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04/25/09 08:28 - 67ºF - ID#48505

Goodbye Bea, We Will Miss You Forever!

So Bea Arthur passed away today, i loved her. it is odd cuz i was gonna wear my golden girls tshirt today and then decided not to and then i found out she was dead and regretted not paying that tribute today. In her memory I am gonna repost my favorite golden girl's bea moment of all time, when rose took her to Mr. Haha for her b=day. It truly shows all the great sides of Bea Arthur

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04/23/09 12:30 - 39ºF - ID#48477

17 Again!

So i celebrated earth day by driving to work on my 23 second commute, driving home on my lunch and then goin gto the movies tonight with (e:jil) land eating popcorn out of a paper tub and drinking pop out of a huge jug! Hooray for the environment! Anywho we went to see 17 Again, and wow it was a really good movie. i know you think lame-o flick but no it was really good. of course it is totally tailored to me and so of course I would love it but it was really funny and good. And it had cheering sequences which i love. The only sad part was when we realized we are exactly like half way between the highschoolers and the adult who turns 17 again! Ugh! That made me feel old! Me and (e:jill) are debating when it is no longer ok to go to these types of movies, but we think we still have a few years.

Oh the other really sad part of it is to tihnk Zack Effron can turn into Matthew Perry. At the end when he turns back it is just a slap in the face of reality. If Zac Effron turns into matthew perry twenty years after highgschool, what the frig do i become? A blob?

Ok that's all for now, oh and me and (e:jill) are thinking of getting friendship bracelets that have like half the heart on each person's? Weird? Or too cool/chic? We are gonna get cool ones , not lame ones, maybe no heart maybe just an engraved message! Possibly we need to get a life

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04/19/09 11:41 - 48ºF - ID#48443

Oh Toronto ..the things you will see

I will write more about my trip later but the main thing is I learned my lesson. If you are in a shadyish area, think hey look at that bar with the dark doors and up the stairs entrance, and really really just wanna drink and there are no bars around and a drag queen outside gives you a "you sure you want to go in there, you are not in Kansas anymore" look then

a. read the warning sign instead of being like eh what can it say

Needless to say we saw some things in Toronot I never would think i'd see with (e:jill) and (e:mk) or in public at all for that matter for a brief moment. I guess thats what we get for going in a bar called Goodhandys. I will tel lmore about all this later...
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04/17/09 10:49 - 43ºF - ID#48427

Going to Toronto

Me, (e:jill) and (e:mk) are going to Toronto for the weekend. We leave at 8:55 tomorrow morning (which means like 1230 by the time we all are ready get more snacks and leave but hopefully it really mean 855 tomorrow!) We plan on lot of shopping and more shopping and more shopping and people watcihng and partying saturday night somewhere bu tnot sure where yet, (we'll just look for cool looking people and follow them wehre they go haha)! And then a stop at IKEA on the way back! I am so excited!!! I'll miss (e:libertad) for the weekend though as we mostly just hang out on weekends! I just read it cost 69 cents a minute to call from canada on my cell phone , that is crazy amounts ! AHH I am so excited for toronto! P.S. I love driving on the QEW cuz you can drive so fast , i remember on my old car, well my frist car as now i have had 4 old cars i guess, it was a ford taurus and it only went up to 80mp on the sppedometer and we were going to Toronto and it was like shaking so violently and hovering past the 80, i tought it would explode for sure but it did not! Ok see ya all next week!
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04/14/09 05:34 - 54ºF - ID#48383

My Dyngus Day Good Deed

So last night me and the gang were going out for dyngus day and we tried to go to this place by the Broadway Market but the line was way too long to wait in I guess ....anywho.....we are drving and one of the PussyWillow busses (they were driving people from bar to bar) is turing by St. Stanislaus church and totally whacks this parked car on the side of the street and totally damages the side of it and ruins the mirror and stuff. So having myself known how lucky you are to have witnesses when you ar enot there and your car gets wrecked (ie my totaled drunk driver mitsubishi) I wrote down the liscense plate number of the bus and my name and phone number and left it in the windshield. Oh i forgot the best part between the bus and me was a cop car who clearly saw the bus smash into the car bu tthe cop , like the bus just drove away! Oh those are buffalo's finest right there for ya! I'm glad there always looking out for us! ANywho, so then of course i run over a like bucket of beer bottles but luckily my tires did not get cut. So anwho this is all the set up still.....

so my phone dies last night, i oculdn't find the cord when i got home to hcarge it so i found it this morning and left my phone at home while I was at work all then i got two calls from the person whose car was hit....they were under the impression I hit there car and thanked me for leaving the note and left me their office number.....It turns out the person whose car it is is the Mayor of fthe City of Tonanwanda...ok maybe that doesn't seem super exciting but it is kinda neat, like i helped the mayor. I feel like it never hurts to have helped someone in a high place. That's my interesting story for today folks!
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04/12/09 01:18 - 38ºF - ID#48365


Happy easter everyone! I love easter, we have polish food which we would never have otherwise and is yummalicious. And as per (e:pauls) comment on hodown's journal I most certainly still have to search for my easter basket!!!!! How oculd I not? Though the hiding gets a little more lax every year, like it was just on the floor behind the ocmputer today, not so supersleuthy! I love chocolate at easter like the Merkel eggs they are the best !!!!!
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04/06/09 07:38 - 40ºF - ID#48306

Spot Desserts

I have to say it. I just about never am satisfied with desserts from Spot Coffee and never have been. Ok the one thing i kinda like is the smore thing but otherwise there is always something off about them. Me, (e:paul) and (e:libertad) went to the Delaware spot last night which I hadn't been to in forever, which reminds me does anyone know when the elmwood spot opened because I remember always going to the Delaware Spot when I was younger and can't imagine why if there was an elmwood one, was there not one? I really can't remember at all , and I can't remember when we switched over to the elmwood one. Anywho, so i got like this chocolate , strawberry dream cake and it was no dream, It was like ok plain chocolate cake , no like under average chocolate cake I don't want to even call it ok, and like ok whipped cream. Their chocolate chiop cookies have on more than one occassion tasted like sausage ( i am no tthe only person who thinks this, ask (e:jill) or (e:mk)). So overall, i like spot but its desserts are better left in the case! I always want to like them and so i order them but i am always left bitterly dissappointed!
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03/29/09 09:24 - 39ºF - ID#48232

Possible New Job

So i have the possibility of a new job prospect which while it is not my dream job by any stretch would be a step up from what i am doing now. The really bad part though is that i am totally screwing over my current work if i start when my new job will possibly start. I hate to say it but i really basically run that place and they could not replace me in the next two years! I mean weeks, but prolly even in 2 years they could not replace me. I originally thought the new job was gonna be 330 til midnight so i could work my old job some mornings but now that is not the case and it is 10-630 which leaves me no time for my old job really. So i don't have the new job for sure yet but I think i probably will get it. We'll see. the ohter bad thing is we have a trip planned to (e:libertad)'s mom in florida in july and they have a no days off for 3 months policy so I have to talk to them about that b/c like I already have my ticket and dave has his vaca then and stuff and it would be almost at the end fo the 3 month period. So we'll see, wish me luck.
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03/26/09 04:17 - 52ºF - ID#48210

Not At Marcellas

Why aren't there performances at Marcella's like tihs with back up dancers and what not..that would be fun. Though Marcellas' performances do occasionally involve a full sub being flung aroudn with lettuce everywhere which is fun too........Here's a little something from my 2 favorite RuPaul drag race contestants..

she even has a music video

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03/19/09 05:10 - 41ºF - ID#48126

My Favorite Product -

So me and my mom are doing an extensive home versio nof Clean House minus the Nicey host and home make over and television celebritiness of it. We are both pack rats and decided we have to rid ourselves of a lot of stuff. It clicked for my mom after she realized we had so much stuff of my grandmas still at her house and she passed away 3 years ago. So needless to say it has been crazy going through and gettin rid of stuff, literally i would say we have about at leat 1,000 greeting cards to get rid of (some charities take them and reuse the front part, i am not sure they realize how many they are going to get, i think it will be a lifteie supply)! My mom just threw out our baby crib (the width of the bars are illegal now cuz they are too far apart and dangerous). I finally parted with my collectio nof paper bracelets they put on your wrist to prove you are 21 (each with the event and date listed on the back) and so on and so forth but we came across this gem of a product...

we bought it for my aunt and uncle as a gag one year and it has been passed around my family every since. So you think what is so funny about a doughnut express?.....


Well what is so funny is that NOWHERE ON THE BOX OR DIRECTIONS does it include using the doughnut express. the instructions very nicely give e you directions on how to make a donught by like makuing dough and rolling it out and cutting it and stuffing it and stuff. NO PART inside or out involves the doughnut express. It is so hilairous to me! I love it!!! Like it tells you how to make things wihtout using their product. No step involves batter dropping or any express doughnut machine! I love it, i don't think i can part with this one...


I am having a garage sale in the summer at (e:libertad)'s house to get rid of a lot of this stuff, there will be plenty of gems like the Highschool Musical Mystery Date game unopened, a safari hat, a motorized tie rack, abou 12 differetn radios that look like cellphones, and that's just the beginning!!!!

I'll leave you with this

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