. I decided it was probably a good life skill to posess. So, if you are in need of a pig or chicken butcher, I'm your man.

After this she talked about how cruel veal was and how she knew this veal farmer back in Italy. His wife or his mother made him stop farming because they thought it was too cruel. I wish I had the whole thing on video tape as I could not agree more. It would have been a great PETA advertisement.

Nonna cooked really great food as usual but complained about the quality of modern chicken. I told her that I could get her free-range which tastes better, is a little nicer to the animals, but costs more. I think she may be interested, but my mother is defintely cheap meat all the way and does all the shopping.

I also took lots of pictures on the way to her house. mindyou I was speeding by the destinations at 30 mph but a couple of them came out good. You can see parts of them in the new banners.

Some Photos:
This one is supposed to look like the titanic going under but it is city hall. It is supposed to show how buffalo is going under and sinking in debt.


This is just weird. how did a sky rise get on elmwood in the first place. Does anyone know the history of the various sky scraper apartments on Elmwood and Delaware.


Our house in all in peeling paint, falling off siding glory.


This is mike visit his journal


Here he is again looking very studious with the large print Reader's Digest.


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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...