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01/31/08 09:26 - 23ºF - ID#43119

Queen Fabiola

OMG there is an ex queen of the Belgians. (she married the king but when he died his younger brother became king and his wife queen) but she is still called Queen Fabiola. What kind of better life is there than being a queen and having the name Fabiola!!!!!!!


She's the little fabulous one in the middle in gray!
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01/28/08 11:00 - 31ºF - ID#43073

I am mean to old ladies now!

So it has happened. RiteAid has broken me. The old ladies that ocme to my store love me and i do tons of stuff for them. Like this one lady only let me cash her out cuz she counts out her change and has me fill out a check for the rest when she buys her candy and 2 cases of beer every week. Another lady brings in like any paper work she ever gets or junk mail for me to go over and make sure it isn't importnat. Another lady just likes to stay and chat.

BUT NOT ANYMORE!! We got this stupid new Rite Aid computer system that is so slwo and dumb and stupid and does not let you take care of customers that like I am chained to a computer being angry for 12 hours a day! So like the lady i always cash out came in and i made her wait for like 35 minutes for me to cash her out cuz i was so busy and awash in problems and then i told her I cna't cash her out anymore and unless ehw ants to wait she is gonna have to let the girl who cashiers cash her out! I felt horrible!

Then the lady came in with this paperwork she needed to fill out for her insurance and I helped kinda but was short and mean about it and you could tell she felt bad aobut it but so did I! But seriousl y the wait time was like an hour at that piont (as compared to our old average of about 10 minutes)! And i was stressed.

I wokred like 60 hours last week and will rpolly do tons this week too cuz it is so carzy!!!!So word to the wise, don't go to the old Eckerd that is now Rite Aid in Kenmore for a few months until it settles down or else you will run into an angry angry clerk named MIke Visco with four service stars on his name badge. Do you think they will take away my award stars now that I am mean to old people! THEY CAN'T!!!!!!!! I hate what it is doing to me> I seriuly have no concern for people anyhmore czu i am too stressed at work. noone does. We used to apologize and stuff when things weren't ready or were wrong or wahtever now we are just like "Shut up whore! You'll get your drugs when you get them and you are gonna smile about it or I'm gonna smack you!" UGH!
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01/21/08 11:24 - 18ºF - ID#42982


So it is a little early cuz I am off to bed, but happy birthday Paul. I don't know if the day can be better than this one, having tea with plastic alice in wonderland figurines but I hope it comes close at least.


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01/21/08 08:56 - 19ºF - ID#42980

What I've Become

Work and life have been quite stressful lately. I just have been down in the dumps and like come home from work super stressed and it doesn't really go up from there. I tihnk a big part is not having a car stilll because then I am trapped here since it is winter and cold where usually I would at least run up to Target or something for some retail therapy (my favoirte kind of therapy) . I really need to get on this car thing soon.

Anywho, so today i literally came home from work, put on a sweat suit , at dinner and laid on the couch for like two hours and since then have read and wrote email and now am gonna read a book and go to bed soon. I hate this. I do not want to become someone who sits in a sweat suit (i seriuosly think this might be the first time in my life that i have worn sweat pants and a sweat shirt at the same time like a full sweat suit) and lies on the couch. Ugh! i need a new life..
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01/15/08 10:43 - 28ºF - ID#42905

Car Shopping

So it wasn't that long ago that I was posting about car shopping and trying to find a car. But alas I only had that car for like three months before it was smashed to pieces by a drunk driver. Well as i've said before and I'll say again, I hate car shopping.

I went with (e:maureen) on Saturday and first we went to Don Davis Honda on Niagara Falls Blvd becuase I really wanted to try a Honda Fit. THey only have new ones though cuz it just came out last year. The guy there was super nice. If I remembered him I would recommend him. He wasn't pushy and I test drove a Honda Fit and he told me all about maybe getting a used car instead and offered to look them over with me if i wanted to make an appointment to like go to the used lot and look around because that day was super windy and cold. Anywho I liked the HOnda Fit a lot but they only had new ones. He offered to teach me how to drive manual so I could get the cheaper manual one...

..but frankly if you know me, you know I don't need any more distractions on the road. I barely pay attention as it is now. off to Northtown Dodge...eww....i hated it...i hated the worker who didn't know any of the answers to the questios I asked (remember I know nothing about cars so it would be like ummm is there windshield wipers?) and was just rying to sell me a car more than I wanted... off to Northtown Toyota. I liked the guy there too. He was nice. I test drove a Camry and a Matrix. I really liked the Matrix , it is a sports wagon, like a hatchback. I have always loved station wagons and want one I am pretty sure. It was like $15,000 and was a 2005 with like 35,000 miles but it was like a good versio nwith lots of stuff and all wheel drive which I don't really need but might be nice to have. Plus I fugre I could barter him down a little right? That's what you do with used cars? I don't know, who knows maybe it has been sold isnce then since I haven't made up my mind..

...i can't deicde what to do . Like i could buy a car for $10,000 that I got from the insurance and have no payments but not love the car or I could get a car I love and have just little payments cuz I am only finandcying like 4-5000 dollars of it. Which would not be bad at all? But is that really necessary. But really i spend a lot of the time in the car cuz I just love driving around and stuff and I always drive when I go out wiht my friends cuz i Like too so isn't it worth it maybe? I don't know , that is what I really can't decide about. Is it worth the extra money to have a car i really like? I feel like it is kinda cuz like i had a car I really liked and it isn't my fault it is smashed to pieces and so why should i now have a car I don't like? BUt is it worht 5,000 more? GRRR That stupid drunk girl should have to pay enough money so i can have a car i love equally to the one i had. I tihnk i am gonna write her a mean letter soon because frnakly she is ruining my life in many ways!!!! GRRRRR


that is the car I want except the one i want is like a midnight blue!
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01/13/08 07:17 - 37ºF - ID#42872

Golden Globes : (

As anyone who knows me knows, the Golden Globes are prlly my favorite day of the year, if not , then they are a close second to my birthday. Anywho, like seiruosly I generally start watching at like 10am I satrt watching all the prewshows on E! then switch between the E! shows and the actual channel of the GOlden Globe preshows though E is usually way better. Then I watch the Golden Glose and then a good like 5 hours of post shows and interviews!

BUT ALAS!!!! This year there will be none. Because of the writers strike there is no Golden Globes and so I slept most of the day! And now I am wathcing this ridiculous like interveiw show on NBC that is replacing the Globes. NO FANCY DRESSSES! NO CRAZY INERVIEWERS ASKING INANE QUESTIONS! NO LIMOS! No anything good! Serio0usly, this sets up my year to be pretty bad as if it wasn't already heading that way! GRRRR!!! I hope the strike is over by the OScars but like the OScars are a whole different beast. Much more serious and not as fun and random as the Golden Globes. I WANT MY GLOBES!!! What is going to be in the magazines all week and on E and in my life! GRRR
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01/12/08 01:03 - 37ºF - ID#42850

The Scariest Barber on Fleet Street Ever

OMG I did not realize Sweeney Todd would be so terrifying and gruesome. LIke i knew what it was about but I thought it would be more fun and heartwarming (not warming in the sense of your heart being baked in a pie). ok maybe nto heartwarming but I thought not sooo scary and disturbing! YEt it was really good and I really like it and form the back Johnny Depp looked like a man dressed as a cat , like in the musical cats, which is never a bad thing! But seriously wowser, disturbing. No redeemingness ever! But good! But scary, like i am kinda scared to go to bed? IS that ridiculous? It was a musical for heaven's sake. But scary!!! (e:jill) thought it would be lighthearted like I knew it wasn't a raucous good time but I didn't realize how dark and disturbing it was! wowser But good and i recommend it
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01/11/08 01:41 - 39ºF - ID#42833

Wowser Work Is Slow

So like whoa, our store has been dead, and i mean pretty darn dead the last two days. Yesterday was super dead like i just cleaned all day and two people worked on training and it still seemed slow dead! And today was a little busier but like still super dead for a thursday. What is going on? Has everyone transfered out ? Like last week we were really busy? Where did everyone go? I don't want my store to close. Ok so it isn't anywhere close to that as of yet but still it makes me nervous since there is like 4 rite aids in kenmore, i don't want to be at the end of the list!
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01/08/08 10:23 - 52ºF - ID#42797

Muppet Babies

when the world looks kinda weird,
and you wish that you weren't there,
just close your eyes and make believe,
and you can be anywhere
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01/04/08 04:36 - 27ºF - ID#42750

Fire, Rain and Machettes

So I used to love and actually still love the song Fire and Rain, ever since it was featured on the Dawson's Creek episode where his father died. Anywho, I haven't heard it in a while and then randombly three times since last night I have heard itON THE RADIO, on three separate stations. Seriously why was it on 96.1 99.9 and 104.1 in the last like twelve hours. How random? Is there a big James Taylor comeback tour coming soon or something? Random?

Also, whenever there is strife in Africa , like currently in Kenya, mobs of people always attack others with machettes? Does everyone there just have one? I also wondered about this? Is that like how people here have guns, there thye have machettes? It just really rocks my world that like all of a sudden thousands of peoples in roitous mobs have them at the drop of a dime!
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