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Category: animals

03/21/12 03:19 - ID#56263 pmobl

Street Crowe

Looks crunchier than usual.

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Category: weather

03/21/12 02:36 - ID#56261 pmobl

The hottest march day ever

At least that I remember. The tortoises are going to be so traumatized when thy have to go back inside.

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Category: weather

03/20/12 09:23 - ID#56252 pmobl

Mid 70s

It is really happening. The temp should reach 75 by tommorow.

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Category: holidays

03/19/12 10:37 - ID#56250

St. Patricks Day 2012

Only got a few very random pics of the holiday this year. I need to start taking more pics again.










Even B got trashed.
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Category: war

03/18/12 10:34 - ID#56239

yes a fucking psychopath

I can't believe this article is painting Robert Bales, the soldier that slaughtered 16 afghan villagers including 9 children as anything but a horrible psycho murderer.

“He is not some psychopath. He’s an outstanding soldier who has given a lot for this country.”


Why is anyone "trying" to humanize and understand him is beyond my understanding. There is no way that any excuses about his pathetic problems of losing a job and a house can compare to the families whose children he murdered and many of whom he set on fire. Kill yourself if your life is so bad buddy. you don't have to kill a bunch of innocent women and children. Any public rationalization makes us sound even more disturbingly supportive of his action.

I say screw the trial and drama, screw the punishment in some military court. if I was the afghan gov't I would demand he stand trial in Afghanistan and then just set him free in the streets and see what happens. If we don't treat him as the disgusting cold blooded murderer he is, it is only going to invite more terror attacks. To be honest I wouldn't even blame them. Will he have to undergo an international war crimes trial?

Can you imagine if it was the other way around and some afghani man in the US shot up and burned a bunch of women and children here. And people can cry 911 all they want but it's not the same in any way. This is such a direct and cold blooded murder. He had to look those children in the face.

These are all quotes from the article

While Bales, 38, sat in an isolated cell at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.’s military prison Saturday, classmates and neighbors from suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, remembered him as a “happy-go-lucky” high school football player who took care of a special-needs child and watched out for troublemakers in the neighborhood.

His former platoon leader said Saturday Bales was a model soldier inspired by 9/11 to serve, who saved lives in firefights on his second of three Iraq deployments.

“He’s one of the best guys I ever worked with,” said Army Capt. Chris Alexander, who led Bales on a 15-month deployment in Iraq.

“It’s our Bobby. He was the local hero,” said Michael Blevins, who grew up down the street from him in Norwood, Ohio. The youngest of five boys respected older residents, admonished troublemakers and loved children, even helping another boy in the area who had special needs.

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Category: nature

03/17/12 04:49 - ID#56236 pmobl

Weird foggy patches on the river

There are all these crazy fog patches on the lake and river. The weather is so strange right now. I was running around with no shirt on.

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Category: clothes

03/17/12 01:23 - ID#56234 pmobl

Looking crazy in my new orange pants

I tried on all of my neon color stuff at once and then (e:terry) snapped the pic while I was looking up so it looks like my eyes are rolling back in my head.

Strangely, I bought three pairs of pants at H&M, all the same size, style, everything and only 1 pair fits. So much for consistency.

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Category: money

03/17/12 12:48 - ID#56231 pmobl

minimum wage in nys

The range of minimum wage from 1960-now is pretty crazy. It seems so hard to imagine it being $3 in the 90s.

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Category: weather

03/16/12 07:58 - ID#56230 pmobl

75 on Wednesday?

I am starting to get nervous about the end times. If its 75 in mid March, what is August going to be like?

I was going to take off on Monday but maybe I should work real hard m onxay Tuesday to get the evals thing out the door and then take off Wed, Thurs, next Monday and make it a vacation.


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Category: music

03/15/12 10:15 - ID#56223 pmobl


This enlightening musical commentary on the Spanish people may explain issues with their economy.


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