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02/26/11 10:02 - ID#53740


Heading to a party for my manager's bday at the VFW party In Kenmore, I mean vfw post. Should be interesting . Never really partied there before except tere's faux wedding. SHould be interesting. Me plus rachelle plus patty always equals interesting and K L A S S Y
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02/26/11 03:26 - ID#53736 pmobl

antique ?

we are at antique world and this lobster plastic dish originally from Christmas tree shop circa 2007, with original 1.50 price tag is now 2.50. doesn't really seem antique to me


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02/20/11 07:04 - ID#53660 pmobl

turkey dinnet

a late thanksgiving at julies

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02/19/11 10:36 - ID#53654

Welcome to Burlesque

It wasn't the best movie ever but Cher is quite awesome! She can steal the spotlight from a bevy of young nearly naked dancing showgirls by just walking a few steps and doing a little shake. She is glitter personified. Here she is...

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02/19/11 01:02 - ID#53649 pmobl



So I love to buy books on clearance. I mean I read real books too that like people recommend or are known or popular but I like these random finds that are in the clearance bins at the book stores. Sometimes they end up being trash and horrible (but I still read the whole thing cuz it's weird no matter how much I do not like a book I still force myself to read the whole thing). Anywho, sometimes they aren't good but a lot of time I end up really enjoying them and for like 3 or 4 bucks each you can't go wrong trying. Like some of them seriously end up being some of my favorite books of all times. This one Turning Thirty for example is really quite entertaining and enjoyable. Am I saying it is a literary masterpiece, no! But it is like really just stuff I enjoy to read. Like romantic comedyish in book form. Or just like friends having fun and doing fun things. I don't know I am really enjoying this one and maybe noone else would but to me it is great! There have been many clearance finds like this that I just love and would never discover otherwise. I think that is part of why I like going to book stores and stuff. I am too overwhelmed by books online because they are all just there and it could take years and we all know I am bad at making decisions and so I could neveer pick anything. But in a store I limit myself to like the clearance section unless I am looking for something in particular and from there I try to find something and I end up trying a lot more random books that I would not really ever have thought to buy if I had to go in and try and find one. I don't know, I like bookstores and books and I know people love their nooks but I just don't think it is for me. I really like , like looking at the books and the covers and seeing what I find. As many of you know, that is how I feel about shopping in general though, I really prefer real life shopping as opposed to online. NOt that I never shop online but like I really am a fan of the browse and touch. A real true fan of it!

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02/19/11 12:04 - ID#53646 pmobl


at cathode with my man

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02/17/11 02:10 - ID#53632 pmobl


this has always been my favorite building. Prolly because I thought the people who worked inside wore roller skates while they worked

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02/17/11 01:54 - ID#53630 pmobl

main place mall

sadly my favorite odds and ends type store at the main place mall closed. I loved that place


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02/16/11 04:16 - ID#53626 pmobl

gotta quit

I gotta stop getting so much take out. forget the cost and unhealthiness it is such a waste of tons of plastic .

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02/13/11 11:27 - ID#53610




Oh wait not that one, though she is very special to me too! This is my true valentine...


I know it is not quite Valentine's Day yet but I work 830 am to 9 pm tomorrow so I thought I would post it now . I like that the golden girls are represented in both pictures.
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