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10/31/03 12:16 - ID#30581

Me and Sara for the Homeless

Here is proof of Sara and I's big accomplishment n our youth. We started a homeless sleepout to raise money for the city mission. Even though everybody told us it would never happen we ended up raising hundreds of dollars. I had posted this before but then I lost it in the big server drama.

Missing Image ;(

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10/30/03 10:56 - ID#30580

Hands Up

I got really carried away scanning my hand. I miss being able to do fun projects like this. I need a break from the sameness.


Do you like the blue or green better. Send me an email f you care. I am thinking of using this from an elmwoodstrip flyer.

Missing Image ;(

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10/30/03 11:43 - ID#30579

My email was hijacked by a Dutch Woman

Check out this communication between me and some random woman who stole my email address. If any of you want to spam, feel free its fun.

Here is her site:

I have to apologize for abusing your email adress, since I just sent Paul Moore an email "from you". I will not do that again, I just wanted to return the joke.

Sorry for troubling you (last time).
Anne wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Paul Visco and I run a community site in Buffalo, NY.
> Unforunately, my name was never Paul Moore and I have no idea who Sam
> is. Good luck finding the Paul you're looking for. How did you get
> my email addresss?
> Best,
> Paul Visco
> >
> >
> >> Sam and I have decided to revolutionise the party organisation
> >> business - hence the new email address
> >
> > And your new name. Paul Moore is now Paul Visco? Or just P? You are
> a
> > mysterious man. But obviously a great cook. And for a amateur
> > psychologist, you're doing quite well: I guess whether you can learn
> > insight (from my perspective, whether I can teach it) is one of the
> > basic questions of training research.....I bet planning a new year's
> eve
> > wedding at South Beach is a little more exciting.
> >
> >
> > Take care,
> >
> > Anne
> >
> >
> > Anne Helsdingen, MSc
> > TNO Human Factors
> > research group "Modelling and Simulation"
> > PO Box 23
> > 3769 ZG Soesterberg
> > The Netherlands
> > phone: +31 (0)346 356423
> > mobile: +31 (0)619348915

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10/29/03 10:52 - ID#30578

Robot Despot

I have always wanted to be a robot from the moment I met robbie, my first robot toy through the sweat-dripping 20-hour, paper chomping, jaw-grinding, "I wanna live my life like a rave machine" moments of my teen years.

Now I want to be a robot even more. Its like an obsession with productivity and accomplishment cycles that drive me. Unfortunately, they drive me to a limit to a limit. The limit of being human and I want out now. I want to run like packman through endless mazes, never tired and constantly getting new energy dots.

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10/29/03 02:14 - ID#30577

Type Title Here

Here is a nice touch
I love it
Holy shit No more BR tags
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Category: family

10/26/03 02:09 - ID#30576

Jennifer's Wedding

Today I went to Jennifer's Wedding, it was really nice - at the Roycroft Inn. I got to see people I have not spoken with in a long time. It really seems quite unreasonable that I am so busy as to have to put family on hold.

This server/style update was such a pain in the ass. I have made it that in the future it will be easier to adapt the site by better notating my code and modulating everything.

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Category: estrip

10/14/03 09:38 - ID#30574

New Features Needed

It is almost time to start adding new features. I am looking for other artists interested in displaying their artwork, poetry, prose, and sound/video projects. I have one more presentation at UB and then the rest of the semester is projects, so hopefully you will see some results.
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10/29/03 09:10 - ID#30573

Life is starting to eat me

I am so stressed out. I just found out the the independeent study I requested at the beginning of the semester, and never heard back on, was excepted. I found this out while registrering for next semster. I looked at my schedule and it said I am enrolled in 16 credit hours. Imagine how distressing this is having to complete a semester's ammount of work in a month. I seriously feel like I am going to puke.

Anyways, so I asked at my job to see why the situation with becomming full time is next year and they said there will be a position but that they have to conduct a national search. This is expected but it makes me crazy considereing how I have alterned my life continuously for the possibility of a job that I am techincally highly qualified for.

It also means I have to complete 13 credits plus my thesis in one semester. I gues it sounds possible but I am also teahcing two full courses and an independent study in addition to this.

I think if I did not get the job in the end I would be quite devastated. Not because I couldn't find another job, as I am really knowledgeable and skilled in my field but that I spent a year living on the edge of being human in order to jump through the hoops required for it. I would feel like they stole a year of my life.

Moreover, I am beginning to physically alter from 20 hour days. My skin tone has changed, I am in near constant pain from sitting and I don't really smile anymore. Mayeb I should just hold off and not care about the job and stretch school out.
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10/27/03 01:53 - ID#30572

STL file Madness for Jaime G's Crab

Sorry it took so long to get you the STL files. Our class only meets once a week so I had to wait until I saw the students in order to request a test file. Then I had to adjust the file to make it to correct some inconsistencies.

The renders of the file are below. The is non-colored. I didn't think the dimensions printer could do color. I wasnt sure about the sizing so I left it up to you. Just scale proportionally till it fits. We saw on the Dimensions video that the Catalyst software can do this.

If not please feel free to email me and I will send you a resized copy ASAP. Thanks for your time.

Crab without water-like film
Crab with water-like film
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10/08/03 05:49 - ID#30571

Well where have I been

I have been extremely busy catching up with installing linux for my VR art prject. It has been an insane tedious process. I finally got the wireless to work which was seriously a miracle in itself. It took about 4 days of non stop tinkering. So finally I am untethered and awaiting the new hard drive to make the switch complete.

I also got a chance to visit Nonna. She seems to be doing good but her legs are really hurting her. While there I got lots of pictures from the old family albums and scanned them.
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