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Category: food

11/12/13 08:17 - ID#58292

Random Food Diary

This is what I ate today so far:

1 tbsp coconut flakes
1/2 cup granola
1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 fired cranberries
1/2 cup raw slices fish
1/2 cup white rice
2 cups of french fries
1/4 cup potato chips
1/2 cup lima beans
1/2 cup peas
1/4 artichoke hearts
3 slices anchovy in white vinegar and olive oil
12 olives
1 cup mung bean noodles
1/2 cup purple rice
1 small cucumber
1 slice roast beef
some various slices of hard cheese
3/4 cup caramel ice cream
400mg ibuprofen for my ailing prostate

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Category: weather

11/11/13 07:48 - ID#58288 pmobl

Actual Snow

Its here now.

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Category: food

11/11/13 03:18 - ID#58287 pmobl

Ortiz Boquerones

This was one of the best food I have ever eaten. Its fish that is cooked via curing with vinegar and oil. They taste amazing. Kind of like the New Style Crudo at Sea Bar in downtown Buffalo, NY. Its the combination of protein, sour and olive oil that really makes it. Wish there was anyone around me that could appreciate how good they are. They are around $10/box at Premiere on maple. You can also get them online.

Apparently, they are very popular in Spain

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Category: art

11/11/13 03:13 - ID#58286 pmobl

Lit Up Statues At Griffiths Sculpture Park

We made it up their last Tuesday night. The view was amazing. I love the picture of (e:joe) taking pictures of us from the tower.

Getting there was a bit dramatic. Time warner switched our static IPs minutes before I was scheduled to leave. The. I had no monitor to access the server with. (e:joe) and I ended up having to carry to giant TV down to the basement to use as a monitor. Luckily we still made it in time.









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Category: git

11/10/13 07:55 - ID#58282

Changing Author in Git History

In my series of boring computer posts. I was setting up my own gitlab clone when I needed to re-write some commit author logs.

Its actually pretty easy, I'd make sure you have a backup of your repo first.

git filter-branch --env-filter 'if [ $GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL = ]; then; fi; export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL'

git filter-branch -f --env-filter 'if [ $GIT_AUTHOR_NAME = "paul" ]; then GIT_AUTHOR_NAME ="Visco, Paul"; fi; export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME'

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Category: electronics

11/10/13 01:40 - ID#58280 pmobl

Arduino Swipe Card Access Reader

I built this arduino based WiFi swipe card reader for work. The goal is to let surgeons swipe in and out of the operating room and have it set their pages to auto forward to the phone in the OR or back to their cell phone so that they don't need to consult their cell phones when scrubbed in.

Reading the I class HID cards was kind of tricky because these ones were 64 bit and I couldn't find any example description of the format the data was in. Now I need to get a chip programmer and try and transfer it to an even smaller format so that I can mass produce em.

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Category: elmwood

11/10/13 01:35 - ID#58278 pmobl

The Ugliest Tree Infection I Ever Saw

This tree located slightly north from the North East side of the Summer and Ellwood intersection has the creepiest infection I have ever seen. It was hard to get a good picture because of the lighting but you can still tell how abnormal it is.

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Category: terry

11/10/13 01:29 - ID#58277 pmobl

Terry Watching His Morning Cartoons

He loves his animé.

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11/10/13 12:29 - ID#58276 pmobl

Sidewalk Chalk and Rainbows Over The Elmwood Strip

We decided to stop at Hu's on Elmwood and got some chalk. There were rainbows all over the sky.



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Category: computers

11/10/13 10:32 - ID#58275

My New Certificate Authority

If you want a free SSL cert I can make one for you but the machines that access it will need to trust my certificate authority by accepting the following cert Then just send me the csr.

If you don't know what this means, then you don't need one. For my own reference later.

openssl x509 -req -in new_request.csr -CA /etc/pki/CA/certs/ -CAkey /etc/pki/CA/private/ -CAcreateserial -out new_request.crt -days 3000

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